The Quickening


AFTER a Workshop you might have physical experiences due to the large amounts of high Frequencies that come through on theAlchemy Image day.

This is the Alchemical process or transmutation of your Being on all levels.

Any pain, discomfort, physical Symptoms is the Quickening process of the body going into the new.

Pain in any part of the body represents the Stories/data being moved out, releasing occurring or deletion of old consciousness.

  • Jaws/Teeth & Mouth
    Pain in jaws/teeth & Mouth – abuse mainly from childhood
  • Knees
    shifting out past & past lives also, left side is also moving old out around Mothers Genetics, & Right is around Fathers
  • Headaches
    Headaches is the 3rd eyes opening, neck aches is clearing the dogmatic patterns of ones genetics
  • Tiredness
    Tiredness is the physical body attempting to assimilate the high frequencies
  • Sore joints
    Sore joints is the softening of hard energies collected in this area, which as to do with Fear held in the cells stubbornly
  • Linear Time
    Experiences of linear time changing, feelings of expansion in yourself.
  • Intolerance
    Some might have intolerance to certain foods, alcohol, television
  • Heat
    Heat through the body is burning up of old dross
  • Cold Chills
    Cold chills is going into your core & lifting up & out deep seated energies that no longer serve you.