Awakening Through The Heart

It’s been a while since I have written a post and an activation. This last month, the energies have really stepped up and the intensity has been high to say the least, especially in the last week.

What we have kept under the rug, hidden in the corners of our being from many levels of our timeline can no longer be contained. What many are experiencing and starting to experience, are the seeping out of these energies. As the mist lifts, the feelings of many emotions are being ploughed out, where some feel overwhelmed.

Many are feeling the inner call to be free. At times, the inflexibility of our mindset can create a craving for self medicated fixes of old patterns. This is neither right or wrong, it is just not working anymore. Your heart will speak and be seen whether you are ready or not.

During this time of stepping back, I have spent many moments within the spirit realms. What I have witnessed and been shown of the celestial downloads that we are experiencing, is so difficult to explain and language can be very limited in the explanation. Know the codes will come through these words and through the activation.

During the time of the 23rd to 31st of May, we have entered a warped speed passage way. This has created a wobble effect in our subtle bodies, which in turn, has impacted our emotions and physical bodies. It looks like we are experiencing the different aspects of our beings moving through us and doing a spring clean. This is why we feel the emotions of great sadness or burning anger. Our lymphatic system is effected, as well as our heart meridians and chest, lung areas. For some, there is a tangible collapse of a time in the records of our being that is bringing up for a short time, a visit from our past.

The next 2 months, up to the time of the Lions gate 8.8.2017, will be intensifying with the celestial energy downloads. We actually don’t have the language to describe where this is coming from. The closest I can describe it to, is that it is beyond the beyond. I have spent many nights in the many councils, witnessing the release of what was hidden within the Earth, the stars and the Ancient consciousness. One of these Councils is the Lemurian, where I was told of the great releases within the water channels of our being and on and in the Earthsphere, which is and will go up a notch in frequency. This can cause on our 3D levels, stress and anxiety, especially around the heart centres and lungs.

Our Identity and image is under scrutiny and attachments are being pulled apart. During this celestial climate, we will experience great changes in ourselves, our lives, and around us. Fears will come up and many times it will be the intensity of the feeling of fear rather then the story or reason. It is important to know we are being called to address the untruths of our beings that keep us in disempowerment. As these energies move through us, it will stir up feelings of vulnerability. This is all part of moving onto our path of destiny.

There are aspects within us that are being effected. Also the young ones from the ages of 11 to 27 years, are feeling very overwhelmed with deep sadness that can be translated into depression, confusion and feeling lost. They are experiencing the release of suppression and oppression within the energy lines, connected to the collective. Their genetics and soul are calling to respond to their Heart.

Stuff around the male energy of old structures is creating a buck in our system. The anger can activate pushing us forward and the tears connect us to the vulnerability and gentleness of ourselves.

What is occurring is being over lighted by what is known to me as the Anointers.

In this rapid time of change, what we are experiencing is the intricate balancing and transmutation of the microcosm of the Universe, which is basically US. The projections and reflections of the macrocosm is causing a rising back to Grace for all of humanity, which will be felt on a core level by different soul groups according to the Oversoul of Oversouls mapping. The high celestial energies that are saturating our beings have triggered sedentary pathways to awaken. In some ways we are literally being lit up, where activation and calibration are occurring.

It’s important to remember that the intensity of these times does effect us in our own unique ways. We are not going backward or failing. We are doing well. There will be moments of high intensity and density. We are shifting a lot of stuff really quickly, not only for ourselves but also shifting in co-creation with many others in the collective conundrum.

The Activation will assist in aligning you to peace, trust, and the Rose passage ways of the Heart. Do not listen to while driving.  If you would like to receive the link for this activation, please subscribe here.

I am back in Sydney giving sessions on the 8/9/10 and 11 of June. Workshop dates will be coming soon.

‘The Anointers are a conglomeration of Celestial beings and light that are the mergers of Shekinah – Holy Spirit’ © 2017 Nancy Valentine Smith

I look forward to sharing what was awakened within me from these connections.

Thank you X

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