As Above So Below

Sitting here on the plane after taking the early flight to Sydney, it has taken me awhile to write this post. I was supposed to have recorded an Activation with it and send it out earlier in the week… but it’s been a major time and I suspect that I am not the only one going through this X.

Each moment is requiring our presence in the now, which can be difficult when triggers occur and stress and pain want to join the conversation.

My personality wants to share the journey I have had in the last two weeks of challenges, but instead, I will share the guidance I have received from the celestial team. Message for all of us Xx

As above, so below. Within you go and within out you will sow, and as you grow, the light of your heavenly self will be shown. Let the Earth Changes remember this treaty of unification.

We have been in the quickening and acceleration for five years now and there have been moments of frequency shifts and a distinct change in our realities.

This year has increased in its intensity. No week has been the same and many, many times, the days are vastly different and more often then not, life changing. This will increase in its speed and volume as we move towards 2020, a major marker in the Evolution and consciousness of ALL.

With the many eclipses we have had this year, an obvious dismantling and restructuring of our beings and lives has occurred. Since the last new moon Solar eclipse and the Lions gate on August the 8th, many have gone through an overhaul time.

You are experiencing the quickening process of wounds, scars and disempowered aspects of your being, moving out of your cells and lineage.
This will cause turbulence, as you are moving through many doorways of your timelines.
This must occur for your True New and Embodiment of self, that is merging with heart ways, to call me through.”

We are all in a collective initiation journey and individually we are moving out of the battles of fear. There is sense that the events and daily happenings are charged with intensity. The body physical is getting a hammering and perceptions are trying to move out of distortion. In the last week, the atmosphere has been very strange – this will pass soon. Trust is a key, surrender and discernment are great allies.

Come to the edge, open your arms and receive. Feel the cosmos around you. Don’t be afraid, the unknown has seen you. Let the merging begin.

What is occurring is that the new you, is grounding within you. This will cause a morphing condition on different levels of you and your life. Change is here and moving through your being.

Stepping out of the matrix, the crash boom opera is heard through the valleys of your being. Let peace be the river that flows into your life. Move forward in all directions.

Surrender, listen, Exhale.

Love X

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