June Energies

This month of June we find ourselves in a passageway between the May and June Full Moons, which can be tricky to navigate.

june energiesIt has been a very intense and challenging week, where many aspects and levels of our beings have been pushed, pulled and rearranged, and are still being rearranged.

It’s like there have been battles in the energy field and ethers and these battles come from our subconscious. From along our time line and other realities, they have bled through to us, according to our connection with these battles. A lot of these energies have an overtone of karmic attempts of resolution or disillusion.

I was shown that it is like 3 lives or realities colliding with the past on its many levels. The moment in its attempt to deal with this, and the probable future paths in their attempt to align with what is being emanated. This is what is confusing at the moment. If we can try to not engage in the tumultuous movements and allow these times to move through the chambers of change, then we will fare well.

It is important to cleanse and detox your environment within and on the external, clearing old stuff. Learn to cloak yourself and shield yourself at different times, not because you are in danger but because so much is flying around within many, and also in the collective consciousness. This can cause heaviness and feelings of disruption within and around.

It is like we are on the set of Lord of the Rings. The polarities are clashing. Many are feeling vulnerable, creating spaces of Gratitude around you will lift you up. There are moments where the energies are in waves of Transmutation.

It can be tricky to navigate through this passage of shifts. We are in a passage between the May Full Moon and the June Full Moon, which are both in Sagittarius. I have been shown that we are in a passage way between these Full Moons. Strong Winds of change are happening, and there are clashes of light and dark occurring on “The battles of polarity.” At the same time, as I and many have shared, the Earth Movements are occurring where the volume of this has risen in the last 4 weeks. It’s important not to go into fear. Be aware and conscious. The movements that are happening in the Earth’s core and ocean floors are just the release of very old dogmatic forces.

Try and focus on the Enlightenment of these physical Earth expressions.

“There is no separation. Mother Earth is in her Ascension process. How we choose to perceive these times, is important. When we feel and see the Earth changes created by nature or the possibility of natural disasters, we ask that you hold the space like a Midwife, supporting this difficult birth process, gentleness, kindness, strength, knowledge, creating a space of support, this applies to your Birth process too.”

I have recorded an Activation to assist you at this time, called Magdalene Activation. If you would like to receive this Activation and one each month, please join our Awakening Through the Heart Community here.

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