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The Heralding of the New is upon us, in each moment and in many ways. 

The old structures within us, and all around us are dismantling so quickly. This has been the theme for a long while now. The doors to the shadowlands within us are wide open, releasing and beckoning us to meet at the round table of the unknown, so we may courageously move forward in trust.

There is so much that has been released from our being, our consciousness, and major clearing is occurring. The intensity of these energies, are felt in different ways. The blocks and resistance within us must now shift for the flow of creation and manifestation to occur. 

A very deep detoxing is going on which can cause heaviness and tiredness in the body. Intense dreams or nightmares depending on what part of the records of your soul that you are transmuting, is occurring.

This is an amazing time of Great Change and it is so important to remember the powerful gifts of simplicity, such as eating for the body and not our feelings, quiet moments, feeding your consciousness with inspiration, gratitude, faith and trust. These are very exciting times with many possibilities available for us to tap into and create our own Heaven on Earth.

The continuation of old structures on the bigger stage falling down will still continue, increasing in its regularity and revelations.

We will start seeing the call of major shifts to occur in the lineages in all Religions and Spiritual hierarchy. We will start seeing the acceleration of this between June 2019 – December 2022, in all directions, East, South, West and North – ©Beloved Teachings.

There is an Activation occurring in the Heart chambers of all beings and it is not comfortable. We are feeling lighter and heavier, clearer and sometimes oompa loomperish.

There are aspects of you rising to be accepted and loved, as this occurs you are literally creating a holistic compass within you– ©Beloved Teachings.

In this Full Moon and Equinox time, we enter into a time of grounding our sovereignty of self in the space of inclusivity. The tribe and collective, now calls out to enter the healing chambers of evolution.

So much is going on around us and within us as many realities still in separation are leaving. Holding your space in the energies of balance, centredness, not projecting out or getting caught in the tangles of projection will help you and also provide opportunities to move into flow and synchronicity.

Next Activation Day will be on Sunday March 31st at Waverton Community Hall (75 Bay Road, Waverton) – 1pm to 3pm.

Thank you, Nancy X


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It is a time where our realities are collapsing.

Each moment feels like a different you in the space you are occupying. Things, events and situations are constantly changing, doing a U-turn here and there. 

Sometimes we go through an intense time of fear, bombarding us with doomsday predictions or conjectures around our finances, health, our space among many spaces, and then in a blink of an eye, everything is fabulous and we are feeling at one and all is ok. This is the nature of these times as the force of the dismantling can throw us out and then bring us back. 

I have noticed with these energies that I am having, to be very clear of where certain reactions and thoughts or perceptions are coming from, because it is easy to get caught in the web of distractions, drama and confusion.

In the month of March we will get a bit of a breather here and there. For some, the wheels will start moving forward, gaining momentum when we move into April and then May. 

I have noticed that more and more of what is not in alignment with our true path, will stand out like a massive pimple on a forehead. Also the energies might feel like you are a puppet being directed by unseen forces. The truth is, that you are folding and collapsing realities of your being which will cause a collision within you where exhaustion is a side effect of these times. 

The throat and solar plexus energy centres are being highlighted now. What needs to be transformed and transmuted will present it self to you. A commitment to your self-care practices, will greatly assist you such as meditation, sleep and eating more cleaner, will help you with these energies.

In March there will be times where we can move forward. It is a powerful month, rich with possibilities and definite changes to align you with your bigger picture. 

Next Activation day will be on Sunday March 31stat Waverton Community Hall.

Join the Awakening Through The Heart Community to receive the Energies for each Month plus an Activation I record to further assist you navigate the Energies at this time.


Nancy Xxx

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Welcoming in 2019, a year of movement where light moments will be felt and experienced more. For many, the work you have been doing on yourself for what feels like ages, will start to all click in.

It is a year where magical and synchronistic moments will be created more. Moments of being in stillness and silence will need to be balanced with creative impetus and inspiration coming in to take action.

This is the Year of High Alchemy – 2019.

On the bigger stage, a continuation of revolution will occur as the old structures of hierarchy dismantle. This will increase more as we head into 2020 and also intensify as the celestial crescendo bands of the sound spheres are heard and felt more around the planet and also within our bodies. Try to not get distracted by the energies of Fear that will descend from an old consciousness of Control. Learn to Cloak and shield when you have to move through denser vibrations within the collective without judgement, it’s called self care. There are strong projections and debris of fear flying around at different times in certain realities, no judgement, just an energy fact that occurs in times of awakening on many levels.

2019 will bring in movement in manifesting in your physical reality. The key to this alignment is clarity, honesty, kindness and letting go of disappointments.

Trust, Faith and Hope are the Angels to call upon when you are lacking in energy or aspiration. We will continue to have times of strong exhaustion in our being and our bodies, especially around significant energy times/dates. It is a time when we are digging up the lost treasures of our many incarnations.

In the last 3 weeks I have had time off to rest, to declutter and to reset. During these times I have also been led by the celestial realm to go into emotional core pockets that are ready to be transmuted. In doing so, it brings through more space for vitality to return, to fuel movement in manifestation and clarity in creations. I was taught specific techniques to change old dynamics of stagnancy to clear. I look forward and I am very excited to implement this in the individual sessions and activation gatherings, for I have and I am experiencing such strong clarity, strength and a return of soul vitality that left at a key time on my timeline.

In this year there will be more quickening’s on the bigger Stage, in nature and in politics. Don’t move into fear as moving into fear will impact us more in debilitating our energy, distracting us and keeping us disconnected.

2019 is a time of magical happenings, of more joy knocking on your door. For many, 2019 moves us into the New with big smiles and laughter in our bellies.

Bring on the Love, bring on the Abundance, bring on the Blessings and without a doubt bring on Peace on Earth everywhere- the beginning.

Join the Awakening Through the Heart Community to receive the Energies for the Month + an Activation I record to further assist you navigate the Energies at this time.

Thank you.

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Sacred Journey to Avignon 2018

The journey to Avignon in France began in December 2017 when I was instructed to take this journey in 2018. Mary Magdalene and the Beloved team started downloading the purpose of the journey over a period of a few months, from December to March. With eight other very courageous and incredible beings, we embarked on the journey to Avignon in France in September 2018.

I knew that during this journey we would all go through a major transformative and deep personnel experience, that would take us into the unseen where we would experience such a massive change on a cellular level.

Words cannot describe the intricate tapestry that has unfolded in my being since returning, I am not the same. I have come to realise that these Sacred Journeys through the Beloved Teachings are not for the faint hearted.

The intensity of commitment to align, to move through our own individual stuff and to gather as a group and deliver the Celestial Light through our beings in the key areas that we are directed to move into, to assist in quietness, in the hidden subtle levels of the timelines, requires unwavering trust.

One of the major purposes of these journeys is to lift the seals of blocked points that have been established in other times, that bought in the control and enslavement consciousness and a way of being, a separation from Love.

By assisting in the way that we do, we release the blocks of false testaments, where the support of a whole ecosystem of alchemy, healing and revelation starts to occur. During these journeys we witness miracles and after, we see the changes that are the result of this Great Work.

This is a small account of our
Journey to Avignon

It was decided that the invite to come on this journey would extend to those who had participated in the Beloved Teachings courses, because they were aligned to the energetic language and frequencies required and importantly, the intimacy of connection that is required, through Transparency, Vulnerability, and Courage.

There were key points in Avignon for us to be upon. There were days where we walked the perimeters of the walled Cite and were led to different chapels, churches or outside areas. We felt and allowed the release of the Liquid Roses from our feet, flooding the places we walked.

We had times on site where the Beloved Teachings took us into the depth of a consciousness and its historical archives, where the hierarchy of different ruling systems in many ways had tried to eradicate the Divine Feminine.

Our days started after breakfast with specific tasks, that included delivering through our beings, the liquid Rose Magenta Light and the Lion key codes, throughout the streets and places of significant energy points. By the time we got back to where we were staying, we were all completely knackered. Individually we went on a journey of alchemical and shamanic proportion. It stretched us to adjust quickly to frequencies that were strong, laser like and sometimes confronting.

So much came up but each person was always respectful and committed to the task ahead, and they were able to move quickly into their Hearts, when challenged by the ego. The ego was demoted by the group staying connected, when it arose with the demands of exclusivity,

There was an afternoon where we went to an open plaza area, where many homeless and substance addicted brothers and sisters hung out. In pairs, the group stood in specific spots, with the instructions to allow the Liquid Light of Gold to move through them, flooding the area. As I walked up and down several times, to the amusement of many watching, I must have looked like the new kid on the block. I was walking upon a holographic light deck beneath me like Michael Jackson in his video Billie Jean, all the while repeating a mantra of providence.

Other times, we entered churches that were stagnant and dark. We sat in the pews and relaxed our bodies, open to allowing the Rose Codes to move through us into the Earth and the space we were in. The group were able to hold the space and be grounded in the 3D while assisting with the Celestial Light frequencies coming through.

Our purpose was always to deliver the message of the Divine Sacred Heart – LOVE. We had to trust constantly and not get in the way, to allow the Great Work to come through us and into the heavy spaces and polarised consciousnesses.

Many times, there was little information of why we were at certain points, until we had completed the task. We worked with the inner Earth Holograms and the Guardian Devas of the city. There was a lot of co-creation with the unseen. At one time I was told by a very cheeky elemental that this was the new co-operation, making me laugh.

This was an incredibly powerful journey where my work culminated in the lifting and releasing of the seals placed by the Vatican so long ago, that had implemented a consciousness of master and slave, disempowerment and control.

Below is the video of our journey in Avignon. Please be aware you will feel and receive the energy downloads of the Liquid Rose Lights.
Love Nancy X

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Activation in Words

May the Angels surround you in your time of weariness, you are love and you are loved.
When you allow yourself to feel vulnerability, an opening of your Soul to release and receive creates a softening of separation within you.

Angel Avignon

Gentle may you be in your thoughts and feelings of yourself growing into your Magnificence, your light. The pain of distrust and stubborn resistance is not kind to you, criticism makes you weary. You are everything in your Nothingness, you are enough in your nakedness

Full moon Ascends ❤️

These words are a strong Activation. If you feel energy release in body Breathe & say please say

” I am love and I am loved”

What is being released is stubborn resistance 💜


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The Revolution of Sacred Love

In 2015, I was guided by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua to take a journey from my home in Australia to a facilitate a Sacred Journey in Brittany and then to the South of France, to receive the downloads of the Beloved Teachings, the Ministry of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. Since 2017 I has been sharing and teaching this work for our modern times.

Earlier this month, accompanied by a group of Beloved Teachings Brothers and Sisters, I took another Sacred Journey, again with the guidance of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and the team. This time the assignment was to Avignon to release and correct the alignment of the seals that were put there during the times of the 14th century Popes. I faciliated the release of the energies that oppress and supress the divine feminine which in turn also effects the divine masculine in resurrecting.

On the back of this journey, I continued to receive teachings and to be strongly guided by Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and the team around Paris. I felt strongly to share with you, my experience with a Syrian refugee family and a near encounter with Bono, all part of Yeshua’s Lesson of Love.

I will be sharing more of this journey soon after my return to Australia and I invite you to connect here in these times where many of us are called to this Divine work in many different ways.

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Bringing In The New Codes

Palace of the Popes in Avignon – Photographer Mark Brombal

I am writing this from Avignon (Provence) in France.  I was ask to take this journey about 10 months ago to assist in the transmutation of these times, bringing in the new codes.

Avignon was chosen for its historical time in reference to the Papal system being held here during the time of separation with the Vatican. We have worked intensively and intensely since arriving last Sunday. We have been working on specific energy points and as vessels for high frequency light and the connecting codes.

Some of the discourses we have been receiving, pertains to the effects of the hierarchical system that still affects us. The impact of government, churches and thought forms that have contributed to the state of affairs within our own being, the environment of mother earth and our alignment to create a life and a world of inclusivity, of Love.

Mary Magdalene and the team requested that this journey be taken and hesitantly I agreed, not fully understanding the purpose until we arrived on site. The timing and the reason makes so much sense now. What is occurring on the planet and within us at this time, specifically from May 2018 to April 2019, is an Activation of core triggers, to propel us and the new that is unknown, to meet, to blend and then to create a new earth, a new way.

So what you are experiencing, is a breakdown of old thought forms, programmes and institutionalised based fears. This can cause for many, muscle and structural misalignments. Also, another symptom is not feeling satisfied. There are rumblings in many parts of the earth’s energy lines, due to the activation and the triggering in what we call the ring of fires.

Changes are afoot, as we shall witness the old structures come tumbling down. The effects on us will be a strong calling within our being, to expand, to live and move in a more connected heart based path. Any discomfort your are experiencing, is an indication that you are disrobing and unplugging from your old order.

This sacred journey in Avignon, has taken us to key points where we have felt and seen the structures of a convoluted matrix of the Papal hierarchy. We have worked over long days, bringing through the Divine Feminine light and songs, through the Rose. We have experienced and witnessed miracles of the affects of the heart. I will ask the others in the group to share with you, some of the experiences. Tomorrow is our last day of this great work in Avignon, where we will go to the core and unplug the seals….

Before I left, I recorded an Activation, to assist you in bringing in grounding and strength as you unravel the hidden mysteries of your being. If you would like to receive this Activation and my monthly Energies Article with accompanying activation, please join Awakening Through The Heart here.

Nancy X

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Explaining the Beloved Teachings Sacret Heart Journey to Avignon

In December I was asked to go to Avignon France, by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua to facilitate the Sacred Journey of Heartways through Awakening Through The Heart.

We have only just begun, yet so much is happening already on this journey as explained in this video.

Anchoring the Light

It is okay if you are feeling argy bargy, a mixed array of moods. Sometimes, there are many times when you are doing the Great Work on yourself, becoming more authentic, awakening and healing, that you will have times where the heaviness of the old will be triggered. This is okay.  This is happening because what is hidden in the shadows, has been bought into the light. When this occurs, it can be very potent for you to change this quickly by anchoring the light in those moments.

Just imagine or visualise

Emerald Blue Liquid Light coming through your crown, through your body, washing over you, anchoring into the earth… and then you can say,

“I have no fear of the unknown, courage supports me.”

Know, as you hold more light, what is held in the shadows will be revealed for you to transform, to Love. It won’t be demons or the boogie man in the shadows but the judgements and the fears of what is not known or loved X


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As Above So Below

Sitting here on the plane after taking the early flight to Sydney, it has taken me awhile to write this post. I was supposed to have recorded an Activation with it and send it out earlier in the week… but it’s been a major time and I suspect that I am not the only one going through this X.

Each moment is requiring our presence in the now, which can be difficult when triggers occur and stress and pain want to join the conversation.

My personality wants to share the journey I have had in the last two weeks of challenges, but instead, I will share the guidance I have received from the celestial team. Message for all of us Xx

As above, so below. Within you go and within out you will sow, and as you grow, the light of your heavenly self will be shown. Let the Earth Changes remember this treaty of unification.

We have been in the quickening and acceleration for five years now and there have been moments of frequency shifts and a distinct change in our realities.

This year has increased in its intensity. No week has been the same and many, many times, the days are vastly different and more often then not, life changing. This will increase in its speed and volume as we move towards 2020, a major marker in the Evolution and consciousness of ALL.

With the many eclipses we have had this year, an obvious dismantling and restructuring of our beings and lives has occurred. Since the last new moon Solar eclipse and the Lions gate on August the 8th, many have gone through an overhaul time.

You are experiencing the quickening process of wounds, scars and disempowered aspects of your being, moving out of your cells and lineage.
This will cause turbulence, as you are moving through many doorways of your timelines.
This must occur for your True New and Embodiment of self, that is merging with heart ways, to call me through.”

We are all in a collective initiation journey and individually we are moving out of the battles of fear. There is sense that the events and daily happenings are charged with intensity. The body physical is getting a hammering and perceptions are trying to move out of distortion. In the last week, the atmosphere has been very strange – this will pass soon. Trust is a key, surrender and discernment are great allies.

Come to the edge, open your arms and receive. Feel the cosmos around you. Don’t be afraid, the unknown has seen you. Let the merging begin.

What is occurring is that the new you, is grounding within you. This will cause a morphing condition on different levels of you and your life. Change is here and moving through your being.

Stepping out of the matrix, the crash boom opera is heard through the valleys of your being. Let peace be the river that flows into your life. Move forward in all directions.

Surrender, listen, Exhale.

Love X

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June Distortions

Energetically your old stories are coming up in your being and leaving. As this is occurring, you will feel it physically. As you shift your stuff, you are able to create more energy & light. This is a short video to update you on what is happening on the planet energetically and what you can do to get through the physical shifts.

If you are in Sydney this Sunday, I am holding a day of powerful activations and teachings that will further assist. Click here for further details.


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