Energy Update – Full Moon – Eclipse

Photograph by Mark Brombal

Photograph by Mark Brombal

To infinity and beyond. These words kept playing in my head, just before I sat down to write this post.

In the higher levels of consciousness, in the bigger picture that goes beyond our earthly events, stories and experiences occurring now, there is a grand movement and opening of orchestral proportions in the spheres of all that is. We actually have limited language to describe how this looks. The effects of this, are trickling through out the universe and all consciousness, in all space and time, dimensions, and realities.

There are so many plays occurring on Earth now. The energy offshoots of this movement have quickened many timelines and as we have said before, we are experiencing a loop, a program, that is frequency aligned and overlapped with the timeline of 1936 to 1945.

I mentioned this after returning from France last year. It was while in France, I was able to see holographic realities super imposed in that time, going into now.

In the workshop, we spoke about a Tsunami of energy moving through a layer of the Earth, and consciousness. This tsunami will bring up many things that have been hidden or buried, both collectively and personally, and also Ancient archives which will be potent in their discovery and symbology.

In these years of 2016 to 2020, we will be experiencing major transmutations, and as we go through the layers, we will be able to hold more of the light stream that is occurring in the Super Consciousness.

In our everyday lives, we are all experiencing and feeling the shifts, the simultaneous release of the old and the arriving of the new. There will be many moments where you feel fabulous, motivated, inspired, and then next day, feel like you could sleep forever, or heavy and despondent. During the heavy sluggish times, it can be difficult to see the light and to move from this heaviness. Be aware that this is the physical manifestation of old beliefs, genetic dogmas and disempowering consciousness that is now being excavated and pulled out. You are in the process of lightning up vibrationally.

We are in the midst of being called often, to make a choice of love or fear, connection or separation. We are being pushed to rise above our comfort zone.

Also in the workshop, we spoke of the importance of tending to your physical body, taking care of the aches and pains, food balance, and anything else around the physical that’s relevant for you. By doing this, you are supporting and creating a strong vehicle (body), to carry the powerful light frequencies that are entering, so they may emanate from your being, which is the format of creating your reality.

You will go through times where it all seems too much or it feels like it’s all bull#?#*. Know that’s when resistance and exhaustion are combined to distract you. Don’t try and work it out. What helps is allowing rest and forgiveness, I know it might seem odd, but when I am in a heavy space and I don’t know what else to do, I move into forgiveness. Sometimes the heaviness and blocks are just judgements and criticism held deeply within self.

We are in a time of dismantling on so many levels. It is happening within us and around us, above and below. We are moving into a more active and abundant time, as March ends and April arrives. Spring and Autumn are uniting to assist us in moving forward with ingenuity and flexibility.

Please take note that we will feel, see and be pushed in many ways as the reality that has been occurring on this planet is being brought to a crescendo.

“Great Divine Light has been lit in the darkest corners of consciousness. In times such as these, let the heart now guide us through the passages of the fallen Cities”
(Fall of Atlantis).

As we approach Easter Sunday, there is an opportunity to release deep fears that might have arrived this week. There are 2 doorway alignments open. From Thursday until Monday, we enter into a Sacred Grove. Allow the Sacredness of Self to enter during this time.

Subscribe here to receive this Activation I’ve recorded. It is strong, Alchemical. Its vibrations will assist in the merging of New within, bringing balance, releasing inactivity.  It will bring through Christ Consciousness codes. Please do not listen to this while driving, and do not listen to if going through a highly emotional time. X

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