August Energies – Lions Gate


‘Through the Gate of a Lions Heart, I enter into the Rose Garden.
I will follow my Soul steps that have been here already.
You will not find me,
For I am everywhere.
I move to the songs of the spheres,
And I reach the anointed feet of my Beloved,
and we shall rest.’

Keywords for August – Connection, Identity, Respect.

What an amazing time span we are in. We have been going through major shifts, and waves of energies have been entering our lives, and our beings. These energies are very strong. It’s important to focus on bringing clarity into your life, your mind and body.

One of the messages I received at this time, is to be a clear vessel, so when the energies come through, they will come through our beings and then emanate out into the physical landscape, creating a new reality. This is about bringing clarity, humility and truth to what you want in your life, your creations. Tending to the physical body if called to do so, is important.

We are receiving a lot of liquid light frequencies, which are causing time warps in your daily lives and a quickening process of deletion around your thoughts is occurring. That’s why it can be hard to focus, or even remember the basic stuff. This is the effect of the quickening and transformation process, and for some, transmutation is occurring. The Heart is moving into its original state of being – The true sovereignty of Humanity.

We are in the process of dismantling the old Consciousness on a collective and personal level. The choice of how you feel and perceive your reality (life at this time), will definitely determine your experience and experiences in this time period. We are receiving a massive amount of torrential light, vibrations and energies.

As many old structures continue to be dismantled on the World stage, it affects us by pushing us to move into a more connective, organic consciousness according to yourself. When you align with yourself that is of love and trust, forgiving and inclusive, you will find this time magical.

Let the sword of Archangel Michael, bring through the courage of your Divine light, to now shine bright. You are the pioneer of your future returning to align, making peace. Be a clear vessel so you may co-create with the energies coming through at this time. Being a clear vessel means shifting any blockages and “stuff, ” that can distort your ability to create and manifest at this time.
Many are able to move into the stillness. Recognise, as you do this often, that sometimes there will be aspects that come up from within, that will want to fill the empty space within, maybe with chocolates, food, drama. This is an indication, that there are parts that you can embrace. Forgiveness and acceptance is a powerful remedy.

We are simultaneously growing, becoming more aware and enlightened but also tending to the different parts of us that are ready to heal and grow. We are being asked to gently shut the door to the past, to certain relationships and ways of being. Some have already been experiencing the effects of transmutation that is happening within themselves. This will continue but in shorter bursts. Then you should feel an expansion within and around you, and it’s during these moments that you should gently focus on feelings of peace, ease, abundance, and just feeling good should be inhaled deeply. To do this is to create a new pathway that would be tended to, and grow bountiful, in between the moments of purging and release of the old ways.

Be kind and honest with yourself about yourself.

‘When you mind your own business, you are not in judgement, and when you are not in judgement you are open and available to receive what you need.’

As this becomes a daily mantra in movement, you create
more acceptance in your cells. In other words you move out of struggle.

Be light, allow laughter to be expressed and shared. This will create an invitation in your cells to lift into connection. If you feel sadness or grief, allow tears to flow. The doors to your heart chambers are beckoning you. ‘You are Love and you are Loved.’

Clarity in this month, is to be clear within, holding no distractions of less than, better than, of any of the old stuff that keeps you in a loop. Being aware is enough to start the “unplugging” when it comes up.

Forgiveness – no longer being attached to the should and shouldn’t. Forgiveness is the big one, because it allows yourself to move on without any attachments to outcomes, to experiences. It brings in an opening of these portals of creation.

It is the time of manifestation and this will occur quickly, when your vessel which is you, is clear. What keeps us in disempowerment at this time, are our addictions. Our Addictions create distortions in our vessel, so when the high vibrations come through, a cacophony of chaos wants to be transmuted. Own and accept you and your stuff. Try and not get caught in drama and its tactics of diversions through indulgences. The pot of gold is waiting for you.

We have spoken about this time period of 2016 to 2020 where major quickening will occur, and that there will be moments of major influxes of light, liquid light entering in your lives and on Earth. This is one of those times.

‘Beyond This Universe to other Universes. Expansion.’

As always, I have recorded an Activation for this Month to assist you in alignment, balance and support while experiencing these times. Please click here to subscribe to the Awakening Through The Heart Community to receive the “Lions Gate” Activation.
This Activations is strong so Please do not listen if you are going through a highly emotional time. Do not listen to while driving.



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