Happy New Beginnings!

sunset-jan-2017The continuous importance of letting go, detoxing yourself, your home, your life in general is paramount. The abundance of incredible energies available for us has arrived and will continue to be accessible in all manners of access, according to our vibrations. It is important to lighten up.

It is so important to know your stuff, all of it, own it, accept it, and transmute it.

Don’t waste time judging yourself or others, this is one of the biggest distractions and sabotage that keeps one in the matrix of struggle.

When you detox your being, on the many levels of self, you start creating more space within, to receive these energies and optimum frequencies. These energies will come through you, and then will emanate from your being, co-creating in manifesting your reality. If there are distortions, any unfinished business or old wounds, the vibrations coming through will cause intensity in your life. The usual thing will start to show up, others will appear, pushing your buttons and triggering emotions, helping you access places within that you cannot see or reach. With these energies the feelings and shifts into clarity, abundance will happen much quicker than previous times.

When you clear out, detox, sort out the stuff in these times of 2017, many things will start to manifest, guiding you on a new path. You will start to sense and feel who you really are without the dictation of the mind.

There are potent times ahead, where the collaboration of the Cosmos and your Higher Selves will be felt. The clarity of your being will allow you to experience within, the physical domain and the Earthly manifestations of this collaboration.

Crossed wires might occur with family members, with emotions reaching high intensity, where you walk away feeling the effects around the throat chakra and solar plexus. You are experiencing a shifting of a genetic program that you can no longer play.

Fear will be brought up, so feeling vulnerable might occur. This is part of the clearing and detoxing. Your being is moving into grace and revelation of the new through you.

We are moving out of fear based realities, creating a clear vessel for Love to be seen through you, you are the key.

All levels of Consciousness are moving through their Ascension journey. The play of it and the manifestations of its unfoldment, is specific to the Soul and its role within the Oversoul Providence.’ ©NancyValentineSmith

The Activation I have recorded is potent in assisting in these transmutative times. It is strong, please do not listen to while driving or going through a highly emotional time.  Please subscribe here to receive the link to this Activation
Thank you Xx

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