11:11 Portal

From October 31st to December 31st is the time of deep releases, alignments, clearing and for some a revealing of patterns and old wounds that must be transmuted. This is all in flow with the arrival of the NEW, Abundant and life changing 2018.

The 11:11 gateway of 2017

Move through this gateway knowing that you are entering a time of Great Abundance that will start manifesting in 2018. These 11:11 pillars of high vibrational harmonies bring through the songs of Lemuria, Sirius and the Elohim.

For those who are attuned to the Solar codes, you will start feeling the octaves beyond this Universe. As you continue to shed the old, this enables you to move through the frequency band width that surpasses the physical matrix system. The veil between the physical and spiritual realms, the seen and unseen is very thin.

Stay grounded and discerning yet open and trusting (welcome to alchemy)

This 11:11 doorway is profound in the sense that we are entering a very short transitional time affecting all aspects of our Humaneness, evolving and returning, ascending into the heart. The mind is called to surrender its perceptions based on Fear and separation from Self.

I have recorded a 11:11 Activation. Please subscribe here to receive this Activation.

The keys are Heart, surrender, trust and allowing abundance to saturate your being.

Please do not listen to while driving because it is an extra powerful activation. Listen to it 3 times during the week for 2 weeks holding a Lapis Lazuli or Citrine.

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