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Energies this week – Values

Energies coming up for this week are around Values, your beliefs & attitudes around abundance, money, receiving & giving.

sunflowers-abstract-background_fJh4nnvdSome might experience a sudden influx of old & new payments that you need to attend to coming in all at once, making you feel overwhelmed, frustrated & for some tired.

Your solar plexus is being focused upon to free up the energy, so you are not stuck in the fear of Survival. “Stuff ” might come up around money, manifestation, this is happening so you can move out of the Consciousness of Lack & Survival templates, so that you move into a new space of Creation & Abundance.

I have listed some things to assist you NOT go into fear or worry and to change the energy within you so the outer can move with ease.

Clean & clear out old stuff that you don’t need in your home – Clean out, Give away, donate it (read up on the gift of Turkey animal totem)

Cleanse your body, move your body, have a good sweat to rid yourself of stuck energies

Visualise yourself surrounded by the Colour yellow, buttercup yellow, gold, or Sunflower yellow

Be grateful for the things you do have and remember to take some time out to listen to the November Activation. To receive this Activation, please subscribe here, you’ll then automatically receive one each month via Email.

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Awakening Through the Heart

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November 16, 2014 · 8:00 am

Universal Heart Arriving

red flower imageWhat an incredible Journey we are all on. This last week of the Full Moon Eclipse was Incredible, a very interesting time, where the old is quickly moving out. Some are experiencing interesting moments with time, where one moment you will feel peace & flow then in the next breath sudden intensity. Just know that this intensity is the heavy old stuff that is lifting up & away from you, don’t be afraid or distracted by this experience, allow it to happen & this too will soon Pass.

We are making room within ourselves to hold more light, more love, more space is created within, allow Hope to return. These are the days of enlightenment, do not be afraid of these times of great change. I am feeling very blessed about the upcoming workshop on the 26th as I usually get the downloads or the memos from Spiritual realms a week or the day before the Workshop day, but for the first time I have already started receiving the energies, vibrations & more.

The energies are Exquisite, my heart is being opened & drenched with incredible frequency. There has been countless signs of what will be coming through & this continues to grow daily for the workshop. I am open to the magic & the kindness of the Universal Heart arriving.

Tomorrow night I will be sharing a tad of the energies of the day of the 26th through an audio meditation to share & give to you, it will be emailed. If you are not already on my list, please subscribe.

It will get lighter this week, trust, especially through the rocky terrains.


October 13, 2014 · 8:39 pm


Hands imageI’m so blessed that you found your way to Nancy Valentine Smith. All things happen for a reason, it’s synchronicity. Today is the day your Heart guided you to want to find out more about the essence of You.

When people connect with Nancy Valentine Smith, on the surface the reasons may appear to be different.
– stress at work or home life, changes in their personal life, loss of a loved one, a feeling of depression or loneliness, a spiritual journey, a lack of money or just wanting some guidance. Whatever the reason you hear yourself voicing, the underlying reason is the same for everyone, It’s all about the Heart,  it’s the reason that caused you to stop, search, listen and find me. It’s Your Energy Awakening through your heart and guiding you to allow me to facilitate your journey.  I am here to help you co-create the changes needed in your life.  As a Sacred Technician, some tools I use to assist you are as an Energetic Facilitator, a Channeller, an Oracle, an Alchemist & Shamanism. I can communicate, see and have a tangible connection with the Spiritual Realms that are here to help and guide you. You just need to trust your heart.

“There are healers and then there is Nancy” Says Gina C of NSW

Receive the Free Activation I record each Month to accompany my Update of what’s happening Energetically on the Planet and how it may affect you
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August 26, 2014 · 1:53 pm

A Verse from the Beloved

I am a childI AM a child, Divine I AM,
The birds know my name, the stars call me by another,
the trees whisper to me and
all that I see, I know is because of me.
I AM a child, Divine I AM.
I remember all my names.





© Nancy Valentine Smith





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July 16, 2014 · 12:30 pm