As Above So Below

Sitting here on the plane after taking the early flight to Sydney, it has taken me awhile to write this post. I was supposed to have recorded an Activation with it and send it out earlier in the week… but it’s been a major time and I suspect that I am not the only one going through this X.

Each moment is requiring our presence in the now, which can be difficult when triggers occur and stress and pain want to join the conversation.

My personality wants to share the journey I have had in the last two weeks of challenges, but instead, I will share the guidance I have received from the celestial team. Message for all of us Xx

As above, so below. Within you go and within out you will sow, and as you grow, the light of your heavenly self will be shown. Let the Earth Changes remember this treaty of unification.

We have been in the quickening and acceleration for five years now and there have been moments of frequency shifts and a distinct change in our realities.

This year has increased in its intensity. No week has been the same and many, many times, the days are vastly different and more often then not, life changing. This will increase in its speed and volume as we move towards 2020, a major marker in the Evolution and consciousness of ALL.

With the many eclipses we have had this year, an obvious dismantling and restructuring of our beings and lives has occurred. Since the last new moon Solar eclipse and the Lions gate on August the 8th, many have gone through an overhaul time.

You are experiencing the quickening process of wounds, scars and disempowered aspects of your being, moving out of your cells and lineage.
This will cause turbulence, as you are moving through many doorways of your timelines.
This must occur for your True New and Embodiment of self, that is merging with heart ways, to call me through.”

We are all in a collective initiation journey and individually we are moving out of the battles of fear. There is sense that the events and daily happenings are charged with intensity. The body physical is getting a hammering and perceptions are trying to move out of distortion. In the last week, the atmosphere has been very strange – this will pass soon. Trust is a key, surrender and discernment are great allies.

Come to the edge, open your arms and receive. Feel the cosmos around you. Don’t be afraid, the unknown has seen you. Let the merging begin.

What is occurring is that the new you, is grounding within you. This will cause a morphing condition on different levels of you and your life. Change is here and moving through your being.

Stepping out of the matrix, the crash boom opera is heard through the valleys of your being. Let peace be the river that flows into your life. Move forward in all directions.

Surrender, listen, Exhale.

Love X

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Energies this Week

We have a full on week ahead with the Full Moon Eclipse Energies still with us.

There is a lot happening within us and around us, particularly in regard to relationships. Changes in your relationships or hearing of changes/revelations of other people’s relationships. This is occurring to get us on the path of clarity and aligning more to our truth. It’s not comfortable as during this time there will be a feeling of agitation, frustration, and impatience. With this energy hanging around, on one level, we’re feeling fabulous, we’re feeling clearer, we’re feeling more aligned to our future, our new which is in the unknown. Yet on another level we’re going through a detox process that is detoxing old parts of us, old aspects of us that are caught in a web of frustration or that are born from a 3d consciousness of aligning to certain dreams or certain goals or certain beliefs that really aren’t going to service us or are not aligned to what the universe or your higher self or our gods self-has for us.

Whether you’re spiritual or not, everyone is going through a process of shifting and detoxing the old consciousness within your being, no matter who you are. What’s coming up is impatience and frustration. It feels like we know where we’re going, what we are wanting to shift and what are we wanting to bring in, but then we’re having moments where we’re literally feeling boxed in because certain circumstances or certain things in our external reality still haven’t shifted or is still bringing up for us what we are perceiving as obstacles delays or challenges.

Look at this as a detoxing process, it’s almost like you’re walking a path and coming up to blocks, so calm your whole being by meditating, going for walks. You may feel fabulous after doing this, but then suddenly feel energies colliding within, just allow these energies to come up and allow them to move out. It’s a balance of observing it, witnessing these emotions and spaces. I know the head wants to come in and try and work things out but it’s a delay, you don’t need to work it out there’s no problem, it is an issue that’s coming up to be released so that’s why walking, quiet time, meditating and for some having a catnap, having a little rest in the day if you can go to bed early. Eat fresh food, fresh fruit, and vege juices because the cells are going through so much deletion that they’re needing support and if you’re not supporting your physical body you’re going to get grumpy, and this creates a hangover energy in your field.

I’ve been shown that particularly this week,
is going to be like you’ve opened the suitcase and the clothes have all popped out.

Hang in there though it’s just a time where you’re going to have waves of frequency and energies coming in a way to clear certain things. It will bring to you what you need to know, so you go aha!! I get it! I can see why things are happening the way they are. It’s like a mini uplifting occurring but at the same time as the detoxing process.

Remember to support yourself by eating fresh foods and drink two to three litres of water a day because
while you’re clearing so much and deleting so much from your system, you can feel down,
replenish and support your physical and just know that
what you’re going through is part of this journey.

Start listening to yourself listening, to your being, how it feels in a situation, trying not to let the head tell you what you’re feeling but just feel things. When you feel it, don’t judge it, you might feel icky or not connected to where you are or people you are with, just take slow deep breaths and exhale and you’ll find that energy will settle and by doing this you will allow energies from what we call your higher celestial self to come through to create what we call revelations i.e whatever needs to be revealed to you at that moment will be revealed. These are all practices that are potent because it starts bringing in what we talk about a lot in the workshops that I facilitate is it starts bringing in your higher self for God’s self into your physical to direct you wherever you are.

The mission of Awakening Through the Heart is to assist you in strengthening your bridge, which is you between Heaven and Earth, so I’ll be emailing an update for the rest of August, later this week, if you would like to receive it please add your details here you’ll immediately relieve a link to the Activation I recorded to further assist you with the energies around this week.

Nancy xx

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Heralding the Full Moon Eclipse Energies until August 12th

This full moon eclipse heralds in a time of resolutions and releases in preparation for major catapulting into your new.

Leading up to this eclipse, some have felt wobbly and extremely tired. Dreams have been intense and glimpses of your past and past lives in this timeline have been showing up in the physical reality, in our thoughts or dreams.

A feeling of vulnerability is occurring as we are being called to attend to our unfinished business, to strengthen our physical self and to step away from the distractions of our minds.

This eclipse will intensify whatever needs to be resolved or released in areas of our lives. If fears come up it is important to let them go by recognising that it is not your truth, that it is a fear within, a rumbling, to be released into transmutative consciousness.

The fears are always around survival issues, like our finances, health, work, and how we are going to “make” it. This is coming up in different degrees according to our personal, past experiences.

Some will go through an evaluation process of relationships. A light on Self will be shone, so it is important to take a space of witnessing these feelings. We are entering more into the passages of the unknown, while the old known is being scrubbed out, making us feel vulnerable, sensitive and unsure.

Different physical ailments will show up, where some will have to revaluate their relationship to their bodies and health.

This Eclipse energy time started on the 24th July and will be strong until August 12th. It will be a time of releases, letting go of the manifestations of aspects within us that have been created from the matrix of the past.

Resistance, agitation, feeling overwhelmed without a clear reason, is an indication of the rumblings of Shakti awakening within and is causing a tectonic experience within us. We are in the chambers of the Great Unknown and this can cause havoc, yet

there is a feeling of Peace occurring also, a feeling that all will be well.
Excitement will be felt if you can see beyond the grumblings of the gremlins.

Take care of your body and eat well and light with gentle movements, meditation or quiet time. Whatever is right for you, try not to sit in the energy of fear – let it go. The Eclipse time is potent in its emanation to move you into a new path of creation. You are the key, know yourself, LOVE X

I have recorded a free Activation for the Awakening Through The Heart Community, to assist with the Full Moon Eclipse through to August 12. if you are not a member please, click here. to join and you will continue to receive my Monthly Energies and Activations.   These specially recorded Activations are strong so please do not listen to it whilst driving and remember to ground yourself afterwards. xx

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This Solstice takes us through a doorway of Dreaming, where we move out of a time of intensity………just for a short time.

During these dates, June 21st until the 28th, it is an opportunity to find those moments of quiet sacredness where you just be and allow the moment to infuse you with restoring peace. Doing this in Nature will be Transmutative.

One of the messages shared at the last Activation Workshop, was to try at different times to meditate with your eyes open. This creates a strong pillar of the body and grounding. Ii is recommended to only do for about ten minutes. It assists the pineal glands, restores the Ajna (third eye ).

These waves of transformation and intensity have become regular as we continue to grow. These are strong, powerful and at times difficult days. We must find ways to move through these passages, bringing balance and creating moments of support for ourselves.

All is happening at once. Thunderous storms and then glorious days, tumultuous skies and then celebratory Sun rays, within us and definitely around us.

During these dates that I have mentioned, a subtle sliding doors frequency will come through allowing an opening and an alignment to a Parallel, higher Aspect bringing through what I term as soul remedies.

What this means is we can align or attune at the very least to a part of us, an aspect or one of our Higher Selves that is frequency specific to you here and now to bring through a consciousness, feelings, gifts to attune and assist you. This aspect too, is able to do this effectively because it has not absorbed the stories of this reality.

A simple way of accessing this is to visualise a doorway of liquid light of pink and purple/lavender in front of you affirming ” let there be light, let there be peace”

Five minutes to ten minutes only. For those that did the activation workshop you can do this with the Base chakra hologram technique.

This time is also a time to allow a bigger picture of yourself to be felt and visioned.

There are subtle releases of gifting starting to occur simultaneously to the releases and purgings, that will continue, for this is the nature of our days. It’s time to increase the focus to the gifting……..  Peace X

If you would like to receive my free monthly update of the energies plus a specially recorded Activation to assist you please click here 

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June Distortions

Energetically your old stories are coming up in your being and leaving. As this is occurring, you will feel it physically. As you shift your stuff, you are able to create more energy & light. This is a short video to update you on what is happening on the planet energetically and what you can do to get through the physical shifts.

If you are in Sydney this Sunday, I am holding a day of powerful activations and teachings that will further assist. Click here for further details.


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June 14, 2018 · 5:27 pm

June Energies Update – Ease and Grace

The month of May was a major opening of portals, so much occurred and changed for many, and this will continue into June. The heart, blood pressure and brain are still affected from the high celestial frequencies occurring, shoulders and the neck area is also feeling the impact of these energies.

June will afford us opportunities to really move forward. There may be times that it doesn’t feel like it as we also simultaneously unhinge the last bits of the last bits of old ways.

Try and not be scared if suddenly out of the blue old business comes up to be finished, you are not going backwards or falling apart, you are in fact falling into wholeness.

It is so important to trust your journey in remembering that you are unfolding into your awakening. Any discomfort or for some battles in the 3D reality is only a passage way of transmutation of the old hauntings of your fear.

Keywords moving you from May into June are
Courage, Trust and Truth.

The energies have been very strong causing tiredness, especially body tiredness.

A balance of action and stillness is required, as you go through the different seasons of these times with awareness, you will move into a flow of co creation.

In June different aspects of your life, situation will move into completion, endings.

In May we went through a major change, a time that now is bringing opportunities of different realities to manifest in the physical Earth space.

Continue to expect the unexpected, much can change in a instant even in the bigger stage and in nature. A subtle merging of liquid light on and in the physical reality is occurring this can and for some will change the path of fate into more of alignment to Destiny.

June is the month that starts to bring the energies of providence through, your courage to keep on keeping on when astral projections get in the way will strengthen your trust in Self and your connection to Universal Truth according to you and only you X

I have recorded a free Activation for the Awakening Through The Heart Community, if you are not a member please, click here.  My specially recorded Activations are strong so please do not listen to it whilst driving as it is strong and brings in the frequencies of Trust, Courage, Support.

Love X

PS The next workshop is on June 17th. If you are in Sydney click here to book 

Workshop Flyer June 17

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ARchemist May 10 – 31

We are about to enter a very powerful time in our lives and globally, we have already been experiencing the energies in doses of sudden shifts, unexpected changes and for some a renegotiation of ones path is occurring.

You might have seen or experienced bursts of anger around you or within you, this is the effect of the literal expansion of your energies, which can cause discomfort.

As you are going through this transformation the fears and at times the tormentors of your cells are being outed. This is because of the energies occurring, as we are about to enter a very high vibrational energy space. The more we can really step away from old patterns and distractions of fear the more we can move with this tsunami of huge celestial energies coming through, especially in the next three weeks.

There could be sudden unexpected big changes or out of the blue occurrences. Do not go into fear or anxiety. What no longer serves or is in the way of your New will be destabilised.

There are a myriad of realities going on and you will feel the dismantling of linear time in different ways. In the next five days these energies will be fast, the atmosphere will feel stormy and you might feel like you are in a hectic whirlpool of stuff.

It is so important to take care of your body, this is a major key to assist you. Meditation will greatly help or moments of quietness in nature will help you ground and centre especially if the fears and judgements of self start hassling you.

It is a very exciting time as the matrix becomes more unstable around us and within us.

Some of us will experience physical changes and alerts to the incoming transmutative frequencies. This can cause heart or brain alerts especially in the electrical system of the body. I will be explaining this more in the next activation gathering of why this is happening.

We are all going through challenges, removing the hurdles of restriction and separation to move into our new embodiments.

How this is occurring is a sacred contract between you and your Guardian that is you returning.

The circles of life and death through the transit passages of the stars are now braiding together to create a new etheric paradigm.

Your Spirit will arrive through the Lions Heart meeting the Soul forgiven


If you would like to listen to the Free Activation I recorded to assist with these energies, please sign up here, you will receive an activation each month.

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Important Alignment Dates

We are about to go through another heightened energy band of celestial frequencies. We have all been feeling these incoming energies on and off for awhile, it’s frequency on all levels will now start to increase.
Key dates:
April 15th to April 22nd
April 28th and 29th
May 10th to May 31st

These energies are strong all the time, it’s just during those dates that alignments will occur and shifts in realities will happen. The seen and unseen will make profound impacts on many levels. There is nothing to fear for these are incredible times and the more we allow ourselves to trust and surrender in different moments, it will assist greatly.

We are not the same in each moment. I sometimes feel like I am a Stargate and the different aspects of my being are moving through the byways and highways within. On one level, we are moving very quickly, shifting and transmuting our old and on another we are receiving very fine, strong frequencies which can cause an array of morphic experiences.

As the frequencies go through our beings, we experience the physical sensations of growing pains or growth stretches/expansions. Thoughts dropping out of your head will be more common during these times. Sometimes when you are out and about the energies will feel and look mish mashed and overwhelming. Using slow, conscious breathing will assist to ground and keep you sturdy in these moments as the foundations of many realities, beliefs etc. are being shaken.

In the last post I spoke about being blindsided. For some, this has had to occur to get you on a completely different path to connect and align you to your higher Selves and truth.

These are the quickening times. Keep your plans open to change, stay in a positive and loving consciousness even when you are going through the emotional pathways.

The waves of light frequency entering our beings and upon earth are about to increase and this will cause major shifts. The common thing we will all go through is Change, and Transformation. Supporting your physical body is important, to hold and be able to handle the intensity of Super Light frequencies beyond this Universe, coming through and into your being, lives, and upon Earth.

I have recorded a gentle activation that will be a supporting calming balm for your cells during this next download of frequencies coming through. If you would like to receive this please click here. You will receive the link via email. Please do not do this while driving X

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The Rose Rises From The Heart

Hi, I hope you are well during these ever-changing times, where the energies are strong, intense at times having just gone through an out of the blue energy band with unexpected occurrences and revelations. This is part of the Distortion belt I talked about in the last post.

Some might have experienced being blindsided, caught unawares of the sudden shift in ones’ reality. Many would have experienced physical and structural issues such as home/house and your physical body being hit with these energies. There is a big picture of yourself and your journey lighting up around you, causing these disruptive changes. Rest, sleep, and nurturing and nourishing yourself will be the best remedy and support at these times. If you get a chance, go and see the Mary Magdalene movie and receive what is needed to be given to you, there are sacred codes to receive.

When I went to see the Mary Magdalene movie, I was excited in seeing her name across a billboard. As I walked into the cinema I asked Mary Magdalene (MM) about the making of this movie and its bigger purpose. I was told that it is the beginning of the Way of The Sacred Heart to reach many people within mainstream (the collective), activating Sacred Heart codes within us all. There will be many more movies of the same tone that will be released to also assist in the release of old dogmatic codes still within us.

This movie is beautiful and slow. I was moved by the landscape and the poetry of light shared to my cells activating a memory of many timelines of my soul in its search of atOnement. It is subtle and powerful in its unlearning of the hierarchical conditioning within us as it addresses Yeshua as Rabbi and acknowledges Mary Magdalene as the Apostle of Apostles ministering in her own Divine Feminine light. It also acknowledged that it was an untruth, that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.  As an Initiate on my path, I recognise this film as a vessel of sacred codes to be delivered to mainstream.

It is not a bling, big Hollywood movie. The activation and downloads I felt watching it were powerful. I went to see this movie with nine Women who have attended the Beloved Courses I have facilitated and each one felt the frequency of what I call, Correction. The energy of Correction is so intricate and subtle as it comes through the crown chakra, moving through the cells and energy meridians which will activate the Divine Heart.

The message is and always is with this Spiritual Journey on Earth, of returning to Love. I feel the movie is a strong, gentle reminder of the Ancient Teachings of “The Way Of The Heart,” that is needed to be fed into our consciousness. This movie subtly and wisely, introduces the Divine Feminine of Christed Teachings to Mainstream.

For many Initiates, it is an activation coming through the Crown Chakra into the body’s cells, dethroning the power of old doctrines within. Within days of watching the movie, I experienced a major shamanic transmutation that blindsided me, knocking me to my knees. As I witnessed an aspect of me fall apart, I heard Mary’s voice loud and clear, “take Heart through the dying of your old desires and the entrapment of obligations… You will rise… Freedom is the key now gifted to you.”

During the movie, we all felt a strong energy of liquid light pouring over us, this was an activation called the “Amber and Myrrh” that came through while watching the movie.  I encourage you to see the movie and subscribe here if  you would like to receive this activation. Feel free to share it with anyone you think would benefit. This is a strong activation so please do not listen to while driving or if you are going through a very emotional time and remember to ground yourself afterwards.




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March Energies

The energies we are experiencing are massive, incredible, constantly shape shifting and transforming. Are you ready for the massive influx of dimensional shifts (another download, upgrade) coming our way?

We are moving through and preparing for the new Sacred Geometrics alignment to the New Paradigm collectively and personally in our lives.

The Month of April and especially May will heighten and bring into manifestation on ALL levels, a new reality for you. We will go through a distortion belt in the next six days, which can be very positive as it will bring up what needs to be attended to. For example health, body and energetic alignments, mental and body cooperation.

These distortion belts will occur two more times from now until the end of July.


What is out of whack will show up.

There is a lot of work and energy around the Brain. This is causing forgetfulness, tiredness, and feelings of separation within self. Your whole being is going through these dimensional shifts preparing you for the expected, unexpected events ahead within your life and on the bigger picture. Be aware of your distractions, especially around drama with others and yourself. That is a massive distraction, keeping you busy in the plays of disempowerment.

You are moving into Divine Realities, so it is imperative that you become clear, letting go of attachments mentally as best as you can, strengthening and looking after your body. As these celestial energies come through you will then be able to co-create with you.

Be aware of getting caught up or entrenched in the petitions of the small mind. This can play out as focus and judgements of where others are on their journey or what they are doing or not doing. Mind your own business.

In each moment you are changing at a fast rate. Your life around you is shifting quickly. Things are occurring in your life that might not make sense or are causing you concern, especially around survival issues. In these times of high frequencies, our old fears tend to show up. Your ability to recognise this and allow its release and shift to happen instead of believing the old fears, is important.

Keep on moving into your Unknown. Balance is the key at this time. Meditation will assist you in staying present. The importance of going for walks in nature is paramount. Doing this will connect you to the clarity and purity of nature which will gift you with support and ground you as you go through these changes.

You are not the same person as yesterday, the quickening in your cells can be overwhelming, balance is the key.

This weekend of the new moon will herald in a tsunami of liquid light. Headaches, nasal blockages, strong physical sensations and a lot of heat will come in waves through you. For some, the Shakti energy is assisting the many bridges/links within.

May is a massive time, great change will arrive. I have been facilitating the ©Beloved Teachings since November last year. Each course points to these times as the opportunity to step out of the matrix. What you see and hear happening out there in the many different media realities is a concoction of change according to their frequency. Nature is your ally. Watch and witness the quickening of the de-structuring of a reality that you are not fully in anymore. The bigger stage is transmuting.

If you would like to receive an activation to assist you at this time, please click here. This activation is very powerful. It is transmutative and will assist in bringing clarity through. 

You will feel energies coming through of Alchemical effects. Please do not listen to while driving and do not exceed listening to it more then three times in a week. Holding a Rose Quartz or Smoky Quartz or turquoise will increase this activation, if too strong don’t use.

Thank you X

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