Change of Guards

nov-energies-imageThere is a lot happening at this time, as you are all aware of. The world stage and its dramas are unfolding quickly.

We have said many times before that 2017 – 2020 is a time of major transformation, transmutation. There are many things happening at this time that carry the tone of an old order crumbling.

Many of us lately, have been experiencing a battering of our physical body. This is occurring because we are receiving these new energies that have with them, a new reality. So on many levels, we are attempting to move into the new, while the old ways are being butted out of our bodies.

We are able to handle these energies, by not fighting it and taking care of ourselves. When we move out of the old, it’s important to allow Grace to guide you, and if this is too difficult to comprehend (and it’s OK if it is), then practicing the feeling of peace will assist.

Your subconscious is also detoxing the past trials and tribulations of bygone days, so your dreams will be very interesting to say the least. Working with these crystals will help you with the purging process of the subconscious: Labrodite, Kyanite, Larimar.

We are living in a time of the Enlightened Age. So everything that is occurring will fall under the banner of Revelation. What has been hidden, is now being exposed. There are many souls who will play out certain roles, to move us into a higher consciousness. The key feelings that are overlighting us, is connection, inclusivity and empowerment through the Sovereignty of your own being.

Do not go into fear. Turn away from the fear induced consciousness outside of yourself. We are all moving off a treadmill of illusion, how we do this will depend on our focus.

Magic is in the air no matter what is being played out in certain realities. Above the chaos and heightened panic, is Great Light that will break through the clouds in these times ahead.

We, as a collective and individually, can create a new way of peace and love for all and to do this, we need to sort our crap out which is usually held in the sacral and base centres and shadow realm of our being.

Know your ego. Be honest and clear of your stuff and then love yourself silly into the embrace of the Heyoka Lodgers within, (the scared clown, Shaman and trickster from the culture of the Lakota people of the great plains of North America).

Healing the fearful tactics of old and aligning to the innate goodness of your being and all beings is necessary to keep you out of the loop of disempowerment. In these last 2 months of 2016 we can align to the possibility of an alternate reality that supports a Beloved unfoldment for all, it’s UP to US.

So, so much can be changed and transformed in the next four years. There are many doors we can choose from. What door we will open will be dependent on our focus and emotional clarity.

There is indeed a bigger picture. What you are seeing is the exposure, the enlightening of the collective historical sacral and base chakras, the unfinished business, the aspects in the collective and within us that have arisen to be accepted, to be seen and to be loved.

I remember one of my experiences, learnings I had with Yeshua as a child. He would come to download energies and talk, and take me through experiences in the Spirit realms. At that time, I would sit and experience the lower astral forces of elusive and illusionary ‘demons.’ The key was to focus on my breath and the Sacred Heart to calm my ‘Mania’, and then bit by bit, love these repelled energies.

We are living in these days, where the teachings I received as a child have never been so apt. Transmutation of the stuff is called for.

“To bring Heaven to Earth, into the centre of yourself,
the I AM Christ Consciousness must pulse through the Sacred Heart (Higher Heart).”

We are making space for this and there is a braiding of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine occurring. We are witnessing the change. You have more power than you know, to hold the space of calm surety, as some of our brothers and sisters go through their doors.

I know that it will all be well. There is a bigger picture and we are moving out of separation into reunion. How it is being played out is aligned to the different vibrations, perceptions, and emotive emanations.

“I am a Medicine Woman, a Seer, an Oracle, a Mother, Sister to many, a voice for the Beloved, a Wife and more.
I am Nancy and I now stand fully in the robes of Love as my path, the Way.”

This week I have started to hear the calling and the dreaming of descendants …..They are dreaming me in, I have chosen my door. X

I have recorded an Activation to assist you at this time, please subscribe here to receive the link.  This Activation is very strong, so please do not do while driving or going through a highly emotional time.  Some might experience purging effects, detoxing, also flu like symptoms. Keep your days as light as possible through self care of the body and mind….. Xxx


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  1. Hi Nancy,’re well.

    When will you be doing sessions in Sydney next?

    I’d love to book a session if possible please.

    Rgds Kat

    On 11 Nov 2016 11:11 am, “Nancy Valentine Smith” wrote:

    Nancy Valentine Smith posted: “There is a lot happening at this time, as you are all aware of. The world stage and its dramas are unfolding quickly. We have said many times before that 2017 – 2020 is a time of major transformation, transmutation. There are many things happening at t”

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