A Gossamer is a very light, sheer, gauze-like fabric.  A Glossary is a list of terms & their definitions. Hence we have a Glossamer, the lifting of the Gossamer that reveals the Glossary that I use and my definitions to assist you.   It is a work in progress, updated as I write.  

Akashic Records:  This is a “Place” I am able to enter in the Spiritual domain, where I access data, information, Books, Documents, Relics etc that cover many consciousness, subjects.

I move in & out of this Space entering many rooms, going into the past, future realities, alternate & parallel times

Sometimes it looks like a Library, other times a Train Station/Platform, & when I am required to go to the upper levels, I enter the infinite space that changes in its Colour.

I have been going here since the age of 3, & after the birth of my youngest Daughter, when she was 6 months old I then was led to full Spectrum of the Hall of Records.

Activation: In an activation many things occur, it is like having a combination of meditation and healing. The purpose of activations is to move you into the space of light within your being. These activations sometimes will and can move out of your being old energy and old consciousness. You are the creator of your reality. Held within your cells are the many stories and experiences of your journey, which have created your moments. I believe that when we enlighten the fabric of our being, we can move beyond the fears of our past and future. The activations assist with this.
Please do not listen while driving and have a large glass of water afterwards. The symptoms you will feel are just frequency and light moving through you, lifting and shifting the old paradigms.

Faun: these are elemental beings, that work with Nature. Their presence is more known & seen at this time of Earths Changes. They help the Grid lines of the Earth & are closely connected to the Babies born at this time from Feb 2013 to 2016

Gargoyles: Are misunderstood guardians, in my experience with these Beings of incredible light, power, and Devotion.  I have been blessed with their Protection during times of Great changes. They were with me during my times in Intensive care.

When I crossed the threshold of life & death, Gargoyles are the Angels that are sent to dark places, spaces, for they can enter certain realms, that the other helpers cannot. Protectors, shield makers, Warriors Consult.

“I am in the We are” © means stepping into your I am presence through connection. Self Empowerment through Connection. It’s about finding your sovereignty of self in connection. Going into the “I am” simultaneously with the collective. Acknowledging and embracing the community within you, all tribal members within you, no one will be left.

Seraphims – order of Angels, standing near the throne of God.