Energy Update – Expect the Unexpected

decemberAs we navigate through these last weeks of 2016, taking deep breaths in and the longest exhales, I know for many it has been a massive year of change, clearing, discovering, endings and more.

This December, we have and are experiencing the sudden changes and endings of paths and journeys especially with others and group involvements. Whatever is not in alignment or in integrity with the new way, vibrations of what we are stepping into will be moved out, and for what I have experienced , it moves out without warning or preparation.

The energies can be hard going. This is because we are moving core stuff, core beliefs, core woundings etc. and it can be difficult to process this, because many levels are being triggered.

The Astral level is very active within us and around us. We have a small window before 2017 to allow the awakening of our true Self to occur. The astral projections and plays going on, are on some level the detoxing of old emotional false testaments of your being. This can cause weird outbursts, irrational decisions that make you question if you have stepped into a reality of the twilight zone.

We are being called to move out of fear. I have personally experienced situations that on a bigger picture are moving out the hold of fear over me and my life. I know this is the basic foundation of what is occurring for many. Clarity, courage and trust are key factors at this time. Know it is the fear that we hold that is being purged out. This will cause discomfort in our bodies, and it will be difficult to go into old thought patterns, so we might feel exposed and ungrounded in unusual ways.

December 16th to December 26th are highly charged times of intensity, extreme tiredness, where moods intensify. A tsunami of high vibrations, light frequencies will come through. Do your best to move through this time, there is no story. These energies can be uncomfortable because it will drill and excavate out old and I dare say ancient stuff. These will occur on the bigger picture too, in the collective.

Your encounters with others will be tested, as perceptions will be a bit off balance and charged with unfinished business within and this can be difficult for many who are not aware of the high vibrational frequencies occurring.

We are all moving through this time as best as we can. Try and not take things personally when others are not handling this time with love and light. Mind your own business and tend to it, this will help the bigger picture of you and the collective.

The stuff coming up is the stuff that needs to go, so you may move into the new quickly. To truly feel Love and live from this space of Divinity, a clearing of the old programs and consciousness needs to occur, and this is what is happening.

Regularly using sage to smoke/smudge the home, especially the bedroom, will assist to keep your space and self clear as a lot is being worked out in your sleep state. We are detoxing on all levels from all times, our childhood, past lives, genetics, our belief systems our emotions and mental programs, and for some this is all happening at once.

Sudden events and changes will occur out of the blue. Re-evaluating the meaning of personal boundaries will come up, as what was tolerable or acceptable is no longer apt. Moving into empowerment of self with grace, while respecting others and their boundaries is important.

We will experience and some have started to experience time jumps, where time goes amiss, and also disappearance of objects. Time warps are occurring especially around 1pm to 3pm and midnight to 2/3am. We are also expelling a lot of mass astral matter from our being, which can cause irritation, impatience, sensitivity and anger.

The wonderful news is that you’re on track, on par, in alignment with the great movement occurring on earth and in the cosmos. In the Quantum fields and multi-dimensions, we will be able to access and align to realities and aspects of ourselves that are part of the frequency we are moving into. We have spoken of higher aspects of self during the workshops, these higher aspects or higher Selves are moving into sacred formation to merge and emerge.

Whatever keeps you in disempowerment, feeling unworthy, shame, abandoned,not loved and not valued is being revealed.Many relationships are changing or ending, Overseas will call for some,doors of opportunity will present themselves.

Sage your home regularly during this time to shift residue energies leaving your being, that could be hanging around your space .

If you would like to receive the Activation I recorded please  click here to subscribe.  This Activation is a download of frequencies into your being that assists in moving you into a more multi dimensional space within. This Activation is transmutative, very strong and high in frequency. Please do not listen to while driving or going through high emotional time.

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