New Beginnings

In the New Beginnings that herald in the Grand Celestial time of Heaven Descending to Earth, the call to stand and hold the space of trust, clarity and an unshakeable conviction for peace and love to reign, is upon us.

These are indeed the days, where our descendants will speak of and our names will be remembered through a fire lit in our conviction, to conquer fear through Love.

Many are gathering above, below and within. Metatrons trumpet will ring loud and transmutative. My Beloved brothers and sisters you have already heralded peace and love on Earth. Remember …………

Welcome to 2018!

So begins the time of Reconciliation. Any reality that promotes separation, fear, opposition and isolation must be healed with the intention of mindfulness through the Sacred Heart.

It is a time of Manifestation. The crazy, whacky moments we have been having have been the destabilising vibrations around our sacral and base chakras, hence lower body niggles occurring. This is our Spirits intervention to shift the crap, the outmoded beliefs that we have carried, inherited, and owned in not accepting our self worth, our sovereignty, our audacity to see ourselves as Divine, empowered and loving beings on Earth.

In 2108, many realities will unfold on the big stage of the collective, in politics and the environment. There are many working, loving and healing overtime to open the lines of alternate realities. One of these alternate realities is based through Shambhalla.
There are specific points on earth that hold the activation keys to bring through in our physical realty. The Golden Age, the Himalayas is one.

Many have felt the call to go to Nepal, Tibet, Brunei and India in the last 2 years. Know that you are receiving specific codes that are so subtle to emanate to many, to share.

“The golden Lotus will be birthed in the Midheaven as our beloved Vishnu will see the Sun rise and set in one breath.”

There are 6 other points on the Earth. When apt, I will share these places.

This time we are entering, has already been spoken about, around campfires, in the turquoise lagoons of Lemuria and in the Crystal chambers of Atlantis. Upon the scrolls of the Essenes, the Swords of the round table, the nurturing and preparation of these times has been set forth. Remember…..

The importance of allowing your latent ability to connect with nature fully and in reverence in this time will gift you with belonging and freedom from loneliness.

2018 is powerful, magical and life changing. Revelation will occur on the bigger stage and in our lives. We will move forward together.

Love , peace and prosperity can no longer be held in the exclusive mantras of a few. In the next few years, the uncovering and release of control will occur, 2018 begins this journey. Hold the space, vision and courage to focus on love, especially when outer realities bombard us with fear tactics that will come rushing to us.

The seven sisters and seven brothers of the stars will open and release the new templates of the four directions. Through the mountains, deserts, and oceans, the clans will return. Many of our Medicine Men and Medicine Women will be overlighted and awakened within the twelve lodges through the ascension of the peaceful warriors in the Ethers.

2018 brings to us the ability and many opportunities to transform our lives, our Earth and our consciousness. Spend less time on your phones, screens etc. Go outside and smell the stars, breathe in the Sun rays, hug a tree, hug each other,

This post carries specific codes. Some of the information comes from the gatherings in the celestial realms of the many councils and from the wisdom of ©The Beloved Teachings.

As always I have recorded a very strong Activation which you can receive via email by providing your email details here.  Do not drive whilst listening to this Activation. Some will experience nausea, tummy or throat discomfort. The frequencies of the activation is attuning you to your light bodies, stabilising in this Earth space, your life X.

Thank you x

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