Energies this Week

We have a full on week ahead with the Full Moon Eclipse Energies still with us.

There is a lot happening within us and around us, particularly in regard to relationships. Changes in your relationships or hearing of changes/revelations of other people’s relationships. This is occurring to get us on the path of clarity and aligning more to our truth. It’s not comfortable as during this time there will be a feeling of agitation, frustration, and impatience. With this energy hanging around, on one level, we’re feeling fabulous, we’re feeling clearer, we’re feeling more aligned to our future, our new which is in the unknown. Yet on another level we’re going through a detox process that is detoxing old parts of us, old aspects of us that are caught in a web of frustration or that are born from a 3d consciousness of aligning to certain dreams or certain goals or certain beliefs that really aren’t going to service us or are not aligned to what the universe or your higher self or our gods self-has for us.

Whether you’re spiritual or not, everyone is going through a process of shifting and detoxing the old consciousness within your being, no matter who you are. What’s coming up is impatience and frustration. It feels like we know where we’re going, what we are wanting to shift and what are we wanting to bring in, but then we’re having moments where we’re literally feeling boxed in because certain circumstances or certain things in our external reality still haven’t shifted or is still bringing up for us what we are perceiving as obstacles delays or challenges.

Look at this as a detoxing process, it’s almost like you’re walking a path and coming up to blocks, so calm your whole being by meditating, going for walks. You may feel fabulous after doing this, but then suddenly feel energies colliding within, just allow these energies to come up and allow them to move out. It’s a balance of observing it, witnessing these emotions and spaces. I know the head wants to come in and try and work things out but it’s a delay, you don’t need to work it out there’s no problem, it is an issue that’s coming up to be released so that’s why walking, quiet time, meditating and for some having a catnap, having a little rest in the day if you can go to bed early. Eat fresh food, fresh fruit, and vege juices because the cells are going through so much deletion that they’re needing support and if you’re not supporting your physical body you’re going to get grumpy, and this creates a hangover energy in your field.

I’ve been shown that particularly this week,
is going to be like you’ve opened the suitcase and the clothes have all popped out.

Hang in there though it’s just a time where you’re going to have waves of frequency and energies coming in a way to clear certain things. It will bring to you what you need to know, so you go aha!! I get it! I can see why things are happening the way they are. It’s like a mini uplifting occurring but at the same time as the detoxing process.

Remember to support yourself by eating fresh foods and drink two to three litres of water a day because
while you’re clearing so much and deleting so much from your system, you can feel down,
replenish and support your physical and just know that
what you’re going through is part of this journey.

Start listening to yourself listening, to your being, how it feels in a situation, trying not to let the head tell you what you’re feeling but just feel things. When you feel it, don’t judge it, you might feel icky or not connected to where you are or people you are with, just take slow deep breaths and exhale and you’ll find that energy will settle and by doing this you will allow energies from what we call your higher celestial self to come through to create what we call revelations i.e whatever needs to be revealed to you at that moment will be revealed. These are all practices that are potent because it starts bringing in what we talk about a lot in the workshops that I facilitate is it starts bringing in your higher self for God’s self into your physical to direct you wherever you are.

The mission of Awakening Through the Heart is to assist you in strengthening your bridge, which is you between Heaven and Earth, so I’ll be emailing an update for the rest of August, later this week, if you would like to receive it please add your details here you’ll immediately relieve a link to the Activation I recorded to further assist you with the energies around this week.

Nancy xx

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