Moving Through The Passages Of Change

So much has been happening that it’s very hard to put into words. I am sure that for many of us we are definitely feeling more and more not the same as we were from a month ago or a week ago. Confusion and holding patterns have been at play. Sudden events and sudden change of directions have been experienced.

The shifts occurring within us and around us are massive. Disruptions are occurring. Our physical realities and our physical bodies are being called to lighten up. Detoxing and cleansing out the stagnant and very old consciousness of distorted perceptions of self and life is occurring.

There are so many plays of realities occurring, that are triggering emotional pain responses or what I term as unfinished business within. Clarity in your health on all levels is important to navigate through these intense times.

The months of March and April are passage way times, where owning your stuff and your journey is important. Projections onto others through blame, or any emotions that attempt to keep you separate causes such big delays and keeps one in insidious loops of disempowerment. We are clearing the addictions of separation predominately from ourselves.

Recently I have had to pull knives out of my back, clear the effects of betrayal and the astral misdemeanours flying around. I have chosen to take a step forward from a space of clarity, not righteousness or better than. When you bring clarity, which is witnessing yourself and others blended with truth in kindness, also a couple of drops of honesty and ownership of a field of consciousness you are in, then clarity starts coming through. Allow this delicious energy to flow through, as Clarity moves through your being an opening of release and acceptance starts educating your system. This is the pathway of Freedom.

We have mentioned this before, and it is still prevalent now. That is, the astral realms are on the move. A major exodus is occurring, which is causing unusual circumstances to occur, out of the blue weirdness, time lapses and moments of disruptions and intensities. Some might experience interactions with others that are bizarre and heavy or irrational. The Astral realm is going through the big cleanse which causes collisions within the energy fields. A lot of strong emotions are being activated. It’s important not to charge them with disempowering thoughts or reactive actions.

Many are feeling the physical manifestations and energy reactions of these times, like dizziness, nausea, extreme heat in the body, headaches and a feeling of time not in rhythm. Fear will make an attempt to rampage through the collective consciousness. Above the Chaos are incredible amazing energies of Light coming through, penetrating the Matrix System.

We are all going through an awakening process according to our own level of Sovereignty. Every single being is in massive transformation and transmutation. We are in a time of big cleanses within nature, ourselves, our Genetics, our consciousness on all levels and aspects. When this occurs, the old system will buck during the month of April. It will be very evident, the parts of resistance occurring within many around the old dogma of control. Male aspects of us and collectively, the boys club, is being dismantled. This can cause anger, and unreasonable tantrums. Stay in your centre and try and not engage in the distractions of battles.

The most exquisite, powerful Divine Light is coming through during these times, all that is occurring is the clearing for these energies to be grounded here on Earth and within us. The presence of Angels is potent, the skies in its quiet infusions will indicate these arrivals.

Be present to what your loops of emotional distractions are, for this is what is causing much pain and hopelessness. Sometimes we just need to recognise that we are walking in circles and we just have to stop, be still, gather ourselves, vitalise our bodies, be kind to ourselves, take a deep breath and walk forward.

When the Sun is out, sit in it for 10 to 20 mins to receive the Codes from the Divine Mother.

Since the Equinox, a wave of dammed energy has been released. We are being called to release our old ways of being. Stagnant emotions are now moving. Some will experience unusual physical reactions as we are going through a quickening process within a maze of pre-ordained chaos. Some of the symptoms at the moment are lingering head colds, a lot of accumulation of very old stuff moving out. This has to do with self-judgement.

Try and not go into Fear when things don’t make sense or the railings of your life starts to disappear. We are all being impacted by the influx of very strong, fine, high intensity vibrations raining down on us. This occurrence is bringing up the density of many misalignments being made known. Be aware there are stirrings in the air causing very strange occurrences. There are attempts to push one into battles, stay in your space, get clear and feel your truth and knowing, it’s not in your head.

I have recorded an Activation to assist during these times. The keywords are Strength, Grounding, and Clarity. Clearing any astral debris and assisting with alignment to love not fear.  You can receive this activation by subscribing here.

This Activation is strong, some might feel light headed, and waves of heat or nausea as you come into balance. Please do not listen to while driving, take the time to listen and absorb the vibrations. Do not listen to while going through a highly emotional time, the activation has laser like frequencies that can cause sharp discomfort xx

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