Energies Update

octoberWhat a mixed bag of energies we are in, extreme tiredness, sore legs and feet. Time and its flow seem to be irrational – three steps forward two steps back and one to the left and one to the right.

Reality as we know it to be or perceive it to be, is changing quickly. For some, the bridges or doors to the past are no longer there, yet the forward movements are a delicate navigation into the new. There is no map. I find each day brings a new way, a new ‘something’ and by the end of the day, I feel not the same. I know we are moving internally in such rapid ways and the main adjustment we are needing to do, is to find a way of integrating these energies daily.

Our physical being is going through major shifts. For me personally, I have been what I call, ‘accelerated shape shifting.’ It feels like when two people try to go through a very narrow doorway at once. I am at times witnessing aspects of myself going through a warped light stream of frequencies. Archangel Michael calls this, the “transmutative band of shedding the many layers of your being.”

We speak of the potency of spending time in Nature, whether a park, garden or away in the country, mountains, ocean etc. The reason why is, through nature we will find a stabilising, grounding and supportive effect to assist us during these massive transmutations we are going through, and I feel we are all going through this in our own unique way.

We are very much aligned to Mother Earth and the Cosmos at the Moment, who is also going through this. Our Brains are being effected, and it feels like a rewiring, which will cause a feeling, like there is a glitch in our feelings and thoughts, experiencing brain fog and also a sense of misplacing thoughts and conversations.

Sore legs and soles of our feet are feeling tender. Others are having intense headaches, and to top it all off, very, very strange sleeps and weird dreams. This also started around the black moon on September 30th, increasing over the October long weekend and stabilising in weirdness during this week.

Pockets of fear are coming up and at times there is no story attached. What is evident in many ways during this time, are the delays and distractions that might occur in your life that manifests as power plays, gossip, judgement, superiority and inferiority perceptions. These feelings and plays are coming up within us and others to be cleared through the path of Compassion and Satori which can differ from person to person. This is a big leap which can be achieved. In fact, at this time we are indeed being given opportunities to take many leaps of transformation.

These are very unusual times to navigate through. What can assist is strength and gentleness, kindness and discernment, healthy boundaries and courage, self love and global awareness. These blends of energies, will create a more stabilising system within you.

There is a cosmic process occurring of an intricate balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine at this time, and we will see and feel the effects more, at different astrological and sacred pre-ordained dates/times.

The Mary Magdalene Consciousness has been grounded in the fertile soil of awakening within. We are now ready to receive the Divine Masculine through Yeshua Consciousness. I will share and bring through these codes in the next workshop at Mary Mackillop, where it will be explained why these beings in these aspects are now prominent at this time.

Tending to the Solar plexus area will help with the big energies coming through. The solar plexus is where we are storing a lot of energy pollutants and projections from unfinished business of others and the collective. Quite a bit of projections are occurring and this is due to not really understanding the truth of owning your stuff and other ‘spiritual statements’ that can come through the channels of the Ego.

Tending to your own business is important. Where others are at, is none of your business. In fact, it is a distraction that causes a toxicity in the Solar plexus. Visualising a bright liquid yellow colour saturating your solar plexus will help cleanse this energy space. Take note, you might feel a tad nauseous as the energies leave. Sitting in the sun daily for 20 mins or walking in the sun will help too. Essential oils that are great include lemon, grapefruit, lime and sandalwood.

A lot of uncomfortable feelings and heaviness, is the uprising within that has been hidden. Being in your own sacred space, moments of stillness and silence will really help dissipate these feelings. Life, your everyday reality, might feel like you are stuck in a loop. You are not stuck in a loop, a major detoxing of the old is occurring.

Integration, balance, allowing and moving in ease and gentle strides physically and emotionally is required. So many layers of yourself is being activated and triggered to align, or to be released. The World around you will be strange and weird as you are going through these changes.

Take Heart, this is still an amazing and incredible time. I have felt many times lately of a deep shamanic death process on many levels. I feel we are all going through the shedding, and at times it feels like a shredding. Keep your journey, your thoughts and your body, as light and as clear as possible.

Lately I have spent more time than usual with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. In my talks and lessons, the importance of clarity in my feelings, to direct and guide me, has been a major topic. Through this clarity, we are able to move patterns quickly, learn manifestation skills and Alkaline of the Ego.

I look forward to the upcoming workshop on the 23rd of October, where some of the Beloved Teachings will be shared and also a transmutative process will be gifted.

The activation that is recorded, is to assist you at this time, please subscribe to receive this activation. Please do not listen to while driving or going through a highly emotional time. This activation is very deep and goes into the layers of your consciousness, gifting transmutation, peace, and clarity.

Thank you xx

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