Merlin’s Moon

feb-post-phtotoWe are in an open landscape of creation. It is difficult to see at times what will be unfolding, when the energies, plans and directions seem to change constantly. This is due to our own unique ways of awakening.

Know we are in the process of continuous releasing, whether you are aware of this or not. Our higher Selves are moving into synchronised alignment with us and this can cause a quickening of discomfort, occurring for the ego needs to relinquish control.

During these times, be aware of what is triggering you and your judgements. The intensity at different times of late is the attempt of you in your Higher Wisdom to move out of ego created consciousness. People and events that push our buttons, can be a gift revealing to us, unfinished business within. All aspects of Self are in major transmutation and transformation.

It has been an interesting and intense beginning of 2017. There are many new beginnings at this time and one of the key words leading up to March is Opportunities. Look out for the unexpected and try to break out of set routines, even if it is a small shift.

“In the days of Mage, the dragons would beckon us to walk upon a different path, just for a tad bit, and indeed this would cause a tremor upon ones timeline. As a door opens in a quick moment you would see Merlin dancing towards you.”

It really is a time of creativity, of how you envision, and feel your life to be. Trusting in yourself is the key to bring into form your visions. As you continue to heal, clear, accept and transmute the different aspects of your being, you become clearer in the potential of your manifesting abilities in this physical plane. During this time you will feel a lot of clarity, and there will be moments of intensity and heaviness. Recognise that the heaviness is the old matter within, made known.

Know how your ego works, so you are not easily led down an illusionary path of distractions. As we continue to make known the Essence of Self, a Multi dimensional view is recommended. There is an aspect of you putting in the hard yakka of sorting and clearing out some old heavy duty stuff. Emotions might be high, causing you to feel like you have gone backwards – you haven’t. It is another layer being revealed. Allow it to move through you, don’t believe the pain feelings of anger, loneliness and hopelessness.

In the rest of February, magic is appearing in the periphery of your journey. Your alignment is important, rising above the muck will help and as March unfolds look out for Merlin X.

With the previous Activations, you are able to listen to whenever you feel drawn to them, the energies are still active.

The Activation I have recorded for this month is very powerful. It’s an Activation to align you with your higher selves and higher potentiality. We will be bringing through Frequencies that are transmutative. Please do not listen to while driving or going through an emotional time.  To receive this Activation and please subscribe here


Next Sydney Private Sessions are 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th February
Also I will be speaking at Academy of Light Mosman on the 27th of February

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