Doorway of Magnificence – September Energies

September Energies ImageAs we enter September, the warm winds arrive, heralding a time of possibilities, new beginnings, and more. It’s definitely a time of de-cluttering, moving through the resistance that gets triggered when we embark on a de- cluttering, clearing, releasing expedition.

I continuously receive the message from Mary Magdalene, that it is so important to clear our Vessels, (our being) and that it is a continuous work – “The Great Work.” When you bring clarity to your being by being conscious of how you create and interact in your life, (the emotional and mental landscapes you are in), taking care of your physical body is also very important at this time. As you do this, you allow more vibrations, light to come through and you are able to hold this frequency without the influence and distortions of your past.

We are indeed living in an incredibly magnificent time. The torrential energies that are coming through are at times indescribable. Many have been going through a massive purging and releasing that can be difficult and painful, effecting all levels of your Self. Know, that this is part of the process of lightening up.

In September, what will assist you is to regularly ground yourself through physical movement, connecting with your Body through your own ways of eating well and clean, moving, loving, and also gentleness towards your body, will be cathartic for some.

“Your Body is the Earth temple of your Cosmos.
The stars are returning into your cells, prepare the Way.”
– Mary Magdalene and Yeshua

In September, there is a continuation of endings, with doors closing to certain relationships, connections, habits and life choices. Allow yourself to feel any anger and sadness, as it moves through you. It’s important not to let certain emotions distract you in its pain, just allow it to move through. Discern how much attention and what sort of intention and focus you are going to spend on what I call, ‘Unfinished Business’ now leaving your cells. Be aware that in September, there will be sudden shifts and instant changes in your reality. Keep letting go of old ways, so when these shifts occur you have the room within, to adjust gracefully.

We enter the doorway of Magnificence in September. Have daily practices of grounding yourself while reaching in your Vision, intent and wishes to the Magnificence of what you would like to create and experience. The energy and notion of time will play havoc for many. Your days will feel like you are having snapshots of moments. It will be difficult to retain information and to remember things at times. It’s okay, it is the nature and effects of the quickening force that is occurring in our lives and in Mother Nature.

I have recorded the September’s Activation to assist you in your everyday life, to be clearer in your vibration and frequency to create your reality, to move through these times less triggered or pushed into engaging into any distractions that is being created by the emotional pain body. Please click here to join Awakening Through the Heart and receive this Activation and automatically receive one each month.

x Nancy 

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