Explaining the Beloved Teachings Sacret Heart Journey to Avignon

In December I was asked to go to Avignon France, by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua to facilitate the Sacred Journey of Heartways through Awakening Through The Heart.

We have only just begun, yet so much is happening already on this journey as explained in this video.

Anchoring the Light

It is okay if you are feeling argy bargy, a mixed array of moods. Sometimes, there are many times when you are doing the Great Work on yourself, becoming more authentic, awakening and healing, that you will have times where the heaviness of the old will be triggered. This is okay.  This is happening because what is hidden in the shadows, has been bought into the light. When this occurs, it can be very potent for you to change this quickly by anchoring the light in those moments.

Just imagine or visualise

Emerald Blue Liquid Light coming through your crown, through your body, washing over you, anchoring into the earth… and then you can say,

“I have no fear of the unknown, courage supports me.”

Know, as you hold more light, what is held in the shadows will be revealed for you to transform, to Love. It won’t be demons or the boogie man in the shadows but the judgements and the fears of what is not known or loved X


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