Through The Portals of Change

It’s been a very long while since I have written a post and activation. The energies have been intense and that’s putting it lightly.

So much has been going on for all of us and there is definitely no turning back to the old. A release of the outmoded ways of being, living, seeing, thinking, feeling etc is occurring whether we are ready or not.

Sudden experiences are occurring as the attempt of limited structures in our lives are being pulled down, which causes internal struggle and transitional aches and pains.

Our timelines are being affected, as other scenarios seem to turn up from out of the blue, causing us to learn skills of balance, negotiations and massive doses of discernment and timing.

This is all part of the EMERGING of the new.

As we adapt to moving into a new frequency and vibrational band, a cacophony of mini tsunamis is occurring within our landscape where each day brings in conditions of the quickening. We spoke not so long ago that the last 3 months of this year will intensify. It is important to view it as part of the journey of big changes.

In this last 3 months of 2017 we will witness the tangible effects of the change of guards occurring in the spiritual planes connected to the Overseers. I have been watching this occurrence in my etheric travels in the last 3 weeks. The effects of this on us, is a feeling that New beginnings are here, BUT then feeling frustrated, or vulnerable. Feeling peace and then disappointed. Some people around you might be acting irrational or having outbursts of being overwhelmed.

Our Brain, master Glands are being effected, adjusting to the massive influx of liquid light. As our physical body is attempting to adjust to this high Octane time, our immune system will get a battering. I will outline ways to bring a bit of ease in these moments.

The shifts are occurring on many levels of consciousness, which causes new openings and gateways of possibilities to enter. Also we are going through a myriad of doorways simultaneously, causing dizziness and headaches. For others, third eye is going through a reconfiguration.

We have indeed entered new spaces, new places and the quickening of the dismantling of the old will now increase in speed and volume according to you. Strength, courage and stamina are required with good doses of quiet and rest time.

The way to assist yourself at this time is to support your immune system, alkaline your body, rest your body, walk near the ocean or amongst trees. Try being in stillness.

If you are going through an intense time of dreaming, know that it’s another form of detoxing the old.  I have recorded an Activation which will assist you in the great changes you are going through. Please subscribe here to access the Portals of Change Activation.

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