March Energies

The energies we are experiencing are massive, incredible, constantly shape shifting and transforming. Are you ready for the massive influx of dimensional shifts (another download, upgrade) coming our way?

We are moving through and preparing for the new Sacred Geometrics alignment to the New Paradigm collectively and personally in our lives.

The Month of April and especially May will heighten and bring into manifestation on ALL levels, a new reality for you. We will go through a distortion belt in the next six days, which can be very positive as it will bring up what needs to be attended to. For example health, body and energetic alignments, mental and body cooperation.

These distortion belts will occur two more times from now until the end of July.


What is out of whack will show up.

There is a lot of work and energy around the Brain. This is causing forgetfulness, tiredness, and feelings of separation within self. Your whole being is going through these dimensional shifts preparing you for the expected, unexpected events ahead within your life and on the bigger picture. Be aware of your distractions, especially around drama with others and yourself. That is a massive distraction, keeping you busy in the plays of disempowerment.

You are moving into Divine Realities, so it is imperative that you become clear, letting go of attachments mentally as best as you can, strengthening and looking after your body. As these celestial energies come through you will then be able to co-create with you.

Be aware of getting caught up or entrenched in the petitions of the small mind. This can play out as focus and judgements of where others are on their journey or what they are doing or not doing. Mind your own business.

In each moment you are changing at a fast rate. Your life around you is shifting quickly. Things are occurring in your life that might not make sense or are causing you concern, especially around survival issues. In these times of high frequencies, our old fears tend to show up. Your ability to recognise this and allow its release and shift to happen instead of believing the old fears, is important.

Keep on moving into your Unknown. Balance is the key at this time. Meditation will assist you in staying present. The importance of going for walks in nature is paramount. Doing this will connect you to the clarity and purity of nature which will gift you with support and ground you as you go through these changes.

You are not the same person as yesterday, the quickening in your cells can be overwhelming, balance is the key.

This weekend of the new moon will herald in a tsunami of liquid light. Headaches, nasal blockages, strong physical sensations and a lot of heat will come in waves through you. For some, the Shakti energy is assisting the many bridges/links within.

May is a massive time, great change will arrive. I have been facilitating the ©Beloved Teachings since November last year. Each course points to these times as the opportunity to step out of the matrix. What you see and hear happening out there in the many different media realities is a concoction of change according to their frequency. Nature is your ally. Watch and witness the quickening of the de-structuring of a reality that you are not fully in anymore. The bigger stage is transmuting.

If you would like to receive an activation to assist you at this time, please click here. This activation is very powerful. It is transmutative and will assist in bringing clarity through. 

You will feel energies coming through of Alchemical effects. Please do not listen to while driving and do not exceed listening to it more then three times in a week. Holding a Rose Quartz or Smoky Quartz or turquoise will increase this activation, if too strong don’t use.

Thank you X

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