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Nancy Profile Pic“You find me now, a mother of three beautiful daughter’s”. Living in the northern rivers of NSW with my Beloved Mark and youngest daughter Grace, where I help people co-create the changes needed in their life. As a Sacred Technician, some of the tools I use to assist you are as an Energetic Facilitator, a Channeller, an Oracle, an Alchemist & Shamanism.  I can communicate, see and have a tangible connection with the Spiritual Realms that are here to help and guide.

My childhood was filled with experiences of the elemental world and, I have been able to have a tangible relationship with the Spirit world on all its levels, ever since.  At 14, I left home and school after the death of my mothers and went on a journey for the next 6 years that would be a time of hard lessons.  I experienced the circus of life and a time of survival.

At the age of 36, while pregnant with Grace, I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, yet my work as a healer, facilitator, teacher, medium and channel of Spirit was heightened.  My near death experiences changed my life in all ways, during and following my journey to recovery.

3 years later the Leukaemia returned and took me into an initiation journey to the core of my being. Recovering,  I’m here to share the wisdom of the ages, to assist in these times of accelerated change.

Join me in my workshops & seminars as I share with you, the many messages I receive, to assist you as you navigate this time of transformation. Where I bring people together and co-creating changes in their lives.  I am a messenger, a facilitator, working with sacred song’s, a channeller, a seer and an Oracle.

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‘Welcome oh weary traveller, sit by this fire that never goes out.
Drink this warm broth, let me wash your feet, sing your Sacred Song.
Rest my friend. I see you, I remember.’

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Nancy Valentine Smith.