ARchemist May 10 – 31

We are about to enter a very powerful time in our lives and globally, we have already been experiencing the energies in doses of sudden shifts, unexpected changes and for some a renegotiation of ones path is occurring.

You might have seen or experienced bursts of anger around you or within you, this is the effect of the literal expansion of your energies, which can cause discomfort.

As you are going through this transformation the fears and at times the tormentors of your cells are being outed. This is because of the energies occurring, as we are about to enter a very high vibrational energy space. The more we can really step away from old patterns and distractions of fear the more we can move with this tsunami of huge celestial energies coming through, especially in the next three weeks.

There could be sudden unexpected big changes or out of the blue occurrences. Do not go into fear or anxiety. What no longer serves or is in the way of your New will be destabilised.

There are a myriad of realities going on and you will feel the dismantling of linear time in different ways. In the next five days these energies will be fast, the atmosphere will feel stormy and you might feel like you are in a hectic whirlpool of stuff.

It is so important to take care of your body, this is a major key to assist you. Meditation will greatly help or moments of quietness in nature will help you ground and centre especially if the fears and judgements of self start hassling you.

It is a very exciting time as the matrix becomes more unstable around us and within us.

Some of us will experience physical changes and alerts to the incoming transmutative frequencies. This can cause heart or brain alerts especially in the electrical system of the body. I will be explaining this more in the next activation gathering of why this is happening.

We are all going through challenges, removing the hurdles of restriction and separation to move into our new embodiments.

How this is occurring is a sacred contract between you and your Guardian that is you returning.

The circles of life and death through the transit passages of the stars are now braiding together to create a new etheric paradigm.

Your Spirit will arrive through the Lions Heart meeting the Soul forgiven


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