Bringing In The New Codes

Palace of the Popes in Avignon – Photographer Mark Brombal

I am writing this from Avignon (Provence) in France.  I was ask to take this journey about 10 months ago to assist in the transmutation of these times, bringing in the new codes.

Avignon was chosen for its historical time in reference to the Papal system being held here during the time of separation with the Vatican. We have worked intensively and intensely since arriving last Sunday. We have been working on specific energy points and as vessels for high frequency light and the connecting codes.

Some of the discourses we have been receiving, pertains to the effects of the hierarchical system that still affects us. The impact of government, churches and thought forms that have contributed to the state of affairs within our own being, the environment of mother earth and our alignment to create a life and a world of inclusivity, of Love.

Mary Magdalene and the team requested that this journey be taken and hesitantly I agreed, not fully understanding the purpose until we arrived on site. The timing and the reason makes so much sense now. What is occurring on the planet and within us at this time, specifically from May 2018 to April 2019, is an Activation of core triggers, to propel us and the new that is unknown, to meet, to blend and then to create a new earth, a new way.

So what you are experiencing, is a breakdown of old thought forms, programmes and institutionalised based fears. This can cause for many, muscle and structural misalignments. Also, another symptom is not feeling satisfied. There are rumblings in many parts of the earth’s energy lines, due to the activation and the triggering in what we call the ring of fires.

Changes are afoot, as we shall witness the old structures come tumbling down. The effects on us will be a strong calling within our being, to expand, to live and move in a more connected heart based path. Any discomfort your are experiencing, is an indication that you are disrobing and unplugging from your old order.

This sacred journey in Avignon, has taken us to key points where we have felt and seen the structures of a convoluted matrix of the Papal hierarchy. We have worked over long days, bringing through the Divine Feminine light and songs, through the Rose. We have experienced and witnessed miracles of the affects of the heart. I will ask the others in the group to share with you, some of the experiences. Tomorrow is our last day of this great work in Avignon, where we will go to the core and unplug the seals….

Before I left, I recorded an Activation, to assist you in bringing in grounding and strength as you unravel the hidden mysteries of your being. If you would like to receive this Activation and my monthly Energies Article with accompanying activation, please join Awakening Through The Heart here.

Nancy X

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