Important Alignment Dates

We are about to go through another heightened energy band of celestial frequencies. We have all been feeling these incoming energies on and off for awhile, it’s frequency on all levels will now start to increase.
Key dates:
April 15th to April 22nd
April 28th and 29th
May 10th to May 31st

These energies are strong all the time, it’s just during those dates that alignments will occur and shifts in realities will happen. The seen and unseen will make profound impacts on many levels. There is nothing to fear for these are incredible times and the more we allow ourselves to trust and surrender in different moments, it will assist greatly.

We are not the same in each moment. I sometimes feel like I am a Stargate and the different aspects of my being are moving through the byways and highways within. On one level, we are moving very quickly, shifting and transmuting our old and on another we are receiving very fine, strong frequencies which can cause an array of morphic experiences.

As the frequencies go through our beings, we experience the physical sensations of growing pains or growth stretches/expansions. Thoughts dropping out of your head will be more common during these times. Sometimes when you are out and about the energies will feel and look mish mashed and overwhelming. Using slow, conscious breathing will assist to ground and keep you sturdy in these moments as the foundations of many realities, beliefs etc. are being shaken.

In the last post I spoke about being blindsided. For some, this has had to occur to get you on a completely different path to connect and align you to your higher Selves and truth.

These are the quickening times. Keep your plans open to change, stay in a positive and loving consciousness even when you are going through the emotional pathways.

The waves of light frequency entering our beings and upon earth are about to increase and this will cause major shifts. The common thing we will all go through is Change, and Transformation. Supporting your physical body is important, to hold and be able to handle the intensity of Super Light frequencies beyond this Universe, coming through and into your being, lives, and upon Earth.

I have recorded a gentle activation that will be a supporting calming balm for your cells during this next download of frequencies coming through. If you would like to receive this please click here. You will receive the link via email. Please do not do this while driving X

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