October Energies – A Mixed Bag

It is such a mixed bag of different realities…

To benefit from the energies of transmutation occurring, try and find balance in doing and then being still.

The core wounds are calling out to be transmuted. Some of the symptoms are feeling stuck and oppressed and the emotions and head stuff that will come up, will be around self image and self worth, which is occurring because we are disrobing an old perception/programme of our identity.

Our physical bodies might be going through incredible journeys of shifting as we are feeling the heaviness of the old purging and the embodiments of higher aspects of our beings arriving. It’s not a comfortable process, remember to try and not let the mind take over and control these times. It is a co-creation within you, of mind, heart, and body that will create a strong support .

There might be strange experiences and interactions going on as these Karmic bands of resolutions are occurring. Please do not go into fear, just allow what is needed to be transmuted from you to occur.

Structures around your work and home will be featured in the next 2weeks. Some will move during this time period or be called to. Structures of your foundation in many areas of your life will be called to become more flexible to allow the incoming energies to be held in your physical reality. Old habits cannot be sustained anymore. The Symptoms are discomfort and frustration where Self Love is the remedy.

These are really incredible life changing times that require courage and at times humour. There’s a quickening happening during these times where the acceleration of energies moving through you is changing the structure of your being, hence why some are feeling “not themselves.”

We can align or attune at the very least to a part of us, an aspect or one of our Higher Selves that is frequency specific to you here and now, to bring through a consciousness, feelings, gifts to attune and assist you. This aspect too, is able to do this effectively because it has not absorbed the stories of this reality.

This time is also a time to allow a bigger picture of yourself to be felt and visioned.

There are subtle releases of gifting starting to occur simultaneously to the releases and purgings, that will continue, for this is the nature of our days. It’s time to increase the focus to the gifting……..

We are in a time that now is bringing opportunities of different realities to manifest in the physical Earth space. Continue to expect the unexpected as much can change in an instant, even on the bigger stage and in nature. A subtle merging of liquid light on and in the physical reality is occurring. This can and for some, will change the path of fate into more of alignment to Destiny.

You are moving into Divine Realities, so it is imperative that you become clear, letting go of attachments mentally as best as you can, strengthening and looking after your body. As these celestial energies come through you will then be able to co-create with you.

Be aware of getting caught up or entrenched in the petitions of the small mind. This can play out as focus and judgements of where others are on their journey or what they are doing or not doing. Mind your own business.

In each moment you are changing at a fast rate. Your life around you is shifting quickly. Things are occurring in your life that might not make sense or are causing you concern, especially around survival issues. In these times of high frequencies, our old fears tend to show up. Your ability to recognise this and allow its release and shift to happen instead of believing the old fears, is important.

You are not the same person as yesterday, the quickening in your cells can be overwhelming, balance is the key.

We are all going through challenges, removing the hurdles of restriction and separation to move into our new embodiments.

How this is occurring is a sacred contract between you and your Guardian that is you returning.

The circles of life and death through the transit passages of the stars are now braiding together to create a new etheric paradigm.

Your Spirit will arrive through the Lions Heart meeting the Soul forgiven.

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Thank you.

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