Welcome to August – The Sacred Heart Calls you to Return

Journey into the landscape of the heart must be undertaken.

We have been experiencing such tremendous shifts in our realities. We are witnessing the dismantling of an old order in the bigger picture that is now expressing itself in a tragic caricature of its folly.

These are the days where it is important to choose an outlook of love and connection, rather than fear and separation within our own beings and on the outer World consciousness. We are in a tsunami of massive energies, rapid changes are the constant and the norm.

The key is to move into alignment with Self, and this is what’s occurring to all of us. That’s why for many, this alignment directed by our higher Selves can be difficult. Attempting to stay in the present moment will greatly help you.

What many are feeling and experiencing is the uprooting of core stuff, energies and stories that are steeped in disempowerment, fear and untruths. It can be very intense and overwhelming as feelings, situations and strategic players enter your life at this time, to stir this vestibule of maladies. Love will always be the overlighting remedy.

Love of yourself first, true love that invokes kindness and inclusivity to emanate naturally.

There is a fine alchemical process occurring that is aligned with the completion and grounding of the Atlantean and Lemurian vision of unification that is brought forth in this timeline to be activated and followed through.

There are many doorways, gateways and portals around us specific to our vibrations. It’s an interesting and incredible time. We are going through a lot of purging, releasing and we are stepping out of the matrix, which will always cause a distorted, wobbly perception for a bit.

For some of us, there has been a manifestation of physical ailments occurring. This I feel is an opportunity to reset and attempt to clear out from our being and cells, some hard core residue of “Stuff” that needs to move out as you move forward.

You are not going backwards, nor have you stopped or failed. What you feed your mind with will affect the intensity of your shifts taking you high or low. Find your middle, strengthen your vessel – simplicity is a great ally. You are the conduit between Heaven and Earth, no matter who you are or where you are. You are the spark of inspiration that is essential in all life ascending.

August is a powerful, very full month of high activities in the energy systems on all levels. Try and be present in the here and now and bring in more lightheartedness. This is a time of alignment to your truth. Don’t be afraid to move into a heart reality. We are moving away from a consciousness that has overruled us and Earth in fear.

Try and connect to the beauty of life, the healing balm of nature, lightness according to you, for this will feed and impact your ability to move through this time.

This energies are also very Divine and it is indeed a time where the nectar of the celestial realms are available to us, that is why we are going through a deep purge of separation, so we may receive heaven on earth.

Distraction is a big one in keeping us in a loop of frustration, and confusion. This has been the norm it’s been a way of keeping one in place, disempowered. When we clear old patterns there is a time of emptiness and this is when we sometimes feel uncomfortable. It is an alchemically powerful time this passage when you are feeling empty and clear. You are out of the loop and in the garden of the Mystics where NOthing happens. And if the sirens of the addiction realm call you to join them in the party of amnesia don’t fret if you go back, they are hoping that your self judgement will keep you longer in their embrace, know though that the discomfort from being apart from your True Self will push you forward. Be kind to yourself.

On August the 8th we will go through the Lionsgate with a lunar eclipse, this is a potent time, find the time and space to be and allow the frequencies to gift you, stay out of the head, be still in NOthing. Allow your higher Self, GodSelf to embrace you.

Make this time sacred and intimate for you. We cannot tell you how the energies will affect you for you are the creator of your journey. These noted times are an opportunity to enter your God space through the gateway of being and allowing. Being present, in your moment. This will ease the tumultuous times and assist you moving out of the chaos being played out on the bigger stage.

Some of you might feel disconnected from the 3D reality and the planet might feel too small, your 5 senses might also be feeling flat. There is a cacophony of energies occurring all levels, high, low, old and new. We are all in major change, simplicity, Grace, alignment to the balance of self will guide and assist you. Staying grounded, having discernment, be aware of the ego it’s adept in its many voices of distraction.

This Month of August we are moving in and out of many doorways, and realities. Feeling incredible and then sometimes feeling not great , events and experiences occurring that can be sudden , strange and overwhelming, we will get through these times, letting go of the old shackles

I have recorded an activation to assist at this time please click here to receive the link to this activation. Do not listen to whilst driving or going through a very emotional time. Have a gala of water after listening.

Thank you X

I will be speaking at Academy of light on Monday night the 21st August Eclipse time. This will be the last night speaking at the Academy of light and also for the Academy it will be their last night X

I would like to thank Rosemary, John, Peggy, Teresa, Warren and all the Academy of light Family for inviting me in, for the support, and love, Thank you xx

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