July Energies

July EnergiesAs you all know by now, we are indeed living in very interesting, amazing, intense, fast and changing times. We have said that the years of 2016 to 2020 are the years where we will witness incredible changes like no other time in the history of our evolution.

Many have been experiencing the waves of transmutations occurring in their lives and realities. You are going through many passages and seasons all at the same time, sudden endings, slamming of doors to the past – even if you have felt that you were not ready, the hands of destiny are reaching for you.

The Archetypes and vibrations around at the moment are Freya, Odin, Kali, Pele, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. The element of Fire and Water are in tandem, bringing through a quickening and major cleanse in our lives, our consciousness. We will vacillate in needing to be in flow, trust, consciousness, stillness and then activation, action and purposeful creation. This is the dance of the Feminine and Masculine.

At times you might feel distorted, disorganised and unclear in your being, ways and in everyday life. We are stretching into our unlimited self and this is not easy or pain free.
Know that the intensity and the irrationality of Fear might come and visit you. Know that you in your wisdom, is releasing what is old, illusionary and simply put, no longer apt to where you are and who you truly are.

Many moons ago, we spoke of these times as the time of dismantling and de-structuring of a consciousness, a way of being that has governed us. Many are experiencing the release of blockages and beliefs about self that can no longer be held in the cells. This is occurring to move you into freedom. When you are free from the conditions and set ups of fear and ego, you are able to experience your life journey with the empowerment of love. The empowerment of love creates miracles within all lives. We are all angels in each other’s lives, what you judge and repel in another is a divine indication, that you are ready to own what has been hidden now gifted to you to embrace.

I would like to share an old article/message that is relevant for now.

I spoke to the Elemental beings and the overlighting Devas of the area and here is their message for us;

“In the times of separation and darkness, when the fear and control over the true natural forces of natural Law and the Divinity of Mother and her children occurred, we witnessed the buckling of the earth meridians. The distortions that would be created through the movement away from the Divine Feminine and indeed the Divine Masculine, caused a warped perception of the balance of life that you are now all waking up from. The damage that was caused by this is deeply rooted in the psych of all beings and this is the collective grief.

The effects are far reaching through the timeline of all humanity. What you are seeing on the earth plane is the continuous replay of the same story, the dominance and the disempowerment over the Feminine which then impacts the Masculine. This has its roots in the fall of Atlantis. This is what we call a loop. Do not feel hopeless for a great change.

We tend to the Earth ways and we speK (speak) the many languages of nature.

In the soil, where blood has been spilt and soaked in, are the records of these times, the stories and ALL the emotions. That is why now in your days, a great cleansing is occurring through the forces of Nature, she must release these records.

Many of you are aligning as you are also clearing the records of your distortion.
May The Return to Love create your Journey”. X

I have recorded an Activation for this Month to assist in alignment, balance and support while experiencing these times. Please click here to subscribe to the Awakening Through The Heart Community to receive the “The Call of the Heralds” Activation.
The Activations is strong so Please do not listen if you are going through a highly emotional time. Do not listen to while driving.

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