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Revealing the Sacred Journey in Dinan France

Castle Wall in Dinan

Castle Wall in Dinan

When we arrived in Dinan it seemed like the city was still asleep and as we got our bearings, I was guided to a certain tree & instructed to walk around it. I asked the group to make it look as natural as possible, to make it look normal for 12 people to walk around a tree. This Tree was a doorway and as we took turns to walk around it, a couple of the women in the group experienced an overwhelming feeling of release, of grief and pain. I can now share the reason why they cried so deeply and sobbed uncontrollably.

We were in this place to bring healing energies through the inner chambers that would pass through the inner earth doorways, so at an appropriate time, the release of balance, forgiveness and recognition would start taking place for millions of Women , Mothers, Herbalists, Healers, Daughters, Midwives, Wives, Artists, Visionaries, Songstress and more, during the time of the Inquisition. The appropriate time is this weekend, Saturday October 31st. We are still feeling the effects on the Planet at this time of the Mass Destruction of the feminine and the many men who suffered and were tortured. Before the inquisition, it was a time of connection to Mother Earth, the celebration of Life around the Ancient Cathedrals of Nature where life had its rituals of flow with the Sun and Moon.

As we continued on into the castle walls of Dinan, we were guided to 5 different sites, in some we just held space, in others we were pillars for light and Frequencies to move through us into the Earth. At the rose garden, we released the Rose gold keys, as instructed by the Rose Sisters in the Etheric Plane.

Through a tree lined path, we worked with the seven Merlins using Celestite keys to access the right portals and unlock the hidden concubines of fear and despair. As it was being released, I saw it being transmuted into rose gold petals that were ash-like, doing a dance in the air and then gently crumbling with a sigh.

We sat on the edge of the inner Earth Vortexes, where I spoke to the elemental beings and the Overlighting Devas of the area. This is their message for us:-

“In the times of separation and darkness when the fear and control over the true natural forces of natural Law and the Divinity of Mother and her children occurred, we witnessed the buckling of the earth meridians. The distortions that would be created through the movement away from the divine feminine and indeed the divine masculine caused a warped perception of the balance of life that you are now all waking up from. The damage that was caused by this is deeply rooted in the psych of all beings, this is the collective grief. The effect is far reaching through the timeline of all humanity. What you are seeing on the earth plane is the continuous replay of the same story, the dominance and the disempowerment over the feminine which then impacts the masculine. This has its roots in the fall of Atlantis. This is what we call a loop. Do not feel hopeless for a great change. We tend to the Earth ways and we speK (speak) the many languages of nature, and in the soil where blood spilt and soaked in, are the records of these times, the stories and ALL the emotions. That is why now in your days, a great cleansing is occurring through the forces of Nature, she must release these records. Many of you are aligning as you are also clearing the records of your distortion.”

May The Return to Love create your Journey X

The Rose Garden in Dinan

The Sisters of the Rose Plane came through bringing in codes and messages.

I look forward to sharing the energies that we received in Dinan, with you at the next workshop in Sydney, where I will also be introducing the “Intimate Conversations with Mary Magdalene”. I’ve recorded a video that explains a little more, .
Nancy X

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Revealing The Sacred Journey – France

church domeThe Journey to France has been life changing to say the least. I am, and I know that those who took the journey are still integrating the vibrations that we received.  I will now share, as much as I can at these given times – the information, experiences, details of the Journey and the work that was undertaken. There is so much to talk about.

Five to six months before leaving France, I was told that Brittany (Bretagne) was the location of our journey. Over a period of 3 weeks, I was told the exact locations of where we had to go, and having never been to France before, in fact I had never been to Europe, I was having many moments of doubts and ‘what the?… am I nuts?’ kind of moments. Yet the messages and instructions I was getting, were very precise – I had to really move into a space of Trust and Faith.

I have always had a very strong relationship with the Spiritual Realm on many levels. So, the issue wasn’t about how I was hearing or receiving the info, it was more about really trusting my connections to what I was being told about the sites. This information was new, and I didn’t have the usual written or previously recorded info of its importance, especially about the journey of Mary Magdalene in Gaul. What I was to discover on the Group Trip through Bretagne, and then eventually our personal family trip to the South of France, was the process of aligning my molecules with my purpose in this Incarnation.

As we travelled through Brittany, we were directed to pre-ordained sites, to assist in this time upon this reality. That is, the consciousness that has been caught in a loop within the Earth lines. I was shown what is happening on the planet at this time, the old programs that were still in a methodic loop. The issues that were being presented, the Refugee crisis, Environmental issues, the global financial climate, and many other plays were a result of an overload or massive fuse blowout of these realities.

TunnelDuring this time in Brittany I worked very closely with St. Germain, inner Earth Grids & Beings, and the Master Sacred Technician Leonardo Da Vinci. There were many beings in Spirit that assisted us according to where we were and according to the energy Earth lines, templates and specific grids. I was amazed to see the intricate wiring of gold and copper frequencies at certain sites. Brittany is a part of a holographic chamber in the hall of records and we were assisting with the turning and opening of the Seals & Vaults in the key areas of Dinan and Poitiers that had been put there during key historical times.

As we were doing the work on different sites, I would hear at times Mary Magdalene saying, “Know that this is a specific Hologram that has been hard wired in the switchboard of humanity. There are many holograms and there are many probabilities.” Later on, when I travelled through the South of France, she would share and teach about the holograms and how they were utilised during her time and how we can work with the holograms in our lives. She showed me Sacred Dimensional Codes and Keys, which quickly put us in a tangible reality with the truth, that we are the Creators of our Reality. She is actually quite an adept Quantum Physicist. She did inform me that the being and aspect known as Mary Magdalene, is just one hologram in many, and that one of her higher selves that is Lady Nada, was working the switchboard at the time of our connection – usually there is 3 to 7 Higher Selves……. I will be going into more details and actually showing certain transmutative techniques at my next workshop.

There are so many different levels to this Great Work. The key messages that I continually heard on this trip, were about the fundamental factors and principles of connection and creation, balancing the ratio of chaos and decay with release, transmutation, birth and the return to love.

When you know the simplicity of the mystic’s equations, then in your everyday life, you can delete the dense consciousness that keeps you busy in survival. Liberation is an outcome from within, and you will no longer adhere, to the programs of survival. Then, you will truly move into knowing yourself as a divine creator embodied in the physical form.

We worked intensely in Brittany, with the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. At times it took us into a shamanic space and I am quite sure that the group is still moving through this landscape.

My next article will share the journeys first stop in Dinan, the City of doorways and entrances to the inner Earth, where we worked with the seven Merlins and the Celestite Keys. I’ll talk about why we were there and the messages received. X

Please Note: Some of you will feel energies after reading this blog, around your head, face, chest and lung area. You are receiving very strong vibrations to move you forward.

Through the month of November, we will be sharing more of this incredible journey and how it effects all of us. As usual I’ll be writing about the Energies for the Month. If you would like to receive the Activation early, please click here to subscribe. This months Activation is specific to the Energies of November as well as the unfolding of the events in Brittany.


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Day 9 & 10 – Sacred Journey Successfully Completed

Day 9 & 10 – POITIERS
” I Am Love, I Am everywhere” – Nancy

Outside St PetersThe importance of this final task was made apparent to Nancy on the last leg of this sacred journey. Her senses were heightened as we made our way to Poitiers, she could not afford any distractions. She was picking up on our individual thoughts and feelings. Her request to us. “Any negative thoughts or feelings that come up during the bus trip, simply without judgement say “delete”. We were about to be hit by a lot of downloads on this 5 hr bus journey, similar to a 1 day workshop.

As had happened throughout this journey certain signs were pointed out by various members of our group as if the beings over lighting our journey were reminding us of their presence. It’s no co-incidence that as we drew closer to Poitiers, the most poignant signs were seen, separately and then together. A long boat being towed and then a flag on the back of a caravan of the Royal Seal – 2 golden lions on a red background. The long boat, being a vision Nancy had in St Malo of Mary Magdalene in a long boat saying “I was a refugee”. The second representing the Royal Line of David, of which Yeshua was a descendant of. The 2 vehicles travelled separately and pulled in to the same petrol stop alongside each other, as if to say “we are here with you”

We arrived at our hotel, a converted Jesuit Monastery, next door to the Archives building. The destinations of this entire trip were revealed to Nancy and each location was perfectly suited to the task required of her. The group had been gifted each day as Nancy completed her work, this last day would provide a gift for Nancy, to be taken to new areas within the Akashic Records.

Even though Nancy welcomed to our meeting what seemed to be a committee of beings including the 3 spirit monks who walked around the hotel, many of us still felt uncomfortable and this would continue to the morning. And like every other day on this journey, the most surreal experiences began to take place. As we walked through the narrow streets of Poitiers, the vibe was totally different to anywhere else we had been. We felt dizzy, unbalanced, feeling as though people were wary of us. I immediately thought of the old spaghetti westerns where the town would whisper and hide as the stranger rides into town, shutters and doors banging shut. Nancy was spot on when she likened the trapped energy to that of a labyrinth both above and below ground.

Many big dreams took place that night, and many strange experiences and distractions unfolded,Screenshot 2015-09-12 22.19.18
– Nancy’s vision as she sat in a café, of a dragon charging down the street, turning to look intensely at her.
– People trying to mislead members of the group
– A black cat waiting at the Gates to the courtyard of St Peters and sitting with the group as if to stand guard whilst Nancy brought in the energies.
– Nancy being pushed back as she tried to enter St Peter Church
– Physical unease and experiences within and outside of the Church

Once Nancy had complete an activation, we sat in the Church on either side of her and as she brought in the energies, we flooded the church with Rose Gold, followed by Sapphire to assist her complete her task. Once complete, she explained the deep tunnel she went into to unlock the seal.

DSC02032Nancy continued to guide us to 3 other churches where we held a space to allow her to bring the energy through us and into the ground. Planting roses deep into the earth, flooding a chapel with pink rose quartz and finally a clearing at a specific location in a park to heal those effected by slave line.

The wheels set in motion by this journey should be seen within the next 2 years and for each of us personally within the next 12 weeks. Everyone had their own personal experiences and some may decide to share it, for others it’s a very private journey but there is no doubt it was a life changing experience. As we all go our separate ways, we will ground ourselves and know that we are accompanied by Master Paul Afra.
The journey was intense, the experiences profound, these written words cannot do it justice. Yet many laughs were had, thanks to Nancy’s wicked sense of humour and her down to earth nature. We thank her for that and look forward to hearing from her as she shares more with us through Beloved – The Sacred Journey Revealed. If you would like to know more, please add your details here.

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Day 7 & 8 – The Shepherdess Is Here

“A white Rose, an Emerald stone
I see the blue sword, I awaken into a dream” – Nancy

Mont St MichelWe’d seen glimpses of Mont Saint Michel through our travels since Sunday, like an island in the distance as we travelled to Dinan & St Malo. As we got closer the excitement built as it came to life, such a magnificent sight to see. Like a scene from Lord of the Rings, it stood with its long history, both spiritual & feudal since the 8th Century.
Standing outside the walls, we held a space with Nancy as she sang an activation to prepare the group energetically, working today with the rose colours of violet, purple, lavender & magenta.

As we began our ascent following the Rose trail of the Troubadours, through the narrow cobblestone street to the Abbey & Monastery at the very top. The feeling was incredible, as we started the steep ascent through what we could only imagine at the bottom were once the fisherman & farmers housing & trade up through different levels, gardens and great halls to the very top, to the Abbey and Monastery.
Many began to feel and see the energy strongly and as Nancy continued to do her work, she would guide us to certain places, to bring in the intent of certain rose colour, to flood the church or send it up the stairs. Those with the gift of sight, were seeing areas where “bodies being thrown from the walls”, or “arrows coming through windows”. Others felt they were being pushed up the street and for me being pushed to a wall, all under the watchful & protective eye of Nancy and her spirit guides. We were all OK, an experience like no other, hard to put into words, but some of the group may write about it on our return.

Nancy & Mark Mont Saint Michel Then there were the beautiful moments, the sound of the bell being rung, the beautiful little chapel, where Nancy sat and sang. (the video to come soon) and as the Sisters sang in the Abbey, we recorded this message .

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Day 6 -Beyond The Gates of Avalon


“many hearts gathering, there is no beginning, there is no end” – Nancy.

The lady at CarncThink of Miranda in the movie of Picnic at Hanging Rock” being drawn in enchantment up into the rocks, that’s what came to mind today, as we walked around the Alignment de Carnac, seeing & feeling the most amazing things. This sacred site erected in the neolithic period some 6,000 year ago where the locals believed the stones to be magical, and there’s that word again, magical, which sums up our journey so far.
We started our walk on a rooftop lookout, the stones at this stage were just amazing stones in alignment in many different shapes and sizes. As Nancy gave thanks to the Deva’s we focused on 1 particular stone, that looked like an angel, that’s when the enchantment and the energies began to be felt as the area opened up.

Once we were closer to the stones, Nancy sang certain keys that opened the space and the elementals began to show themselves, the stones the knightcame to live as light yet intense vibrations moved through our bodies. Our joy at pointing out to each other, the different faces and characters, on the stones, the positioning of stones that were no longer just stones, but merlins and ladies and wizards and animals and elves.
Then more magic as we went to a gateway and once again, Katrina Vasiliou sensed the moment to take pictures that resulted in the rainbow light and blue energy lines at the doorway.Carnac 2

“Today we were gifted to open ourselves to a fluid, tangible reality of magical world of the Nature Spirits and what I call beyond the Gates of Avalon.  As I sang certain keys, to open, the space came alive, the standing stones, gateways, nature and the child within ran across the field to greet her very dear Friends of Olde” – Nancy


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Day 5 – Raising the 12 pillars of the Archangels

Day 5  ST. MALO
” The Sirens of the Sacred Wells” – Nancy
DSC01871Today’s journey took us through the beautiful picturesque countryside with chateaus, quaint English cottages and a quick visit to St Samson’s a Medieval Cathedral. Our destination, Saint Malo, a walled port, once the notorious home of the corsairs, French privateers & pirates. Today a relaxing sea side escape. We were so tempted to just be tourists and enjoy the scenery, explore the town and relax in one of the numerous fresh seafood cafe’s that lined the streets within the walls of the port. Alas, it had to wait, we had work to do first.

Once again Nancy was lead to different locations that would allow us to assist in bringing in the energies. As we sat on the beach looking out to the calm blue waters of the English Channel, we began to assist in raising the 12 pillars of the Archangels that were buried long ago.
Working with Geometrics, Pillars & Crystalline in the presence of the Elohim, Nancy guided us through the 3 activations, raising the 12 crystal pillars through from the ocean floor to connect to this song line & link to the different ports around the world, assisting the clearing of passenger dis-empowerment of the slave trade, where people were taken on boats & landed on foreign ports.
Working with Crystals – Celestine, Citrine, Obsidian, Onyx, Lapis, Rose Quartz, Peach Calcite, Zircon, Rhodonite, Tigers Eye & Danbubrite & LarimarDSC01891

The key word – Magna Carta. We resealed it with a red rose in the centre of golden heart.
Whilst we got onto the coach feeling light and in good spirits, it wasn’t long before our energy was zapped & we slept alighting the coach shattered.

There is so much more to know and to learn, which Nancy will teach once this journey is over. If you would like to receive information about the Beloved – The Sacred Journey Revealed, please add your details here.

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Day 4 – Working with Inner Earth Pillars

Day 4 – Dinan
“The Gold Crown sits within the Earth moving, let there be light ”

The sisters of the Rose Line Nancy in the Rose garden DinanWe did so much work with the Inner Earth Pillars, working very closely with Merlin. The Sisters of the Rose Plane came through bringing in codes and messages. It was this very moment that Katrina, a medium in our group, was drawn to take pictures.

The tangibility of Mary Magdalene continues to grow intensely. As I was directed to have the group position themselves in a rose garden, the frequency came through and as the lines of the Divine Feminine pulsed through, I walked up and down the path releasing the Rose gold keys in strategic gateways to the inner Earth as instructed by the Rose Sisters in the Etheric Temples. There has been so much downloading of information, teachings and messages so profound and in depth that I can only share fully after this trip,
so please add your details here to receive information of Beloved – The Sacred Journey Revealed 

DSC01851– Nancy

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Day 3 Rennes – Re Opening The Rose Line

A 5 hour bus trip from Paris to Rennes in no way felt like 5 hours, it was as if we had taken a quick nap and we were there, unbeknownst to us Nancy was up the front working and ensuring time had no meaning.

Rennes - Re Opening The Rose LineOn entry to Rennes, we were made aware of entering a portal and that some would begin to feel the energy in the throat and head areas, a sense of itching and unbalance on and off. It was then that Nancy explained the shutdown of the Rose Line in this area and we were there to to re-open it.

We followed as Nancy was led through the beautiful cobblestone streets of Rennes along one of the Rose Lines and arrived at the gardens of the Jardin du Palais Saint Georges a former Benedictine Abbey. We walked along the left hand side of the pathway as instructed, feeling the energy in our legs as we walked upon this Rose Line. Nancy channelled, Mary Magdalene. Positioning each person strategically within the gardens, to assist in creating a space individually, then as couples and finally as a whole, as one, to allow the spirits realm to facilitate the beginning of a healing of this Rose Line for the European Countries. DSC01844

3 Key Factors to move within this line:-
1. Abuse manifested throughout the timeline as slavery & still exists
2. The Fleeing
3. Mind Manipulation on the planet

As each person held the space, Nancy sang beautiful & powerful sacred songs with emotional and heartfelt words
“in your heart and mind, we ask that you open every door and every window of your being & in every doorway and every window, you light a candle to assist your brothers and sisters who are fleeing, for they will see this and they will be guided along the path of reconciliation, where revelations can occur so open the doors and window & putting a candle within these frames”

“Welcome my brother, welcome my sister,
Come in my beloved brother, come in my beloved sister
Bring your children, for they are my children too.
Let us eat together & sup together,
do not be afraid
Put on my clothes & my shoes
Let me keep you warm & let us toast to this reunion and this moment”

Rennes - Sacred Song & a visitorAnd then another moment, similar to Chartes Catherdral train ride occurred, (you can see him in the background of this picture as Nancy is singing her sacred song), yet we were prepared.  So please subscribe to hear more via email on this journey and after “Beloved the Sacred Journey Revealed”

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Day 1 & 2 – Separation Creates a Weakness

IMG_2736Day 1 – The group meets up in Paris 
We all met in Paris for dinner last night, some of us bleary eyed having only just arrived in France and others with wonderful stories from the past few days adventures here.
The group heads off to Chartres Cathedral this morning accompanied by many angels and the addition of beings James (Yeshua’s brother) and Andrew.

“From my Heart I move in all directions lit with the Rose songs”

Day 2 – Cathédrale Notre- Dame de Chartres – Chartres Cathedral
The day begun with a great breakfast and intent as per the itinerary to “Walk the internal Labyrinth and tune into what is ahead on our journey”
Nancy’s thought for the day  “in the labyrinth you will find a door, within you are the keys” 

The keys we did find, each one of us, felt & experienced in our own way whilst in and around the Cathedral, but the major key for the day was provided to the group in the train on our way back to Paris.  None of us saw what was coming and by the end of the day, the most valuable lesson received by all, a glimpse into our purpose here as a collective and an experience of “Separation” that Nancy has so often talked about in her writings. An experience that had to happen to set the tone for Brittany 2015.  An account of this experience will be posted as soon as time and energy allow.

DSC01797This picture is Nancy experiencing a portal, which everyone took turns to simply stand there and experience the energy in their own way. It is said that this site is where the Telluric Earth currents are at their strongest. So whilst we had a slight disappointment in that the Labyrinth was closed off for renovations, through Nancy’s guidance we were able to experience a powerful energy at this spot.  In hindsight, this part of the journey was not so much about the trip to Chartres, but the preparation of the group.

To understand more about this journey and the teaching Nancy has been given, you can subscribe here to find out more when Nancy returns

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The Sacred Journey Begins September 3

About this Sacred Journey to Brittany

Nancy Valentine Smith

2 years ago I was told that I would take a group of people to France to hold space, to be pillars & vessels, to bring through Frequencies & New Templates of the Divine Feminine, Divine Mother, into key places on the Planet. Like many of my fellow Light workers, Earth Walkers, I now am ready for this “assignment” – Awakening Through the Heart Brittany 2015 is taking place from 3rd – 13th September. Over lighting this journey will be many beings, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, St. Germain, Archangel Michael & Faith, Babaji & Yogananda. There will be a direct energy line from the Avalon Rose line bringing through the sacred codes & songs to assist our work in this area.

Why Brittany?
According to the records I have seen in Avalon through the etheric plane, this area was once where many councils gathered to attune the crystal grids. A grand meeting place of the high Druids, the Avalon priestesses. I have been told that this area of Bretagne France, holds certain keys that now need to be activated to bring the Divine Masculine into presence so the Divine Feminine can be supported. We will bring through the Divine Templates of the Masculine and Feminine to assist in the great work of revelation in correcting and balancing.

The 12 Toning pillars of the Archangels is also in a key area in Brittany. We will be guided to certain areas where we will experience profound moments of enlightenment & transformation for ourselves, where we will also be guided to do work to assist this major time on Earth.

I know that all involved in this Journey will have a life changing experience. Each person will receive what they need in a way that suites them. I have seen glimpses of this Journey and know that so much more is to be revealed. I am excited to be able to share glimpses of this experience on social media. So please stay tuned in over the next few weeks and subscribe here so you don’t miss any special messages I am directed to share whilst on the journey.  On my return, I will email you with information about Beloved – The Sacred Journey Revealed, where you’ll learn in depth about the teachings, wisdom & knowledge imparted to me and what they mean to us individually and as a collective.


Tune in, during and after this journey, as we share messages from the Spiritual Realms, the Beloved Teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene plus so much still to be revealed.  Experience this Journey on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram

When Nancy returns she will present “Beloved – The Sacred Journey Revealed”  Subscribe to find out how the messages received on this  journey can assist you in your life.

We’ll be sending you sneak peaks from here 

Day 1 – Sept 3rd
Awakening Through the Heart Brittany 2015 begins in Paris

Brittany 2015 mapDay 2 – Sept 4th
– Chartres Cathedral to walk the internal Labyrinth and tune into what is ahead on our journey
– Receiving information on the song-lines, through the different timelines in Paris.

Day 3 – Sept 5th
Rennes – The Sacred Quest begins

Day 4 – Sept 6th
Dinan – The city of doorways and entrances to the Inner Earth. Working with the Seven Merlin’s and the Celestite Keys

Day 5 – Sept 7th

St Malo for a day of Activating and Activation – 12 crystal pillars of the Archangels
Day 6 – Tuesday Sept 8th 
Alignements de Carnac. In this Ethereal space, we will view, work with and integrate Mary Magdalene’s – Soul Maps©
Day 7 & Day 8 – Sept 9th & 10th
Mont-Saint-Michel. Here we will follow the Rose trail of the Troubadours
Day 9 & Day 10 – Sept 11th & 12th
Poitiers – Nancy will facilitate a channelled talk to reveal our purpose here & the key sites within the city of Poitiers
Day 11 – Sept 13th
Paris where we go our separate ways & Nancy continues on to the South of France.

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