Heralding the Full Moon Eclipse Energies until August 12th

This full moon eclipse heralds in a time of resolutions and releases in preparation for major catapulting into your new.

Leading up to this eclipse, some have felt wobbly and extremely tired. Dreams have been intense and glimpses of your past and past lives in this timeline have been showing up in the physical reality, in our thoughts or dreams.

A feeling of vulnerability is occurring as we are being called to attend to our unfinished business, to strengthen our physical self and to step away from the distractions of our minds.

This eclipse will intensify whatever needs to be resolved or released in areas of our lives. If fears come up it is important to let them go by recognising that it is not your truth, that it is a fear within, a rumbling, to be released into transmutative consciousness.

The fears are always around survival issues, like our finances, health, work, and how we are going to “make” it. This is coming up in different degrees according to our personal, past experiences.

Some will go through an evaluation process of relationships. A light on Self will be shone, so it is important to take a space of witnessing these feelings. We are entering more into the passages of the unknown, while the old known is being scrubbed out, making us feel vulnerable, sensitive and unsure.

Different physical ailments will show up, where some will have to revaluate their relationship to their bodies and health.

This Eclipse energy time started on the 24th July and will be strong until August 12th. It will be a time of releases, letting go of the manifestations of aspects within us that have been created from the matrix of the past.

Resistance, agitation, feeling overwhelmed without a clear reason, is an indication of the rumblings of Shakti awakening within and is causing a tectonic experience within us. We are in the chambers of the Great Unknown and this can cause havoc, yet

there is a feeling of Peace occurring also, a feeling that all will be well.
Excitement will be felt if you can see beyond the grumblings of the gremlins.

Take care of your body and eat well and light with gentle movements, meditation or quiet time. Whatever is right for you, try not to sit in the energy of fear – let it go. The Eclipse time is potent in its emanation to move you into a new path of creation. You are the key, know yourself, LOVE X

I have recorded a free Activation for the Awakening Through The Heart Community, to assist with the Full Moon Eclipse through to August 12. if you are not a member please, click here. to join and you will continue to receive my Monthly Energies and Activations.   These specially recorded Activations are strong so please do not listen to it whilst driving and remember to ground yourself afterwards. xx

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