Sacred Journey

As far as journeys/trips go I would like to acknowledge that to date, I have not had an experience that has come close to my recent trip to France (2015) with Nancy and Co.

It is with much joy and heartfelt delight that I write to say what a privilege and honour it was to partake of this journey; not just as an individual but also with this group, who I choose to now call my spiritual family. So many lessons learnt, so many beautiful places travelled, some sights unseen but (the) knowing and (the) feeling the presence of good and not so good energies.  I wish to acknowledge my new family and thank them for their insights, their strength and of course their caring ways and most of all for just being ‘you’.

This journey would not have been at all possible without the guidance and unconditional love of Nancy. Wise, powerful and resilient, our guiding ‘light’. I thank you from the deepest part of my soul.

Quite simply if I was asked to do it all again, my answer would be unequivocally; yes.

If you are looking for authenticity and genuine spiritual engagement and an opportunity to grow and develop as a spiritual being, then I would like to encourage anyone to seek out the next “awakening through the heart” journey.

With love
Michelle M

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The Dinan Experience
As part of the group that went on the “Awakening Through The Heart Brittany 2015 Sacred Journey, I’d share with you all my experience in Dinan, as Nancy mentions it in her recent article. I was one of those ladies that had a profound experience in Dinan.

I attended this Journey, not as a participant, but to work, to record & write about the events, wherever I could. I have limited understanding of the spiritual world and certainly did not feel what others felt or saw in the first few days of our Journey.

As I watched with mild amusement at everyone taking turns to walk around the tree and hear them explain what they felt, I knew I had to try for myself, forever trying to find a reason or explanation for WHY things happen.

Once most of the group had continued on towards the castle, I stepped under the tree. I immediately felt unbalanced, my legs shaking and feeling weak, a feeling of light pain in my chest. I tried to pretend I had not felt anything unusual, I remember thinking to myself, this is just because of what I had heard others say, there seemed to me to be no other explanation.

Well, as I walked to catch up to the others, I felt a welling in my chest, I had become breathless and then just sobbed uncontrollably, the ugly cry, the cry where you sound guttural, can’t breathe and cannot stop howling. I buried my head in the shoulder of my cousin who held me for what seemed like forever but was in fact just a few minutes. Then as quickly as it had started it was over. My thoughts to the universe with a little grin and a little bit of fear, “OK, I’ll stop being so skeptical” maybe my cheekiness assisted in my other experience in Mont St Michel. However, now knowing the reason for this grief, I am glad to have experienced it. Can’t wait to hear what Nancy has to say about the many other experiences had by the other participants.

ps truly amazed by the gifts & insight of all those who were called to take this journey.
– Vera W

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