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The Heralding of the New is upon us, in each moment and in many ways. 

The old structures within us, and all around us are dismantling so quickly. This has been the theme for a long while now. The doors to the shadowlands within us are wide open, releasing and beckoning us to meet at the round table of the unknown, so we may courageously move forward in trust.

There is so much that has been released from our being, our consciousness, and major clearing is occurring. The intensity of these energies, are felt in different ways. The blocks and resistance within us must now shift for the flow of creation and manifestation to occur. 

A very deep detoxing is going on which can cause heaviness and tiredness in the body. Intense dreams or nightmares depending on what part of the records of your soul that you are transmuting, is occurring.

This is an amazing time of Great Change and it is so important to remember the powerful gifts of simplicity, such as eating for the body and not our feelings, quiet moments, feeding your consciousness with inspiration, gratitude, faith and trust. These are very exciting times with many possibilities available for us to tap into and create our own Heaven on Earth.

The continuation of old structures on the bigger stage falling down will still continue, increasing in its regularity and revelations.

We will start seeing the call of major shifts to occur in the lineages in all Religions and Spiritual hierarchy. We will start seeing the acceleration of this between June 2019 – December 2022, in all directions, East, South, West and North – ©Beloved Teachings.

There is an Activation occurring in the Heart chambers of all beings and it is not comfortable. We are feeling lighter and heavier, clearer and sometimes oompa loomperish.

There are aspects of you rising to be accepted and loved, as this occurs you are literally creating a holistic compass within you– ©Beloved Teachings.

In this Full Moon and Equinox time, we enter into a time of grounding our sovereignty of self in the space of inclusivity. The tribe and collective, now calls out to enter the healing chambers of evolution.

So much is going on around us and within us as many realities still in separation are leaving. Holding your space in the energies of balance, centredness, not projecting out or getting caught in the tangles of projection will help you and also provide opportunities to move into flow and synchronicity.

Next Activation Day will be on Sunday March 31st at Waverton Community Hall (75 Bay Road, Waverton) – 1pm to 3pm.

Thank you, Nancy X


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