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What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing Post - Carnac PicQuantum Healing is a term I use to describe the work, techniques and modality I use to assist many people in their quest on the path of Self Realisation, Healing and Awakening to their true, Divine Self.

In the modality of Quantum Healing, I work with the different aspects within a client’s timeline, to shift and clear any distortions that are influencing their reality in the now. I also work directly with the multi-dimensional aspects of ones being. I have been taught specific techniques on how to clear and move out of the cells, certain stories or perceptions of reality that keep many disempowered. Through Quantum Healing, I am able to work on the energy field to assist it move into a more liquid, light form and frequency.

How this benefits you, is that you are able to move out of rigidity and restriction, which in turn enables one to create and manifest more inclusive, Heart ways and an abundant life, according to your own self.

So much occurs through this modality that I am blessed to bring forth. It is a tangible, physical experience, not just another esoteric learning. I believe that we are the creator of our journey, that there is an intricate mapping within us, a system of Universal proportions and access to the Cosmos and consciousness on all levels. In fact, we are accessing certain areas without knowing.

Through this Healing technique, I am able to align one to the aspect or reality that is already within them that is empowering, and reflective of ones true nature of being. With the multi-dimensional knowledge and wisdom I have been gifted, I am able to connect one with their future self/selves or higher self/selves.

There is so much more to this. The basis of the work that comes through me is expansive, precise, multi-dimensional, macro, micro, definite and elusive. In each particle, cell or fragment, is a snapshot of the whole picture. As a Sacred Technician using Quantum Healing, I am able to work on an intricate level with the different snapshots (inner), to affect the bigger picture of one’s life (outer), to be more expansive in energy, bringing in Synchronicity, Grace and ease.

In the workshops and seminars, many people experience the Quantum consciousness in action and they also experience the frequency of liquid light that always makes the day profound, shamanic and alchemical.  In invite you to experience a day of Quantum Healing at the next workshop in Sydney Sunday 13th March, click here for A day of Quantum Healing, that will be life changing.

Thank you.


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What an Orbsome Workshop

Workshop prep2- Orbs

Setting up for the workshop & unbeknown to us at the time of taking the picture, a massive Orb above Nancy

The Awakening Through the Heart Workshop on Sunday is still active within us. We are still absorbing & assimilating the incredible amounts of energies of high strong laser like frequencies that came through on the day.
We will experience them in waves that can be difficult for the mind to understand. The personality self might feel bothered for we went beyond its understanding & it is still trying to comprehend the energies that came through.

The Space during the day was filled with countless Angelic presences, that was felt and seen by some . This was confirmed afterwards on our way home when we saw the Numbers 4444 & then straight afterwards 1111.

The day was filled with subtle, powerful, intricate weaving of cosmic rays being gifted & I hope that in this week up to Monday we will gently allow the old sediments to go without judgement or deliberation, allowing more & more light to enter our cells.

The energies of this day were also the grounding of high Vibrations into our bodies & lives. Move with the waves, massive amounts of purification is occurring.

Thank you X

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Experience Awakening Through the Heart Workshops

logo heart smallAttending an Awakening Through the Heart workshop facilitated by Nancy Valentine Smith is an experience that is pretty hard to describe. It goes beyond the mind and is for those who are open and want change in their life.

The workshops are about clearing out the stories that have defined us, the reasons we tell ourselves we can or cannot do something. The experiences we have had in our childhood or events that have taken place in our lives. It’s that voice in our head (the Ego), that can make life so difficult for us, these are all stories we hold within that are repeatedly played out in different ways in our lives.   It takes us to a higher place to help quieten the Ego and allow the voice within, your true self to manifest a new way of being.

If you are really ready and open to change, come on a journey where Nancy will guide you to a higher realm, where energy & frequency vibrations are high and light.  You won’t notice you are on that journey but as you listen to the messages and codes given through Nancy to you, your physical body will let you know as it gets rid of what no longer serves you.  Know that you are receiving what is needed in your life for change. Once you start the journey to awaken through the Heart, you start your own journey, changes begin to take place, sometimes subtly and sometimes in a big way, depending on how open you are and accepting of the energies given to you.  Your stories present themselves to allow you to release, so you are able to move forward.  Your fears & issues won’t disappear overnight, just like they didn’t manifest over night, but you will have started the journey.

When you leave the workshop, you will feel the energies physically, not everyone in the same ways.  Nancy provides guidance to assist you  in grounding these energies.  Be prepared and aware of the synchronicities that present themselves as you go about your daily life, act and allow yourself to experience the direction you are taken in.

If you resist the changes and the direction that is presented to you, don’t feel bad, it just means you’re not ready, but know that things have been set in place, for when you are ready.

This may sound a little “Out there” and what you experience is out there, yet it’s time to step into the NOW & allow the power of the heart to take its rightful place.  Have courage to be different. Here’s a video reminder of those who dared to be different, from the 1997 Apple Advertisement – Here’s to the Crazy Ones.

If you’re ready to change, book now and come along to The Experience of Awakening Through the Heart next workshop. 

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The Way of the Heart Workshop

Blog image

This workshop is for you, if you feel you
– are stuck in ways that no longer serve a purpose.
– know there’s something holding you back, but don’t know what.
– have tried many different forms of help to no avail.
– want help moving into a new way of being.
– want help navigating these challenging times
– are you open & accepting of a higher realm for assistance.

Then I invite you to join me on Sunday July 27th for a day where I can assist you to come into balance in the NOW,

  • releasing/deleting old energy, old consciousness
  • opening & expanding energy fields
  • receiving messages from the Spirit Realm
  • aligning & moving into your new way, new consciousness, new life.

As I go into the Akashic records, I will be receiving the guidance that is needed to assist you individually & as a part of the group.  Co-creating with you, with Frequencies & with Wisdom that comes from the times of the Cathars that have been hidden.

The biggest benefit comes when you attend this workshop with an open your heart, meaning come with a purpose in mind, without judgement, ready to receive.  The benefits are different for each person, it is dependent on how open you are, how accepting.  Faye S, shares her experience after she attended my workshop in April:

“I was woken out of my sleep by what could only be described as a lightning bolt going off in my head, sound and all.  I seriously wondered if I’d just died it was so overwhelming. I lay there for a bit in total shock and felt very different energy running through my body. It wasn’t until I put my feet on the floor that I was sure I was still on planet earth. Wow… it was like an explosion went off inside my head… Gosh some sort of upgrade alright!!! lol
Since then I’ve had mass energy running through my body but I’m finding it easier to ‘tap into’ it and focus it. I was at another workshop last weekend (no I’m not forever jumping from one workshop to another) but guess this was no coincidence that they appeared back to back. It brought up some interesting challenges.. which I’m starting to feel may have been a test run for the new energies and to see how quickly I can come back to centre and move beyond old patterning. Just a thought.

I just thought I’d let you know and thank you for the most wonderful day and profound healing/upgrade. I so love the way you work and the purity of your channeling” 

Seats are limited at this workshop so book early and allow yourself to go beyond your physical form while experiencing it in a tangible, magical way. Come with courage to move beyond the Veil, take the first step xxx Nancy

To view more detail of the workshop and Download the flyer click here.

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