Welcoming in 2019, a year of movement where light moments will be felt and experienced more. For many, the work you have been doing on yourself for what feels like ages, will start to all click in.

It is a year where magical and synchronistic moments will be created more. Moments of being in stillness and silence will need to be balanced with creative impetus and inspiration coming in to take action.

This is the Year of High Alchemy – 2019.

On the bigger stage, a continuation of revolution will occur as the old structures of hierarchy dismantle. This will increase more as we head into 2020 and also intensify as the celestial crescendo bands of the sound spheres are heard and felt more around the planet and also within our bodies. Try to not get distracted by the energies of Fear that will descend from an old consciousness of Control. Learn to Cloak and shield when you have to move through denser vibrations within the collective without judgement, it’s called self care. There are strong projections and debris of fear flying around at different times in certain realities, no judgement, just an energy fact that occurs in times of awakening on many levels.

2019 will bring in movement in manifesting in your physical reality. The key to this alignment is clarity, honesty, kindness and letting go of disappointments.

Trust, Faith and Hope are the Angels to call upon when you are lacking in energy or aspiration. We will continue to have times of strong exhaustion in our being and our bodies, especially around significant energy times/dates. It is a time when we are digging up the lost treasures of our many incarnations.

In the last 3 weeks I have had time off to rest, to declutter and to reset. During these times I have also been led by the celestial realm to go into emotional core pockets that are ready to be transmuted. In doing so, it brings through more space for vitality to return, to fuel movement in manifestation and clarity in creations. I was taught specific techniques to change old dynamics of stagnancy to clear. I look forward and I am very excited to implement this in the individual sessions and activation gatherings, for I have and I am experiencing such strong clarity, strength and a return of soul vitality that left at a key time on my timeline.

In this year there will be more quickening’s on the bigger Stage, in nature and in politics. Don’t move into fear as moving into fear will impact us more in debilitating our energy, distracting us and keeping us disconnected.

2019 is a time of magical happenings, of more joy knocking on your door. For many, 2019 moves us into the New with big smiles and laughter in our bellies.

Bring on the Love, bring on the Abundance, bring on the Blessings and without a doubt bring on Peace on Earth everywhere- the beginning.

Join the Awakening Through the Heart Community to receive the Energies for the Month + an Activation I record to further assist you navigate the Energies at this time.

Thank you.

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