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Bringing In The New Codes

Palace of the Popes in Avignon – Photographer Mark Brombal

I am writing this from Avignon (Provence) in France.  I was ask to take this journey about 10 months ago to assist in the transmutation of these times, bringing in the new codes.

Avignon was chosen for its historical time in reference to the Papal system being held here during the time of separation with the Vatican. We have worked intensively and intensely since arriving last Sunday. We have been working on specific energy points and as vessels for high frequency light and the connecting codes.

Some of the discourses we have been receiving, pertains to the effects of the hierarchical system that still affects us. The impact of government, churches and thought forms that have contributed to the state of affairs within our own being, the environment of mother earth and our alignment to create a life and a world of inclusivity, of Love.

Mary Magdalene and the team requested that this journey be taken and hesitantly I agreed, not fully understanding the purpose until we arrived on site. The timing and the reason makes so much sense now. What is occurring on the planet and within us at this time, specifically from May 2018 to April 2019, is an Activation of core triggers, to propel us and the new that is unknown, to meet, to blend and then to create a new earth, a new way.

So what you are experiencing, is a breakdown of old thought forms, programmes and institutionalised based fears. This can cause for many, muscle and structural misalignments. Also, another symptom is not feeling satisfied. There are rumblings in many parts of the earth’s energy lines, due to the activation and the triggering in what we call the ring of fires.

Changes are afoot, as we shall witness the old structures come tumbling down. The effects on us will be a strong calling within our being, to expand, to live and move in a more connected heart based path. Any discomfort your are experiencing, is an indication that you are disrobing and unplugging from your old order.

This sacred journey in Avignon, has taken us to key points where we have felt and seen the structures of a convoluted matrix of the Papal hierarchy. We have worked over long days, bringing through the Divine Feminine light and songs, through the Rose. We have experienced and witnessed miracles of the affects of the heart. I will ask the others in the group to share with you, some of the experiences. Tomorrow is our last day of this great work in Avignon, where we will go to the core and unplug the seals….

Before I left, I recorded an Activation, to assist you in bringing in grounding and strength as you unravel the hidden mysteries of your being. If you would like to receive this Activation and my monthly Energies Article with accompanying activation, please join Awakening Through The Heart here.

Nancy X

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Heralding the Full Moon Eclipse Energies until August 12th

This full moon eclipse heralds in a time of resolutions and releases in preparation for major catapulting into your new.

Leading up to this eclipse, some have felt wobbly and extremely tired. Dreams have been intense and glimpses of your past and past lives in this timeline have been showing up in the physical reality, in our thoughts or dreams.

A feeling of vulnerability is occurring as we are being called to attend to our unfinished business, to strengthen our physical self and to step away from the distractions of our minds.

This eclipse will intensify whatever needs to be resolved or released in areas of our lives. If fears come up it is important to let them go by recognising that it is not your truth, that it is a fear within, a rumbling, to be released into transmutative consciousness.

The fears are always around survival issues, like our finances, health, work, and how we are going to “make” it. This is coming up in different degrees according to our personal, past experiences.

Some will go through an evaluation process of relationships. A light on Self will be shone, so it is important to take a space of witnessing these feelings. We are entering more into the passages of the unknown, while the old known is being scrubbed out, making us feel vulnerable, sensitive and unsure.

Different physical ailments will show up, where some will have to revaluate their relationship to their bodies and health.

This Eclipse energy time started on the 24th July and will be strong until August 12th. It will be a time of releases, letting go of the manifestations of aspects within us that have been created from the matrix of the past.

Resistance, agitation, feeling overwhelmed without a clear reason, is an indication of the rumblings of Shakti awakening within and is causing a tectonic experience within us. We are in the chambers of the Great Unknown and this can cause havoc, yet

there is a feeling of Peace occurring also, a feeling that all will be well.
Excitement will be felt if you can see beyond the grumblings of the gremlins.

Take care of your body and eat well and light with gentle movements, meditation or quiet time. Whatever is right for you, try not to sit in the energy of fear – let it go. The Eclipse time is potent in its emanation to move you into a new path of creation. You are the key, know yourself, LOVE X

I have recorded a free Activation for the Awakening Through The Heart Community, to assist with the Full Moon Eclipse through to August 12. if you are not a member please, click here. to join and you will continue to receive my Monthly Energies and Activations.   These specially recorded Activations are strong so please do not listen to it whilst driving and remember to ground yourself afterwards. xx

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ARchemist May 10 – 31

We are about to enter a very powerful time in our lives and globally, we have already been experiencing the energies in doses of sudden shifts, unexpected changes and for some a renegotiation of ones path is occurring.

You might have seen or experienced bursts of anger around you or within you, this is the effect of the literal expansion of your energies, which can cause discomfort.

As you are going through this transformation the fears and at times the tormentors of your cells are being outed. This is because of the energies occurring, as we are about to enter a very high vibrational energy space. The more we can really step away from old patterns and distractions of fear the more we can move with this tsunami of huge celestial energies coming through, especially in the next three weeks.

There could be sudden unexpected big changes or out of the blue occurrences. Do not go into fear or anxiety. What no longer serves or is in the way of your New will be destabilised.

There are a myriad of realities going on and you will feel the dismantling of linear time in different ways. In the next five days these energies will be fast, the atmosphere will feel stormy and you might feel like you are in a hectic whirlpool of stuff.

It is so important to take care of your body, this is a major key to assist you. Meditation will greatly help or moments of quietness in nature will help you ground and centre especially if the fears and judgements of self start hassling you.

It is a very exciting time as the matrix becomes more unstable around us and within us.

Some of us will experience physical changes and alerts to the incoming transmutative frequencies. This can cause heart or brain alerts especially in the electrical system of the body. I will be explaining this more in the next activation gathering of why this is happening.

We are all going through challenges, removing the hurdles of restriction and separation to move into our new embodiments.

How this is occurring is a sacred contract between you and your Guardian that is you returning.

The circles of life and death through the transit passages of the stars are now braiding together to create a new etheric paradigm.

Your Spirit will arrive through the Lions Heart meeting the Soul forgiven


If you would like to listen to the Free Activation I recorded to assist with these energies, please sign up here, you will receive an activation each month.

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Important Alignment Dates

We are about to go through another heightened energy band of celestial frequencies. We have all been feeling these incoming energies on and off for awhile, it’s frequency on all levels will now start to increase.
Key dates:
April 15th to April 22nd
April 28th and 29th
May 10th to May 31st

These energies are strong all the time, it’s just during those dates that alignments will occur and shifts in realities will happen. The seen and unseen will make profound impacts on many levels. There is nothing to fear for these are incredible times and the more we allow ourselves to trust and surrender in different moments, it will assist greatly.

We are not the same in each moment. I sometimes feel like I am a Stargate and the different aspects of my being are moving through the byways and highways within. On one level, we are moving very quickly, shifting and transmuting our old and on another we are receiving very fine, strong frequencies which can cause an array of morphic experiences.

As the frequencies go through our beings, we experience the physical sensations of growing pains or growth stretches/expansions. Thoughts dropping out of your head will be more common during these times. Sometimes when you are out and about the energies will feel and look mish mashed and overwhelming. Using slow, conscious breathing will assist to ground and keep you sturdy in these moments as the foundations of many realities, beliefs etc. are being shaken.

In the last post I spoke about being blindsided. For some, this has had to occur to get you on a completely different path to connect and align you to your higher Selves and truth.

These are the quickening times. Keep your plans open to change, stay in a positive and loving consciousness even when you are going through the emotional pathways.

The waves of light frequency entering our beings and upon earth are about to increase and this will cause major shifts. The common thing we will all go through is Change, and Transformation. Supporting your physical body is important, to hold and be able to handle the intensity of Super Light frequencies beyond this Universe, coming through and into your being, lives, and upon Earth.

I have recorded a gentle activation that will be a supporting calming balm for your cells during this next download of frequencies coming through. If you would like to receive this please click here. You will receive the link via email. Please do not do this while driving X

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The Rose Rises From The Heart

Hi, I hope you are well during these ever-changing times, where the energies are strong, intense at times having just gone through an out of the blue energy band with unexpected occurrences and revelations. This is part of the Distortion belt I talked about in the last post.

Some might have experienced being blindsided, caught unawares of the sudden shift in ones’ reality. Many would have experienced physical and structural issues such as home/house and your physical body being hit with these energies. There is a big picture of yourself and your journey lighting up around you, causing these disruptive changes. Rest, sleep, and nurturing and nourishing yourself will be the best remedy and support at these times. If you get a chance, go and see the Mary Magdalene movie and receive what is needed to be given to you, there are sacred codes to receive.

When I went to see the Mary Magdalene movie, I was excited in seeing her name across a billboard. As I walked into the cinema I asked Mary Magdalene (MM) about the making of this movie and its bigger purpose. I was told that it is the beginning of the Way of The Sacred Heart to reach many people within mainstream (the collective), activating Sacred Heart codes within us all. There will be many more movies of the same tone that will be released to also assist in the release of old dogmatic codes still within us.

This movie is beautiful and slow. I was moved by the landscape and the poetry of light shared to my cells activating a memory of many timelines of my soul in its search of atOnement. It is subtle and powerful in its unlearning of the hierarchical conditioning within us as it addresses Yeshua as Rabbi and acknowledges Mary Magdalene as the Apostle of Apostles ministering in her own Divine Feminine light. It also acknowledged that it was an untruth, that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.  As an Initiate on my path, I recognise this film as a vessel of sacred codes to be delivered to mainstream.

It is not a bling, big Hollywood movie. The activation and downloads I felt watching it were powerful. I went to see this movie with nine Women who have attended the Beloved Courses I have facilitated and each one felt the frequency of what I call, Correction. The energy of Correction is so intricate and subtle as it comes through the crown chakra, moving through the cells and energy meridians which will activate the Divine Heart.

The message is and always is with this Spiritual Journey on Earth, of returning to Love. I feel the movie is a strong, gentle reminder of the Ancient Teachings of “The Way Of The Heart,” that is needed to be fed into our consciousness. This movie subtly and wisely, introduces the Divine Feminine of Christed Teachings to Mainstream.

For many Initiates, it is an activation coming through the Crown Chakra into the body’s cells, dethroning the power of old doctrines within. Within days of watching the movie, I experienced a major shamanic transmutation that blindsided me, knocking me to my knees. As I witnessed an aspect of me fall apart, I heard Mary’s voice loud and clear, “take Heart through the dying of your old desires and the entrapment of obligations… You will rise… Freedom is the key now gifted to you.”

During the movie, we all felt a strong energy of liquid light pouring over us, this was an activation called the “Amber and Myrrh” that came through while watching the movie.  I encourage you to see the movie and subscribe here if  you would like to receive this activation. Feel free to share it with anyone you think would benefit. This is a strong activation so please do not listen to while driving or if you are going through a very emotional time and remember to ground yourself afterwards.




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March Energies

The energies we are experiencing are massive, incredible, constantly shape shifting and transforming. Are you ready for the massive influx of dimensional shifts (another download, upgrade) coming our way?

We are moving through and preparing for the new Sacred Geometrics alignment to the New Paradigm collectively and personally in our lives.

The Month of April and especially May will heighten and bring into manifestation on ALL levels, a new reality for you. We will go through a distortion belt in the next six days, which can be very positive as it will bring up what needs to be attended to. For example health, body and energetic alignments, mental and body cooperation.

These distortion belts will occur two more times from now until the end of July.


What is out of whack will show up.

There is a lot of work and energy around the Brain. This is causing forgetfulness, tiredness, and feelings of separation within self. Your whole being is going through these dimensional shifts preparing you for the expected, unexpected events ahead within your life and on the bigger picture. Be aware of your distractions, especially around drama with others and yourself. That is a massive distraction, keeping you busy in the plays of disempowerment.

You are moving into Divine Realities, so it is imperative that you become clear, letting go of attachments mentally as best as you can, strengthening and looking after your body. As these celestial energies come through you will then be able to co-create with you.

Be aware of getting caught up or entrenched in the petitions of the small mind. This can play out as focus and judgements of where others are on their journey or what they are doing or not doing. Mind your own business.

In each moment you are changing at a fast rate. Your life around you is shifting quickly. Things are occurring in your life that might not make sense or are causing you concern, especially around survival issues. In these times of high frequencies, our old fears tend to show up. Your ability to recognise this and allow its release and shift to happen instead of believing the old fears, is important.

Keep on moving into your Unknown. Balance is the key at this time. Meditation will assist you in staying present. The importance of going for walks in nature is paramount. Doing this will connect you to the clarity and purity of nature which will gift you with support and ground you as you go through these changes.

You are not the same person as yesterday, the quickening in your cells can be overwhelming, balance is the key.

This weekend of the new moon will herald in a tsunami of liquid light. Headaches, nasal blockages, strong physical sensations and a lot of heat will come in waves through you. For some, the Shakti energy is assisting the many bridges/links within.

May is a massive time, great change will arrive. I have been facilitating the ©Beloved Teachings since November last year. Each course points to these times as the opportunity to step out of the matrix. What you see and hear happening out there in the many different media realities is a concoction of change according to their frequency. Nature is your ally. Watch and witness the quickening of the de-structuring of a reality that you are not fully in anymore. The bigger stage is transmuting.

If you would like to receive an activation to assist you at this time, please click here. This activation is very powerful. It is transmutative and will assist in bringing clarity through. 

You will feel energies coming through of Alchemical effects. Please do not listen to while driving and do not exceed listening to it more then three times in a week. Holding a Rose Quartz or Smoky Quartz or turquoise will increase this activation, if too strong don’t use.

Thank you X

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Super Full Moon Eclipse

Over the weekend, a Stargate opened on Earth causing a bit of a rumbling and movement in the Earths atmosphere and in the inner earth. This portal will assist in the influx of the golden celestial energies coming through to ground here on earth.

We have been experiencing a wide variety of a quickening process. Our timeline has been affected where realities have merged and also completely split off. It is very difficult to describe the enormity of what’s occurring. It is exciting and yet at times exhausting, we are definitely getting an inner reboot.

We have been experiencing symptoms of great change intensely for the last three years. Through this super full moon eclipse, we move through a doorway that leads us into a more expansive, clearer view of many virtual realities that we can choose from, to bring into full manifestation or allow it to collapse with the power of grace.

These are the times where we step into a new embodiment of self, in our empowerment in our sovereignty of beingness.

We have spoken of the acceleration of time, of consciousness in the next two years, it now begins. Our lives will change immensely. Fasten your seat belts loosely, and hurry slowly. Many have been experiencing the debates of polarisation of an old way within them. This has caused an intensity increasing in your everyday lives yet on some level there seems to be an ease in the reaction to it. The body has been bombarded (with love I would like to add) with codes very quickly that causes exhaustion and high intense muscle or nerve pain. The physical body is having to adjust very quickly to the influx of Golden and Diamond energies entering.

There will be aspects of yourself that will return more courageous, peaceful and more aligned to these Luminous times unfolding. Again I would like to say that no matter what appears in the months to come on the world stage know that de – structuring is happening. Nature will and is responding, tremors and rumbles are occurring as Mother Earth stretches out and releases the knots of energy congestion that has occurred throughout time. We are all feeling the change, and for some it is happening constantly. The struggle you might feel comes from separation and fear. The foundation of this is anchored in the plots of your ego to keep you in distraction, through a better than and less than consciousness, resistance and the desires of the Sacral chakra.

As these energies come through, and some are already feeling its impact, the sacral and base are going through a subtle form of passive panic. I know it sounds strange, but we are moving through so many doorways of realities and sometimes we are bumping into our old selves or old ways. There is an evacuation process occurring within our astral bodies, this super moon is triggering this massively. According to you and only you, you will go through an initiation process of Ascension.

We are in amazing times where everything that is in the reality of fear, separation and control is being brought to the surface. This has to happen for LOVE to reign.

We all have an opportunity personally and collectively to step into the greatness of our being, to absolutely create heaven on Earth.

During the times ahead that this Super Moon is heralding in, much will be revealed through the release of energies from the many celestial councils. Meditation and affirmation especially around manifestation and abundance are very potent. This will align you to the creator that you are.  xx

I have recorded this activation that is alchemical and many will feel the dimensional and holographic frequencies. Know that these energies are powerful in their ability to create a reality of light emanating through you, creating your heaven on Earth.

Please do not listen to while you are driving or out in busy public areas. Have a large glass of water afterwards and ground yourself. Some will experience an energy shift, feeling a lot of light. Create time and space to ground yourself afterwards if you are listening to it during the day.

If you would like to receive this Activation, please sign in here. You will receive the link via email.

Thank you xx

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New Beginnings

In the New Beginnings that herald in the Grand Celestial time of Heaven Descending to Earth, the call to stand and hold the space of trust, clarity and an unshakeable conviction for peace and love to reign, is upon us.

These are indeed the days, where our descendants will speak of and our names will be remembered through a fire lit in our conviction, to conquer fear through Love.

Many are gathering above, below and within. Metatrons trumpet will ring loud and transmutative. My Beloved brothers and sisters you have already heralded peace and love on Earth. Remember …………

Welcome to 2018!

So begins the time of Reconciliation. Any reality that promotes separation, fear, opposition and isolation must be healed with the intention of mindfulness through the Sacred Heart.

It is a time of Manifestation. The crazy, whacky moments we have been having have been the destabilising vibrations around our sacral and base chakras, hence lower body niggles occurring. This is our Spirits intervention to shift the crap, the outmoded beliefs that we have carried, inherited, and owned in not accepting our self worth, our sovereignty, our audacity to see ourselves as Divine, empowered and loving beings on Earth.

In 2108, many realities will unfold on the big stage of the collective, in politics and the environment. There are many working, loving and healing overtime to open the lines of alternate realities. One of these alternate realities is based through Shambhalla.
There are specific points on earth that hold the activation keys to bring through in our physical realty. The Golden Age, the Himalayas is one.

Many have felt the call to go to Nepal, Tibet, Brunei and India in the last 2 years. Know that you are receiving specific codes that are so subtle to emanate to many, to share.

“The golden Lotus will be birthed in the Midheaven as our beloved Vishnu will see the Sun rise and set in one breath.”

There are 6 other points on the Earth. When apt, I will share these places.

This time we are entering, has already been spoken about, around campfires, in the turquoise lagoons of Lemuria and in the Crystal chambers of Atlantis. Upon the scrolls of the Essenes, the Swords of the round table, the nurturing and preparation of these times has been set forth. Remember…..

The importance of allowing your latent ability to connect with nature fully and in reverence in this time will gift you with belonging and freedom from loneliness.

2018 is powerful, magical and life changing. Revelation will occur on the bigger stage and in our lives. We will move forward together.

Love , peace and prosperity can no longer be held in the exclusive mantras of a few. In the next few years, the uncovering and release of control will occur, 2018 begins this journey. Hold the space, vision and courage to focus on love, especially when outer realities bombard us with fear tactics that will come rushing to us.

The seven sisters and seven brothers of the stars will open and release the new templates of the four directions. Through the mountains, deserts, and oceans, the clans will return. Many of our Medicine Men and Medicine Women will be overlighted and awakened within the twelve lodges through the ascension of the peaceful warriors in the Ethers.

2018 brings to us the ability and many opportunities to transform our lives, our Earth and our consciousness. Spend less time on your phones, screens etc. Go outside and smell the stars, breathe in the Sun rays, hug a tree, hug each other,

This post carries specific codes. Some of the information comes from the gatherings in the celestial realms of the many councils and from the wisdom of ©The Beloved Teachings.

As always I have recorded a very strong Activation which you can receive via email by providing your email details here.  Do not drive whilst listening to this Activation. Some will experience nausea, tummy or throat discomfort. The frequencies of the activation is attuning you to your light bodies, stabilising in this Earth space, your life X.

Thank you x

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11:11 Portal

From October 31st to December 31st is the time of deep releases, alignments, clearing and for some a revealing of patterns and old wounds that must be transmuted. This is all in flow with the arrival of the NEW, Abundant and life changing 2018.

The 11:11 gateway of 2017

Move through this gateway knowing that you are entering a time of Great Abundance that will start manifesting in 2018. These 11:11 pillars of high vibrational harmonies bring through the songs of Lemuria, Sirius and the Elohim.

For those who are attuned to the Solar codes, you will start feeling the octaves beyond this Universe. As you continue to shed the old, this enables you to move through the frequency band width that surpasses the physical matrix system. The veil between the physical and spiritual realms, the seen and unseen is very thin.

Stay grounded and discerning yet open and trusting (welcome to alchemy)

This 11:11 doorway is profound in the sense that we are entering a very short transitional time affecting all aspects of our Humaneness, evolving and returning, ascending into the heart. The mind is called to surrender its perceptions based on Fear and separation from Self.

I have recorded a 11:11 Activation. Please subscribe here to receive this Activation.

The keys are Heart, surrender, trust and allowing abundance to saturate your being.

Please do not listen to while driving because it is an extra powerful activation. Listen to it 3 times during the week for 2 weeks holding a Lapis Lazuli or Citrine.

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Welcome to August – The Sacred Heart Calls you to Return

Journey into the landscape of the heart must be undertaken.

We have been experiencing such tremendous shifts in our realities. We are witnessing the dismantling of an old order in the bigger picture that is now expressing itself in a tragic caricature of its folly.

These are the days where it is important to choose an outlook of love and connection, rather than fear and separation within our own beings and on the outer World consciousness. We are in a tsunami of massive energies, rapid changes are the constant and the norm.

The key is to move into alignment with Self, and this is what’s occurring to all of us. That’s why for many, this alignment directed by our higher Selves can be difficult. Attempting to stay in the present moment will greatly help you.

What many are feeling and experiencing is the uprooting of core stuff, energies and stories that are steeped in disempowerment, fear and untruths. It can be very intense and overwhelming as feelings, situations and strategic players enter your life at this time, to stir this vestibule of maladies. Love will always be the overlighting remedy.

Love of yourself first, true love that invokes kindness and inclusivity to emanate naturally.

There is a fine alchemical process occurring that is aligned with the completion and grounding of the Atlantean and Lemurian vision of unification that is brought forth in this timeline to be activated and followed through.

There are many doorways, gateways and portals around us specific to our vibrations. It’s an interesting and incredible time. We are going through a lot of purging, releasing and we are stepping out of the matrix, which will always cause a distorted, wobbly perception for a bit.

For some of us, there has been a manifestation of physical ailments occurring. This I feel is an opportunity to reset and attempt to clear out from our being and cells, some hard core residue of “Stuff” that needs to move out as you move forward.

You are not going backwards, nor have you stopped or failed. What you feed your mind with will affect the intensity of your shifts taking you high or low. Find your middle, strengthen your vessel – simplicity is a great ally. You are the conduit between Heaven and Earth, no matter who you are or where you are. You are the spark of inspiration that is essential in all life ascending.

August is a powerful, very full month of high activities in the energy systems on all levels. Try and be present in the here and now and bring in more lightheartedness. This is a time of alignment to your truth. Don’t be afraid to move into a heart reality. We are moving away from a consciousness that has overruled us and Earth in fear.

Try and connect to the beauty of life, the healing balm of nature, lightness according to you, for this will feed and impact your ability to move through this time.

This energies are also very Divine and it is indeed a time where the nectar of the celestial realms are available to us, that is why we are going through a deep purge of separation, so we may receive heaven on earth.

Distraction is a big one in keeping us in a loop of frustration, and confusion. This has been the norm it’s been a way of keeping one in place, disempowered. When we clear old patterns there is a time of emptiness and this is when we sometimes feel uncomfortable. It is an alchemically powerful time this passage when you are feeling empty and clear. You are out of the loop and in the garden of the Mystics where NOthing happens. And if the sirens of the addiction realm call you to join them in the party of amnesia don’t fret if you go back, they are hoping that your self judgement will keep you longer in their embrace, know though that the discomfort from being apart from your True Self will push you forward. Be kind to yourself.

On August the 8th we will go through the Lionsgate with a lunar eclipse, this is a potent time, find the time and space to be and allow the frequencies to gift you, stay out of the head, be still in NOthing. Allow your higher Self, GodSelf to embrace you.

Make this time sacred and intimate for you. We cannot tell you how the energies will affect you for you are the creator of your journey. These noted times are an opportunity to enter your God space through the gateway of being and allowing. Being present, in your moment. This will ease the tumultuous times and assist you moving out of the chaos being played out on the bigger stage.

Some of you might feel disconnected from the 3D reality and the planet might feel too small, your 5 senses might also be feeling flat. There is a cacophony of energies occurring all levels, high, low, old and new. We are all in major change, simplicity, Grace, alignment to the balance of self will guide and assist you. Staying grounded, having discernment, be aware of the ego it’s adept in its many voices of distraction.

This Month of August we are moving in and out of many doorways, and realities. Feeling incredible and then sometimes feeling not great , events and experiences occurring that can be sudden , strange and overwhelming, we will get through these times, letting go of the old shackles

I have recorded an activation to assist at this time please click here to receive the link to this activation. Do not listen to whilst driving or going through a very emotional time. Have a gala of water after listening.

Thank you X

I will be speaking at Academy of light on Monday night the 21st August Eclipse time. This will be the last night speaking at the Academy of light and also for the Academy it will be their last night X

I would like to thank Rosemary, John, Peggy, Teresa, Warren and all the Academy of light Family for inviting me in, for the support, and love, Thank you xx

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