April 9th to April 26th

Balancing Rocks April EnergiesThe choice of how you feel and perceive your reality (life at this time), will definitely determine your experience and experiences in this time period. We are receiving a massive amount of torrential light, vibrations and energies.

On the bigger picture, these energies are coming through and grounding the vibrations of Divine love, and codes into the earth. Some feel the wobble effect of this energy as it comes through. Relationships might be affected in the sense that communication might be a bit off-line or not aligned. It is so important, not to get caught in deep conversations of what’s not working and so forth. During this time, just keep it light. Buttons might be pushed, don’t engage in argy-bargy sentiments. These energies that are coming through are powerful and potent, and you can utilise these energies to shift, create and manifest a new way and new reality, by grounding yourself in a space within of Light, gentleness and openness.

Sudden events and changes will occur in this time period. On a bigger picture of our journey, we are being encouraged, urged or what might feel like being dragged to move into expansion, freedom, Love and her accompaniments. This is one of those times which we will have, where we can get a major reboot, a helping hand, where doors will open and some will close.

As many old structures continue to be dismantled on the World stage, it affects us by pushing us to move into a more connective, organic consciousness according to yourself. When you align with yourself that is of love and trust, forgiving and inclusive, you will find this time magical.

You might feel the Argy Bargy, the old emotional distractions of separation within, fears might come up in very creative ways. Please remember you can work with these powerful Divine energies by aligning with a reality that already exists in Super consciousness according to you, in the multi-dimensional fields of creation. What does that mean and what does it look like? It is very simple. Visualise, sense or feel that there is an aspect or another you, that exists in a reality of what you want to create or step into, e.g. A prosperous life in creation with your twin flame, healthy body and mind and many other ways according to you. This already exists in quantum consciousness.

Be light, allow laughter to be expressed and shared. This will create an invitation in your cells to lift into connection. If you feel sadness or grief, allow tears to flow, the doors to your heart chambers are beckoning you. You are Love and you are Loved.

Your physical body is an amazing, incredible, super intelligent vessel of your soul, your spirit. During this time, cleansing will be highly beneficial or shifting to a more organic and balanced way of tending, supporting your body. Your body carries the keys, the information. You can access so much knowledge, gifts and more. Your body can be of loving service to you as a bridge between Earth and the higher realms.

“When you mind your own business, you are not in judgement, and when you are not in judgement you are open and available to receive what you need. As this becomes a daily mantra in movement, you create
more acceptance in your cells. In other words you move out of struggle.”

If you are going through a tumultuous or confusing time, or old bothering emotions around Self-worth, self-love, what it all means, your purpose in life and if the why’s come up, it’s just the toxins of your past ready to move out and be transformed, transmuted. We suggest to take care of your body. Be near the ocean, sea, a lake or rivers and let it go. Let go of the stuff, of the wrongs, of the judgement – you know what to let go of. Let go, so you have space within you and in your life to receive LOVE. Forgiveness is your biggest ally at this time.

Again we say, that the Energies coming through can change your life. On the World stage we will continue to see the quickening and dismantling, and sudden shifts of the old paradigm. Nature will start speaking louder then she has been. The natural environment, elementals and nature spirits will be seen in their collective, gathering to support the onset of change in the waterways, and the core of Earth as we move into the Month of May. There will be focus on the roof of the World, Himalayas, Nordic Region, Greenland, as liquid light rays of blue and silver come through these places, anchoring in

We have spoken about this time period of 2016 to 2020 where major quickening will occur, and that there will be moments of major influxes of light, liquid light entering in your lives and on Earth. This is one of those times.

‘Beyond This Universe to other Universes. Expansion.’

I have recorded an Activation that will assist you to align to your higher manifestation and reality according to you. Please click here to subscribe to receive this Activation – Lady of the Lake.  As with all the Activations I record, please do not  listen if you are going through a highly emotional time. DO NOT listen to while driving
Ground yourself after listening, glass of water, a big stretch and feet then firmly planted on the ground.

Let the sword of Archangel Michael, bring through the courage of your Divine light, to now shine bright. You are the pioneer of your future returning to align, making peace.

During the workshops we go in depth more, aligning in a very tangible, physical, energetic way to Quantum consciousness, Multi-dimensional realities. Learning and experiencing the nature of realities in Quantum healing.

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