Old Identities stripped away

Our old identities are being stripped away causing a feeling of rawness. Sudden events occurring are causing flight or fight reactions. It is really interesting to observe the kaleidoscope of energies hitting us, and its effect on us. It feels like decisions, choices or unfoldment’s are being made for us, by our Higher Selves, whether we are ready or not. From my experience this can cause discomfort, exhaustion and a disarray of daily routines in the physical body and reality. The mind, the brain has gone on a holiday. I think mine has just run away from me, wearing purple stilettos :-).

What has been hidden within your being, within your psych, within your shadow is now coming out to be revealed and loved. We cannot bypass this process, this is part of the Journey. For some it is leaking out into their everyday realities.

With all the rains that we have had, its bought in a stagnancy in our bodies. For some of us we have had to keep still to allow the shifting of deep polarities in all of our being.

This is not a comfortable time. Our deep wounds and unfinished businesses are coming up to receive love.

The sabotages, distractions in its many forms and plays are being presented to show us how we block the expression of our Light manifesting in all directions of our lives.

This is for a short time. It is not comfortable and can be scary.

These are the times of revelation where your truth is shown of where you are and where you need to be, and the clarity and discernment that is required to move through this passage. Where you need to be is not a place, it is a new consciousness of freedom, happiness, creativity and more, according to you.

Part of this time is being true to yourself and to listen to what is occurring in each moment. The old is departing and our whole being is going through this process.

What is unloved and not owned, are the aspects that are still caught in a timeline that causes one to still relive disappointment of unfinished businesses at different times.

This is what is causing such turbulence. What is hidden within, is being outed to love and integrate.

We will move out of this time period, this stage more expansive and stronger.

Clarity will come through as we enter the Month of November, the sightings and activation of the new will start occurring.

I have recorded an Activation tht will assist in the shifts occurring within you and around you, bringing in support, grounding and strength.  If you would like to receive this activation please click here. We’ll email you a free Activation each time I update you of the Energies.

Please do not listen whilst driving or if you are going through a very emotional time and remember to ground yourself afterwards.    

On November 11. – 11:11
I will be holding a day of Mega Activations and bringing through the heightened celestial codes of the incoming energies occurring at this time. We will assist you in holding the frequencies more gracefully in your cells and consciousness, helping you hold more light, and to adjust to these shifts of Alchemy that we are experiencing in all areas of our life.

It will be a powerful day as we gather and move through the portals, in fact many portals 11:11

You will receive an attunement, activation, assisting the ascension process of your Sacral and base chakras

I will be sharing wisdom from the Council of Grandmothers – Earth and Star and I will be for sharing the exercises that my Grandmother/ Bubu taught me, that will help you in your grounding on all levels with the Earth Movements.

There will be more information sent out, so I hope you can join me on this day of 11:11

With an exact activation we will do on 11:11am that will take us out of the passages of time into the centre of Divine Sacredness.

If you would like to receive details of this workshop please click here. We’ll add you to our email list where you will receive a free Activation each time I update you of the Energies as well as other imformation I share to assist you in Awakening Through The Heart .


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