The Rose Rises From The Heart

Hi, I hope you are well during these ever-changing times, where the energies are strong, intense at times having just gone through an out of the blue energy band with unexpected occurrences and revelations. This is part of the Distortion belt I talked about in the last post.

Some might have experienced being blindsided, caught unawares of the sudden shift in ones’ reality. Many would have experienced physical and structural issues such as home/house and your physical body being hit with these energies. There is a big picture of yourself and your journey lighting up around you, causing these disruptive changes. Rest, sleep, and nurturing and nourishing yourself will be the best remedy and support at these times. If you get a chance, go and see the Mary Magdalene movie and receive what is needed to be given to you, there are sacred codes to receive.

When I went to see the Mary Magdalene movie, I was excited in seeing her name across a billboard. As I walked into the cinema I asked Mary Magdalene (MM) about the making of this movie and its bigger purpose. I was told that it is the beginning of the Way of The Sacred Heart to reach many people within mainstream (the collective), activating Sacred Heart codes within us all. There will be many more movies of the same tone that will be released to also assist in the release of old dogmatic codes still within us.

This movie is beautiful and slow. I was moved by the landscape and the poetry of light shared to my cells activating a memory of many timelines of my soul in its search of atOnement. It is subtle and powerful in its unlearning of the hierarchical conditioning within us as it addresses Yeshua as Rabbi and acknowledges Mary Magdalene as the Apostle of Apostles ministering in her own Divine Feminine light. It also acknowledged that it was an untruth, that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.  As an Initiate on my path, I recognise this film as a vessel of sacred codes to be delivered to mainstream.

It is not a bling, big Hollywood movie. The activation and downloads I felt watching it were powerful. I went to see this movie with nine Women who have attended the Beloved Courses I have facilitated and each one felt the frequency of what I call, Correction. The energy of Correction is so intricate and subtle as it comes through the crown chakra, moving through the cells and energy meridians which will activate the Divine Heart.

The message is and always is with this Spiritual Journey on Earth, of returning to Love. I feel the movie is a strong, gentle reminder of the Ancient Teachings of “The Way Of The Heart,” that is needed to be fed into our consciousness. This movie subtly and wisely, introduces the Divine Feminine of Christed Teachings to Mainstream.

For many Initiates, it is an activation coming through the Crown Chakra into the body’s cells, dethroning the power of old doctrines within. Within days of watching the movie, I experienced a major shamanic transmutation that blindsided me, knocking me to my knees. As I witnessed an aspect of me fall apart, I heard Mary’s voice loud and clear, “take Heart through the dying of your old desires and the entrapment of obligations… You will rise… Freedom is the key now gifted to you.”

During the movie, we all felt a strong energy of liquid light pouring over us, this was an activation called the “Amber and Myrrh” that came through while watching the movie.  I encourage you to see the movie and subscribe here if  you would like to receive this activation. Feel free to share it with anyone you think would benefit. This is a strong activation so please do not listen to while driving or if you are going through a very emotional time and remember to ground yourself afterwards.




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