What others say about the Workshops

Her name from ancient Hebrew times means GRACE. And how graced are we who get to meet the gods within and beyond us in her presence!

She is truly ONE of and with us… so human, witty and entertaining! AND she is truly ONE with the divine Beings. Like Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, she is constantly empting herself (of ego fears) to embody more of her divine light and to commune with her friends and masters in the higher dimensions. She not only shares their messages with us; she share their vibrations.
What difference do these vibrations make to us? They help us shake off our fears and density so we too can embody more of our LIGHT. And the joy is that as we become lighter so too does our beautiful planet because we are ONE with her in consciousness.
On November 29 we were graced through Nancy with visits from many Masters and angelic Beings. The day went in a flash and we can now move forward less cluttered, less dense and freer to be Who we truly are.
The reason for holding this gathering on Nov 29 is so that we could play our part in clearing the planet of some of its density and invoke divine assistance for the climate summit.
Noelene Kelly

It has been my privilege to have attended the last three of Nancy’s Sydney workshops. They are a difficult experience to share with somebody who has not experienced that energy for themselves, but here goes.

Upon walking into the prepared space, you feel that the energy is different – lighter, higher frequency and more pure than what most of us are accustomed to in our day to day lives. The first two workshops we were seated in large circles. In the third workshop we were seated theatre style in three sections.

Nancy seemingly has a direct line of communication to some very high places and Beings. You soon become aware that all that is being relayed by Nancy is not scripted. She is a very high frequency Channel and “They” are able to bring their messages or energy through to the Earth plane via Nancy.

The energy that we receive at the workshops affects us in many ways, be it on the physical level shifting long held, dormant toxins from our systems.Also via the dream state, you may experience some powerful dreams. You may even find that some miraculous events happen around you. Nancy’s heart is pure gold and her intentions are always for the best, although sometimes you are left wondering when her wicked sense of humour shines through!

These workshops are not for the faint hearted. You will get the most out of them if you are prepared and ready to move forward on your journey through this lifetime. The day itself is intensive and will take you to many places in your consciousness that are not ordinarily accessible to you. You will shift “stuff” from your personal field, you may glimpse past lives and you will probably do some work to help our Earth mother. It should also be noted that you will be prepped to receive the energy for up to a week prior to the workshop, and you will probably keep feeling the energies for another week or two after the workshop.

If you are ready for an expansion in your life, bring yourself along as an empty vessel in readiness to take on lots of beautiful healing energy.
Jane Woods 2015


I just wanted to give you my experience a night or two after the workshop.

I was woken out of my sleep by what could only be described as a lightning bolt going off in my head, sound and all. I seriously wondered if I’d just died it was so overwhelming. I lay there for a bit in total shock and felt very different energy running through my body. It wasn’t until I put my feet on the floor that I was sure I was still on planet earth.  Wow .. it was like an explosion went off inside my head .. Gosh some sort of upgrade alright!!! lol 

Since then I’ve had mass energy running through my body but I’m finding it easier to ‘tap into’ it and focus it. I was at another workshop last weekend (no I’m not forever jumping from one workshop to another) but guess this was no coincidence that they appeared back to back. It brought up some interesting challenges .. which I’m starting to feel may have been a test run for the new energies and to see how quickly I can come back to centre and move beyond old patterning. Just a thought.

I just thought I’d let you know and thank you for the most wonderful day and profound healing/upgrade. I so love the way you work and the purity of your channeling.

Much love Fay xxx