Sacred Journey to Avignon 2018

The journey to Avignon in France began in December 2017 when I was instructed to take this journey in 2018. Mary Magdalene and the Beloved team started downloading the purpose of the journey over a period of a few months, from December to March. With eight other very courageous and incredible beings, we embarked on the journey to Avignon in France in September 2018.

I knew that during this journey we would all go through a major transformative and deep personnel experience, that would take us into the unseen where we would experience such a massive change on a cellular level.

Words cannot describe the intricate tapestry that has unfolded in my being since returning, I am not the same. I have come to realise that these Sacred Journeys through the Beloved Teachings are not for the faint hearted.

The intensity of commitment to align, to move through our own individual stuff and to gather as a group and deliver the Celestial Light through our beings in the key areas that we are directed to move into, to assist in quietness, in the hidden subtle levels of the timelines, requires unwavering trust.

One of the major purposes of these journeys is to lift the seals of blocked points that have been established in other times, that bought in the control and enslavement consciousness and a way of being, a separation from Love.

By assisting in the way that we do, we release the blocks of false testaments, where the support of a whole ecosystem of alchemy, healing and revelation starts to occur. During these journeys we witness miracles and after, we see the changes that are the result of this Great Work.

This is a small account of our
Journey to Avignon

It was decided that the invite to come on this journey would extend to those who had participated in the Beloved Teachings courses, because they were aligned to the energetic language and frequencies required and importantly, the intimacy of connection that is required, through Transparency, Vulnerability, and Courage.

There were key points in Avignon for us to be upon. There were days where we walked the perimeters of the walled Cite and were led to different chapels, churches or outside areas. We felt and allowed the release of the Liquid Roses from our feet, flooding the places we walked.

We had times on site where the Beloved Teachings took us into the depth of a consciousness and its historical archives, where the hierarchy of different ruling systems in many ways had tried to eradicate the Divine Feminine.

Our days started after breakfast with specific tasks, that included delivering through our beings, the liquid Rose Magenta Light and the Lion key codes, throughout the streets and places of significant energy points. By the time we got back to where we were staying, we were all completely knackered. Individually we went on a journey of alchemical and shamanic proportion. It stretched us to adjust quickly to frequencies that were strong, laser like and sometimes confronting.

So much came up but each person was always respectful and committed to the task ahead, and they were able to move quickly into their Hearts, when challenged by the ego. The ego was demoted by the group staying connected, when it arose with the demands of exclusivity,

There was an afternoon where we went to an open plaza area, where many homeless and substance addicted brothers and sisters hung out. In pairs, the group stood in specific spots, with the instructions to allow the Liquid Light of Gold to move through them, flooding the area. As I walked up and down several times, to the amusement of many watching, I must have looked like the new kid on the block. I was walking upon a holographic light deck beneath me like Michael Jackson in his video Billie Jean, all the while repeating a mantra of providence.

Other times, we entered churches that were stagnant and dark. We sat in the pews and relaxed our bodies, open to allowing the Rose Codes to move through us into the Earth and the space we were in. The group were able to hold the space and be grounded in the 3D while assisting with the Celestial Light frequencies coming through.

Our purpose was always to deliver the message of the Divine Sacred Heart – LOVE. We had to trust constantly and not get in the way, to allow the Great Work to come through us and into the heavy spaces and polarised consciousnesses.

Many times, there was little information of why we were at certain points, until we had completed the task. We worked with the inner Earth Holograms and the Guardian Devas of the city. There was a lot of co-creation with the unseen. At one time I was told by a very cheeky elemental that this was the new co-operation, making me laugh.

This was an incredibly powerful journey where my work culminated in the lifting and releasing of the seals placed by the Vatican so long ago, that had implemented a consciousness of master and slave, disempowerment and control.

Below is the video of our journey in Avignon. Please be aware you will feel and receive the energy downloads of the Liquid Rose Lights.
Love Nancy X

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