Beloved Teachings Begin

Whale Beach Master Class








I have spoken about the Beloved Teachings in workshops and in different articles I’ve written, that the Beloved Teachings came through during the journey I took to France last year.

On Sunday I was blessed to share a snippet of these teachings. We spoke of frequencies, the nature of creating our realities, some very simple information on how to move ones vibrations so we can eventuate to a more fluid, liquid consciousness grounded in the here and now.

Throughout the day I witnessed the knowledge being shared transmuted and activated into wisdom received. These teaching are more than just words, more than just a knowledge. The sharing and receiving of this work comes through a shamanic and alchemical fusion. What this means is that your cells receive the knowledge and so you receive the tangibility of the teachings.

Mary Magdalene opened up the day by giving us this equation

Non judgement +humility= true compassion

When you are in true compassion you are able to see everyone and everything in its divinity in its sacredness and to view from this perspective creates heaven on earth. The first step is non-judgement. How you move into non judgement is to recognise that when you meet or see or hear something, anything that pushes your buttons or triggers you, is what we call pain body reactions, know that you are meeting a part of yourself that you repel or judge as separate. Just having this recognition creates an opening to move out of rigidity and blame.
And then there is Humility which is kindness and gentleness towards self. When you have kindness and gentleness towards yourself you start emanating a reverence to all life and to all beings. Your view, your perception will be automatically transmuted into compassion and then you’ll be present in the viewing of all creations as Sacred.

On this day we were taught how to move into this space so this knowledge can become a wisdom alive in our being. The Beloved Teachings spoke of this time as a time where all beings are awakening and are moving into this self realisation in ones own unique way of “Being in the I am that we are”. What this means is that we are all going through a process of growth and evolution no matter where we are, and who we are. When we clear the judgements and the other distractions of the pain separated emotional body then we are able to hold more light in our being, then we automatically become way showers, light workers and beacons of love just through the emanation of our awakening consciousness.

I am in the We are ©NancyValentineSmith

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