Free Activation

Feel hear & receive the powerful energies, frequencies, mediation & activations.  Experience the energies flow through your every being if you allow yourself to be open to receive this gift to assist you awaken through the Heart and begin a journey to manifestation.

You will feel the energy entering your body as you listen to the high frequency, vibrations, activations & meditations that will come through.  You might experience physical sensations, heat in the body or different feelings in different parts of your body, tingling sensations or lightness around the head.
This might continue also after listening for a short while so it is important not to drive & listen to the recording. The activations are powerful for they move & expand your energy field while releasing old sediments of density, which means, old belief  & attitudes.

Please drink water after listening to help the receiving of energies that have been downloaded to you.

It goes beyond the words and songs you hear and is powerful so please get comfortable, put your headphones on, relax and receive.

Thank You

Receive this months Activation/Meditation and other information from Nancy to assist you Awaken Through the Heart
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