MaryLine May Manifestation

May Energies Brass VaseAs we move through May, try and keep grounded at this time, our lives are changing so quickly. One day we are in a certain reality and then literally the next day we are in a completely new space on many levels. Doors are closing suddenly and new doors are opening. Our physical bodies are going through a massive quickening as our bodies are adjusting to the new vibrations. The tiredness in our bodies and the weariness in our souls can be overwhelming. Our bodies are attempting to adjust to the ever-changing frequencies pouring in at this time. Be aware that fear can cause sluggish and uninspiring moments. It can be a very confusing time, but it’s important to know that we are in a very incredible time of our personal and collective evolution.

In this time there, will be opportunities and glimpses of the pot of gold that is accessible to all of us to attain and receive. This requires the courage to be conscious of our motives and gentle honesty with ourselves of where we’re coming from in our interaction with ourselves, others and life in general. We are indeed the creators of our life, of our reality and we create our reality from what emanates from our being, which is a myriad of emotions, beliefs and many intricate factors and details of the multi aspects of ourselves.

Key words and frequencies are humility, kindness, mindfulness, acceptance, letting go, connection and kinship. We can move into and align with these states of being to create a vessel, a framework to move into the new space with grace and ease. You will then enter the energy field to start manifesting more tangible, conscious expression and manifestation of the reality and life that we want.

This month of May is the month of grand Manifestation, where much can come into fruition at a quickening pace. It is really important to be clear of what is ego and what is the expression of the self, moving in realisation honestly.

Many of us know in these incredible times, we can feel frustration and sometimes resentment, and many times the feeling of just throwing the towel in. This is so normal and okay. Remember, we are receiving a torrential amount of vibrations coursing through our beings, causing chaos, dismantling and at the same time New Ways and New Beginnings and on top of that, we are attempting to keep up.

We are changing within, at an accelerating pace, so this can cause confusion in the body and cells and it can also cause a definite shift that causes change within yourself that surprises you and many. There is Divine dispensation available now, that will and can come through. How this manifests, will occur according to you and your ability to allow and receive without delay or distraction. Know thyself, be kind and truthful to self and push through the resistance and stubbornness of the ego, to receive the abundance of these times.

I know that we are and will be going through days where tiredness will come for a visit and stay a bit longer, where we will feel great and then suddenly feel flat and uninspired. Self-care helps lift the flatness. Questions might come up of why and when with no clear answer. Know that there is so much energy play occurring within you, around you, seen and unseen. Being in organic connectedness according to your own way is important. This will help you navigate through these times. Many will feel activity, strong energies around the head, third eye and neck areas.

May is Lord Buddha’s Month. It is also the Month of the gathering of the ascended ones. Divine dispensation can come through, so move aside the veil of confusion and distraction. Bring clarity in, so you MAY align with the Gifts that are ready to be Gifted to you.

The Activation I recorded this month for you is very very strong, so please do not listen to while driving. After you listen to it, have a large glass of water and ground yourself. Do not listen to this activation if you are going through a highly emotional time X

If you would like to receive this Activation please click here to join the Awakening Through the Heart community, you’ll then receive an Activation each month and information on clearing your space within to allow new manifestations to enter.

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