Super Full Moon Eclipse

Over the weekend, a Stargate opened on Earth causing a bit of a rumbling and movement in the Earths atmosphere and in the inner earth. This portal will assist in the influx of the golden celestial energies coming through to ground here on earth.

We have been experiencing a wide variety of a quickening process. Our timeline has been affected where realities have merged and also completely split off. It is very difficult to describe the enormity of what’s occurring. It is exciting and yet at times exhausting, we are definitely getting an inner reboot.

We have been experiencing symptoms of great change intensely for the last three years. Through this super full moon eclipse, we move through a doorway that leads us into a more expansive, clearer view of many virtual realities that we can choose from, to bring into full manifestation or allow it to collapse with the power of grace.

These are the times where we step into a new embodiment of self, in our empowerment in our sovereignty of beingness.

We have spoken of the acceleration of time, of consciousness in the next two years, it now begins. Our lives will change immensely. Fasten your seat belts loosely, and hurry slowly. Many have been experiencing the debates of polarisation of an old way within them. This has caused an intensity increasing in your everyday lives yet on some level there seems to be an ease in the reaction to it. The body has been bombarded (with love I would like to add) with codes very quickly that causes exhaustion and high intense muscle or nerve pain. The physical body is having to adjust very quickly to the influx of Golden and Diamond energies entering.

There will be aspects of yourself that will return more courageous, peaceful and more aligned to these Luminous times unfolding. Again I would like to say that no matter what appears in the months to come on the world stage know that de – structuring is happening. Nature will and is responding, tremors and rumbles are occurring as Mother Earth stretches out and releases the knots of energy congestion that has occurred throughout time. We are all feeling the change, and for some it is happening constantly. The struggle you might feel comes from separation and fear. The foundation of this is anchored in the plots of your ego to keep you in distraction, through a better than and less than consciousness, resistance and the desires of the Sacral chakra.

As these energies come through, and some are already feeling its impact, the sacral and base are going through a subtle form of passive panic. I know it sounds strange, but we are moving through so many doorways of realities and sometimes we are bumping into our old selves or old ways. There is an evacuation process occurring within our astral bodies, this super moon is triggering this massively. According to you and only you, you will go through an initiation process of Ascension.

We are in amazing times where everything that is in the reality of fear, separation and control is being brought to the surface. This has to happen for LOVE to reign.

We all have an opportunity personally and collectively to step into the greatness of our being, to absolutely create heaven on Earth.

During the times ahead that this Super Moon is heralding in, much will be revealed through the release of energies from the many celestial councils. Meditation and affirmation especially around manifestation and abundance are very potent. This will align you to the creator that you are.  xx

I have recorded this activation that is alchemical and many will feel the dimensional and holographic frequencies. Know that these energies are powerful in their ability to create a reality of light emanating through you, creating your heaven on Earth.

Please do not listen to while you are driving or out in busy public areas. Have a large glass of water afterwards and ground yourself. Some will experience an energy shift, feeling a lot of light. Create time and space to ground yourself afterwards if you are listening to it during the day.

If you would like to receive this Activation, please sign in here. You will receive the link via email.

Thank you xx

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