This Solstice takes us through a doorway of Dreaming, where we move out of a time of intensity………just for a short time.

During these dates, June 21st until the 28th, it is an opportunity to find those moments of quiet sacredness where you just be and allow the moment to infuse you with restoring peace. Doing this in Nature will be Transmutative.

One of the messages shared at the last Activation Workshop, was to try at different times to meditate with your eyes open. This creates a strong pillar of the body and grounding. Ii is recommended to only do for about ten minutes. It assists the pineal glands, restores the Ajna (third eye ).

These waves of transformation and intensity have become regular as we continue to grow. These are strong, powerful and at times difficult days. We must find ways to move through these passages, bringing balance and creating moments of support for ourselves.

All is happening at once. Thunderous storms and then glorious days, tumultuous skies and then celebratory Sun rays, within us and definitely around us.

During these dates that I have mentioned, a subtle sliding doors frequency will come through allowing an opening and an alignment to a Parallel, higher Aspect bringing through what I term as soul remedies.

What this means is we can align or attune at the very least to a part of us, an aspect or one of our Higher Selves that is frequency specific to you here and now to bring through a consciousness, feelings, gifts to attune and assist you. This aspect too, is able to do this effectively because it has not absorbed the stories of this reality.

A simple way of accessing this is to visualise a doorway of liquid light of pink and purple/lavender in front of you affirming ” let there be light, let there be peace”

Five minutes to ten minutes only. For those that did the activation workshop you can do this with the Base chakra hologram technique.

This time is also a time to allow a bigger picture of yourself to be felt and visioned.

There are subtle releases of gifting starting to occur simultaneously to the releases and purgings, that will continue, for this is the nature of our days. It’s time to increase the focus to the gifting……..  Peace X

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