June Energies Update – Ease and Grace

The month of May was a major opening of portals, so much occurred and changed for many, and this will continue into June. The heart, blood pressure and brain are still affected from the high celestial frequencies occurring, shoulders and the neck area is also feeling the impact of these energies.

June will afford us opportunities to really move forward. There may be times that it doesn’t feel like it as we also simultaneously unhinge the last bits of the last bits of old ways.

Try and not be scared if suddenly out of the blue old business comes up to be finished, you are not going backwards or falling apart, you are in fact falling into wholeness.

It is so important to trust your journey in remembering that you are unfolding into your awakening. Any discomfort or for some battles in the 3D reality is only a passage way of transmutation of the old hauntings of your fear.

Keywords moving you from May into June are
Courage, Trust and Truth.

The energies have been very strong causing tiredness, especially body tiredness.

A balance of action and stillness is required, as you go through the different seasons of these times with awareness, you will move into a flow of co creation.

In June different aspects of your life, situation will move into completion, endings.

In May we went through a major change, a time that now is bringing opportunities of different realities to manifest in the physical Earth space.

Continue to expect the unexpected, much can change in a instant even in the bigger stage and in nature. A subtle merging of liquid light on and in the physical reality is occurring this can and for some will change the path of fate into more of alignment to Destiny.

June is the month that starts to bring the energies of providence through, your courage to keep on keeping on when astral projections get in the way will strengthen your trust in Self and your connection to Universal Truth according to you and only you X

I have recorded a free Activation for the Awakening Through The Heart Community, if you are not a member please, click here.  My specially recorded Activations are strong so please do not listen to it whilst driving as it is strong and brings in the frequencies of Trust, Courage, Support.

Love X

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Workshop Flyer June 17

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