9-9-9 Love

This activation is to assist you balance and handle the vibrations that are pouring in at this time 9-9-9.

Many of you are feeling the effects of such massive shifts, energy and frequency coming through – the old is leaving.

For some, you are facing unfinished business, you will get through this. For others, doubt and the old head stuff is visiting, this will pass.

For many, we are feeling inspired and then extremely whacked out, sometimes all on the same day. This is the theme occurring between the eclipses.  We will have more moments like this and yes, it will get easier as we accept and understand that we are changing on all levels, stepping out of the old skin and so much more.

Ground yourself by sitting on the ground, under a tree (watch the magpies). Pace yourself if you can with activities, especially now. You will get a  boost of energy and then feeling flat. This is happening because the energies are pouring in fast and quick, so your body and energy system is doing its best to handle this large influx of light vibrations. You will know what feels right, and your body will tell you quickly what works for it or doesn’t, and it’s ok to have naps.

Click here for the Activation 9-9-9 Love, and as always, do not listen to this whilst driving. Find yourself a nice comfortable spot and surround immerse yourself by listening with your earphones.

Massive hugs and Love to all of us Xx

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