It is a time where our realities are collapsing.

Each moment feels like a different you in the space you are occupying. Things, events and situations are constantly changing, doing a U-turn here and there. 

Sometimes we go through an intense time of fear, bombarding us with doomsday predictions or conjectures around our finances, health, our space among many spaces, and then in a blink of an eye, everything is fabulous and we are feeling at one and all is ok. This is the nature of these times as the force of the dismantling can throw us out and then bring us back. 

I have noticed with these energies that I am having, to be very clear of where certain reactions and thoughts or perceptions are coming from, because it is easy to get caught in the web of distractions, drama and confusion.

In the month of March we will get a bit of a breather here and there. For some, the wheels will start moving forward, gaining momentum when we move into April and then May. 

I have noticed that more and more of what is not in alignment with our true path, will stand out like a massive pimple on a forehead. Also the energies might feel like you are a puppet being directed by unseen forces. The truth is, that you are folding and collapsing realities of your being which will cause a collision within you where exhaustion is a side effect of these times. 

The throat and solar plexus energy centres are being highlighted now. What needs to be transformed and transmuted will present it self to you. A commitment to your self-care practices, will greatly assist you such as meditation, sleep and eating more cleaner, will help you with these energies.

In March there will be times where we can move forward. It is a powerful month, rich with possibilities and definite changes to align you with your bigger picture. 

Next Activation day will be on Sunday March 31stat Waverton Community Hall.

Join the Awakening Through The Heart Community to receive the Energies for each Month plus an Activation I record to further assist you navigate the Energies at this time.


Nancy Xxx

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